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(3+3+3=9) of 19 seats are functionally-defined.
(and incidentially the many innovations we have implemented
(Campaign finance reform in the U.S. failed, by the way!)
(Congress has two chambers, one favoring populous states and another in
( We have documented the
(If you disagree, then I'm interested to hear why).
(If you disagree, then I'm interested to hear why).
(NB: Room change is underway.
(not necessarily ISPs) WANT new tlds.  In a free market,
(Note that Paul has a vested interest in having the new TLDs happen, which
(NSF Director) to Jim Fleming, (one of the new gTLD pioneers and former
(see links to letters, below)  A scenario right out of "Dallas in
(This small Interim Board could be increased later.)  In the Boston Group's
(which does mean changing the status quo!!!) or give up holding on to your
(without the quotation marks) in the message body. After you've
* 1st and foremost, confuses/sullies the dns name space.  Did I want
* 1st and foremost, confuses/sullies the dns name space.  Did I want
* a significant number of
* Adding new TLD's opens is likely to spur more litigation with respect to
* Adds no functionality.
* Adds no functionality. I can already get,, and
* As I see it, the only people who really benefit from new TLDs will be
* How are free speech and freedom of choice on the Internet being
* Join the on-line mailing list: send a message to
* None of the three major parties in
* The DNS.FORUM will culminate in a live panel discussion on
* The IFWP list has degenerated into
* There is no designated, accepted public forum for
* There is no longer a designated,
* What do monopolies have to do with the Internet? How will this
* What is public opinion about the future of the Internet, Top Level
* Who wants to privatize the Internet? How is it being done? Why should
*may* be defined.  Currently, two proposals for a corporation are being
--do NOT be ambiguous about whether the
--do not even mention Sondow and his antics in any future messages.
--do not send any more messages under the "conference cancelled"
.com and .biz are parts of an address.
.com and .biz are parts of an address. for their local businesses? The UK is an otherwise very civilized
.net, .org, .art, .com, .media, .gov, .law, .edu
1) The meeting tonight is ON
1, any more than I believe that there could ever be a power vacuum in a
1. CPSR's sponsorship was not financial in nature.  No sponsor gave money.
17 joint proposal of those two players), the "Boston Group" (a group of
1998.  Apparently he was wrong.
2) It is not at the Cooper Union, but if we go there directions to the new
2. Klein's positions were not all official positions for CPSR, because an
2. Let's apply your logic to .uk and .tw; I assume you're already on the
3+3+3+9+1=19 Directors.)
3. Say we stick to ccTLD's because you don't want the hassle of
              65 5TH AVENUE (AT 13 STREET) AT 7.30 PM
                     7 PM, Wednesday, Sept. 23 (tonight!)
7-11: I insert the key, I turn the ignition and, in my case, I floor it.
                    7th Street & 3rd Ave. in Manhattan
<---IFWP--proposed but non-existant "new nonprofit corporation"
<< just curious as to why this arrived in my mail at 9:30 pm?
a different thing.
A lot of thought has to go into ensuring that the top authority effectively
a message as you requested to the cooper union people.
A single U.S. corporation has a monopoly over them. It decides which
a spook, should stand in the way of the greater good.
about 50 people present, but the fact that the venue had to be
about life in a desultory fashion. Therefore it would also be an error
about the letter, which could prove to be a very significant document.
abuse it is now subjecting them to.
accommodate more diverse constellations of user types.  On a small Board, a
accorded by certain categories.  These include: 1) geography (seats are
accountability and recall.
actually spoke is a bit naive considering DNS administration
added NSF's name to its suit.
Address SO, the Domain SO, and the protocol SO. Much like you will find the
addresses. Recently, RIPE has started to branch into the domain name
adopted.  These seem likely to be preferred by most stakeholders, who will
affect users?
affronts to the nature of the WP process? It is, I believe, utterly
against pgMedia, it must rule that NSF had the authority to direct
agreement between the NSF and NSI will end for good on September 30,
ahead with this, and quickly get people to focus on the event and away
all electoral jurisdictions, I'd like to suggest that the idea of using
All Newco by-law proposals also address money issues, and as far as I can
All three Board proposals contain the provision that the "resources of the
already exists (note the number of people who think IS
already exists (note the number of people who think IS
already exists (note the number of people who think IS

already taken.)  But note that this can easily create confusion among
also now see that the U.S. Government is apparently no longer going
also register '.zaak' and/or '.bv' (bovinian islands - can I be the ccTLD
Amendment as a "prior restraint of protected expression," then the
Amendment as is the U.S. government (and its current agents, NSI and IANA).
Amid the folk songs and soliloquies, the debate was not really
among the internet populace as to the difference between a .com and a .biz.
among the internet populace as to the difference between a .com and a .biz.
an acute observer like Jim Fleming, appears so compatible with their
an immediate financial interest in Newco's activities.  To prevent this the
an inflection point and the plaintiff in the case, New York based
An opinion is expected in the next few weeks...
and "educational/non-profit."  Language could be included to ensure that a
and began to make threatening telephone calls to the staff
and by-laws
and express your support for the event.
and government.  Since Newco is to be a private firm, its Board categories
and GTE Corp (09/11/98).
and he gave the distinct impression of wanting to be somewhere else.
And in two letters in June and August from the NSF to NSI, the NSF
and IP number allocation and management.  Too bad it's not running
and Jay Iselin, President of Cooper Union <
and keep some money in the bank.  Undoubtedly, the big business players who
and management of the Internet.
and the other from a "Boston Working Group."  Different versions of a third,
and the refusal of the IANA to include in its by-laws provisions for
and the TLDs are trademarks, not generic terms...Great Job !!!
and then cancel the event at Cooper Union.  Everything was
and without regard for balancing various segments of the Internet
Angeles County.  This may contribute to continuity of staffing in the
announces its co-sponsorship of:
answers to those questions.
antitrust by virtue of the "Federal Instrumentalities Doctrine"?
antitrust immunity in their role as government contractor was less than
antitrust immunity!
antitrust laws, or the judge rules that the NSF's directive for it to
any type of user.
Anyhow, from what we hear and see on our travels, the larger
apparent "one-man organization", so-called "ICIIU", it is
appeared people could only vote FOR the new top level TLDs, not against.
appointed by the President.)  Other Board members were accountable to their
appropriate.  What number? The Internet Society's governing body has 20
are also consistent with the June 1998 White Paper's original principles.
Are Domain Names Free Speech?
are especially concerned that Newco "insiders" -- the Supporting
are only six days until September 30, at which time an Internet Corporation
are the top ones.
are the top ones.
are valid. Now this domain name system may be further privatized. Find
Are you on drugs? What kind of logic is that?
arena, because the writing is on the wall that people are fed up with
arranged and all parties, to my knowledge were prepared to
As described above, the Boston Group makes Newco completely accountable to
As executive director of Campaign for Digital Democracy, an advocacy
As his final shot Manishin produced a letter from the NSF's advanced
As I and others at the forum noted, the public interest/user communities
as the debate over these issues continues.
asserting that he (Mr. Sondow) would physically disrupt the
assistant professor at Georgia Tech and member of the Computer
At 03:13 PM 9/23/98 -0800, you wrote:
at any other level of the namespace just as long as (sic)they use .com .org
at Cooper Union, including the President and Vice President,
At Monday's hearing, lawyers for pgMedia were seeking a partial
at the center of events. In this sense I cannot agree with Jim Fleming
at the last minute to help fund the event. There were only
at which time control of the DNS will switch to a yet-to-be-formed
attack on the cooperative technology and culture that
Authority (IANA) and NSI, which was published on September 17.
away.  The three proposals have more in common than they differ.
ball and run with it, but he works "within the box" of the U.S. government,
barricades to have those countries open up so they don't force and
basically consist of people the nominator knows and likes, lists made
be no 'privatization' of domain name administrations at all.
be noted that that part of the case was not brought up by lawyers for
be reserved for non-profit and educational institutions.
be the most logical (which I don't think it is - probably .inc would have
because (my one bold prediction, excuse me here) there WILL be confusion
because (my one bold prediction, excuse me here) there WILL be confusion
because the handing-off process to a soon-to-be-incorporated entity is
become possible with this plan than with the IANA-NSI proposal.
been granted a monopoly by the U.S. Government's IANA. They can
been in jeopardy after the government's contract with Network
been more appropriate), for us international people trying to make sites
behind-the-scenes power grabs.
being shared by all the contributing organizations involved
Bell Labs engineer) stating  that the NSF does NOT control the root
best shot is '.com stands for business, end of discussion' then please
best time to hold the event now rather than later, so a show
best way for the Internet to become self-sufficient.
between 25 and 30 and that 20% of the seats should be reserved
between an insider/functional model and an outsider/user model.  How much
between taxation and representation.  Today money remains a big issue. A
between them as basis for determining, that as a government contractor, NSI
between what we want or expect to occur, and what is currently fact.
board idea is not going to win many friends, with most wanting
Board include at least one director from each of the 6 geographic regions.
Board seats (1 out of 9 seats, 3 out of 30) or more than 45% (4 out of nine
Board seats (2+2+2+1+4=11).  That doesn't ensure that places like Africa or
Board size may vary.  As the Board size increases, the significance of a
Board size of 9 is too small to allow diversity (although the final Board
body]" shall be open to public attendance, and "minutes ... shall be made
Boston Group proposed special measures to preserve freedom of speech.
Both Network Solutions, the company that manages the domain-name
Both the Boston Group and EFF reacted strongly against this, proposing
brand, is bullish about its prospects of victory. The two areas of
brief in opposition to NSI/NSF answers to the Motion for Summary Judgement:
business interest, sorry I mean holding on to status quo.
businesses and entrepreneurs, political and community organizations, and
businesses that register domain names (hm, sounds like you, Paul), and
businesses who can now get (assuming is
businesses' attempts to push the new TLDs through by hook or by crook.
but here is a description of what I see:
But Jim knows more than I about it and he may be right.
but the megabits and megabytes of humanly invested time, creativity,
but why trouble people with that confusing .COM thingy
  But you just said that the unwashed masses only every cut & paste. Which
by Karen Kaplan
By making a .biz TLD, we are creating a
by the email list.  Unfortunately, the netcast and deliberation spaceHere
in France we'll be listening.
by the fact that the majority of the new tlds carried by
by-laws are difficult to understand, and the implications of their different
by-laws could adopt the highest standards for transparency.  They could
by-laws could define user-type categories.  For example, the by-laws of the
by-laws could set minimum and maximum percentages of Board seats.  For
California which maintains the Internet Assigned Number Authority.
came up with the plan. Because of that backing, it is likely to be
campaigning via a common web location on the Newco web site.
can take place.  Please send messages of support to:
carved upon world of man-made arbitrary and changeable laws, are placed in
case is over. It will also stop if the judge finds for NSF on another
case, and the judges and jury's  complete lack of understanding of even the
centerpiece of its proposal.  Rather than referring to U.S. law, EFF
Central America will have any representation, but it does ensure that a
Certain domain name servers do not permit you to see who owns the name.
certain number of Board members correspond to each category. (More on this
changed just hours before the start probably kept numbers down.
charge?" and "it's not pgMedia, it's NSF." He said, by way of
                 CHARLES NESSON, Harvard Univ Berkman Center
chosen to bargain behind the scenes with IANA or NSI or whomever for a
class of companies that seek to profit by registering domain names.
coarse technical issues involved).  So it's important to allow both sides
collective support.  If those recommendations are not included, then the
combined into a single consensual set of by-laws.  The combined set of
come to grips with the much more fundamental question of how these
comments on not only Jeri Clausing's article in the New York Times but
comments that you would like to make to participate in the event,]
commercial and non-commercial, which can be further broken down
communities should all vocally express a collective disapproval.  Today's
companies can only register in the coutry they're located, right? This
compare how the different by-law proposals perform these different functions.
Compared with earlier plans, the proposal to create the Internet
competition and innovation, personally.
competition in the domain name registration business, but at
competition.  Please do not take these lines of reasoning any further
completely unclear, which begs the issue of it actually being a place to
computer network to govern itself.
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR)
computer technology ante, or paying obeisance to it, is not a proper
concern: 1) representation, 2)transparency, 3) rights, and 4) finances.  I
concerned itself too much with issues of representation.  Its concern is
Concerning the issue of what, if any authority or ownership
Conclusions and Recommendations
conference is this," and I think this disagreement has produced the
confusing almost everyone, including himself, as far as we could tell
consent'.  [If I misunderstood this, please inform! In any case, if it
considerable funds in election campaigns.  That is what happens in public
consistent with the libertarian philosophy of many stakeholders
Constitution, and of other things that have worked in similar situations.
Constitutional oversight and authority.  That bubble has been burst, in all
contractors that currently run the DNS submitting the plan to
contractors, and educational research instititions.  The medium allows
contractual and financial obligations to the University of Southern
control of the Internet, two of the most influential members of the
convincing, and as clearly demonstrated by Name.Space Attorney Glenn
Cooper Union Foundation Building
Cooper Union is willing to provide the venue on Wednesday as
coordination of $500,000 of funding by the likes of IBM Corp
Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers would give more voice to
Corporation will not be expended in support of any nominee's campaign."
costs.  At the very least such funding would create the strong impression of
could be just industry and education/non-profit.
could include reimbursement of the value of a Board members' time expended
could it be to establish a posting board at the IFWP site, or
country where they do speak English (although with a funny accent).
created the medium for improving global communications for its military,
crook".  In this case, he is trying to deflect attention from the very real
currencies in Europe, the need for security and stability in Post WWII
Cyber Law Institute
damages, which could be anything up to $50m by most calculations.
deadline, we have seen three different versions of by-laws proposed for the

decided to unilaterally cancel the event on what appeared
decision involving anonymity and the First Amendment.
decisions about computer technology.
decisions about computer technology. (Witness the recent microsoft court
Declaration of Human Rights.  This reads: "Everyone has the right to freedom
declaration that "stakeholder governance" is a failure, and a request
defensible?  Please address my points above directly and evenhandedly, and
defined by Newco's first, Interim Board.  So-called "At Large" Board members
definition of 6 "geographic regions."  Really, IANA-NSI only guards again
degree of discretion.
delegation" on Newco's Board.  Each SO would control three Board seats, so 9
democracy do stakeholders want?
dependencies, he said pointing to the Global Internet Project's
deteriorate into chaos. Sondow's behavior couldn't do a better job of
differences between the BWG paper and the IANA-NSI draft
differentiation is made between user types, then one type may come to
direct NSI on whether or not to add new gTLDs.
directed NSI not to add any more gTLDs to the root and said that that
directives, which gives it the authority to manage the DNS root. The
Directors might represent more distinct user types.  For a body that hopes
distribution could be guaranteed with specific numbers (as in the numbers
DNS, enlightened leadership would take the form of scientific understanding
do so that the NSF stepped in.
do you have any facilities for voting online in place now?
does away with this.
Does National Science Foundation (US Government)
does not invalidate his opinion, but is relevant).
does not support the current evolution of the free-market directions.
Does the contract between NSF and NSI grant NSI immunity from
doesn't allow people to cast a dissenting vote on your website.  This
doesn't want it to happen. Apparently, they prefer backroom deals
Domain monopoly control, and user representation on the governing board
Domain Name or Web address. They help define your identity on the
domain name registry pgMedia, which trades under the ""
domain names.  Marcy Gordon from CPSR provided a detailed overview of CPSR's
Domain names. See above point. By making a .biz TLD, we are creating a
domains are "meaningless, contentless and therefore not imposed or restricted
dominate the Board.  This type would probably be for-profit firms who have
  Don't register under .COM/.NET/.ORG. You might use .us.
dropped from the right side of a fully qualified name. OK ?
due to expire September 30 this year. So in September 1997, pgMedia
Each Board category could have a percentage of seats reserved for it.  This
easier for non-profit organizations to participate on the Board.
EFF's proposal on rights also seems likely to attract wide support.  It is
EFF, in keeping with its civil liberties orientation, makes this a
effort, (Valuable content and services) which is represented in the flow of
egregious example is the rump gTLD-MoU's attempt to pre-emptively
electromagnetic energy across the system of wires.  The Internet skeleton
electrons (like the oxygen in the blood) through the system.
elements of the draft from the Internet Assigned Numbers
elsewhere? The fact that this hasn't been done leads any rational
embodied in CPSR's principles for Internet governance.
empowering NSF over NSI in matters of determining the contents of the Domain
end the confusion, OK ? Let's assume that ALL domain
end users and hence the marketplace.
endorsed by the other key Internet groups whose support is needed for
energy lies at the edge (the PC interface), and not at the center (or the
engaged in the IFWP process.
enjoys the same immunity from antitrust laws as the Government.  When Judge
ensure that different kinds of states all receive representation.  Different
entity that could grant such a request. IANA is a private organization
equivalent to the dilution of the Constitutional protections.
establishing such an organization do not even exist yet, and when
Estimates for a ruling are anything between two weeks and two
Europe. What makes this different, is that the actual power to create the
Even if the IANA-NSI and EFF "insider" model were preferred over the Boston
evening.)  pgMedia's Paul Garrin gave a fascinating account of today's
event is on or off. It makes us look unprofessional and confused
event should it proceed as planned, as well as flood the
example, the by-laws could mandate that no region have less than 10% of
excessive concentration:  no one region can have more than 11 of the 19
exclusively about management issues might approve of this provision: a
exists, the mechanism to vote against the new TLDs in this site is
explanation that as far as he was aware, oversight is defined as
express an opinion on the issue not agreed with by the webmaster.]
extremely efficiently, otherwise you would be having trouble accessing
face was noticeably reddened.  It appeared as though US Attorney Haber failed
facilities, which is an antitrust violation, so it sued to get access
fact have the authority to dictate what gTLDs get added to the root.
fairly. The below points are all opinions, not facts, but that doesn't make
farmed out the contract to Government Systems Inc, which was
fatigue or mental breakdown, suddenly became distraught
features are not obvious.  In what follows I analyze and contrast them to
federal instrumentality" - something NSI says is simply not true - and
feisty dialogue.
Finally, start-up funding for Newco could present tricky issues.  The money
Fix NSI. Get them to copyright the list. I have the same complaint.
Fleming, because it contains what I believe to be an important point of
focus of the latest hearing, held in the Southern District of New York
Focus on the event and move forward.  No one man, be he a kook or
focused on the legal arguments of the case, which were:
for educational/non-profits.
for locals it's hard to explain why .com stands for a company. So, if your
For me the evening's most significant product was a call to action.  There
for non-profit, non- industry organizations. Klein says the
For your information, there is currently a voting mechanism
formal, publicly mediated process.
Foundation).  (Their web addresses are at the end of this document.) These
founding fathers placed the power of taxation in that house of Congress that
free expression in the political sense, with possibilties like "rudy-for.mayor"
free speech protections than do those of Deleware.
freedom of choice, all of which are potentially at risk on the
from antitrust litigation, but also the agencies of federal government
from Board service.  This means that personal or organizational wealth is
from Sondow's stupid and destructive behavior.
from the United States or Europe will dominate the new governing
fulfill their contributions to the event.
function of the net. Communication, in all its forms, is. Therefore,
functional representation by the SOs entirely.  The SOs have only advisory
functioning quite well with an astounding number of address variants in
functioning quite well with an astounding number of address variants in
functions of governance.  Governance functions are similar for both nation
future of the Internet.
Geographic representation is facilitated (but not guaranteed) by the
geographically and into specific domains of activity.  The
geography, and membership.  Functional representation is accorded to Board
get all these addresses straight," even though they're dealing with one
 get all these addresses straight," even though they're dealing with one
get laid.
given out reflects nothing more than a failure to appreciate the web is for
 given out reflects nothing more than a failure to appreciate the web is for
Given the importance of this forum, I hope that all parties will smooth
Given the lack of clear credibility of Mr. Sondow, and his
Glenn Manishin explained to the Court how domain names at all levels are
Good riddance to Mr. Sondow and the self-proclaimed ICIIU.
governance makes a lot of sense and ought to be considered as an option
group working to implement secure and private Internet-based voting in
group's "outsider" model, these Board categories could apply.  Percentages
Group's proposal only guarantees one seat per region -- even though the
groups in the U.S. have voiced, although it may be more popular outside of
guarantee individual rights.  And they could include categories to ensure
Hans Klein
                      HANS KLEIN, CPSR and Georgia Tech
happens with the IANA and the internic, which I see as a seperate,
has a long tradition in Board design.  For example, back in the 1960s when
has been privatized since 1991 when the US government first
hasn't paid its fees in years)
have consulted with NSI all along and it was only when IANA failed to
have never heard anyone argue against this point.
have never heard anyone argue against this point.
have never heard anyone argue against this point.
have no claim to, then I probably have little claim to
have no claim to, then I probably have little claim to
     have ultimate authority over the root of the internet?
having to decide what gTLDs get added and so on. Dallas summed up his
he asked.
highly encourage all to do the same.  We need to make a clear distinction
HK:  Factual corrections:
hours by noting that the Southern District "has never implemented
However, if Judge Patterson finds that NSI has no immunity from
However, it appears that there is some disagreement of the nature "whose
however, like my car, I don't need to know how the pistons work to get to
However, there are no other restrictions on campaign financing.  This
http://VOTE.Global-Namespace.Netr Mark,No, the event has NOT been cancelled.
Paul, what does this mean? Is the event on or not? Anyway, I sent
the correct email address for Jay Iselin is:
The Cooper Union conference is an important event:
it may be the last
Humankind has faced this exact dilemma before, but in a different time and
I am a female member of the great unwashed in technology that you speak of;
I am extremely unimpressed with Paul Garrin's response to what I felt was a
I can't express how utterly damaging this is to the whole effort we are
I could make more arguments for why new TLDs are not a Good Idea but these
I could make more arguments for why new TLDs are not a Good Idea but these
I handle the future you want to see occur.  I am fully aware of the
I have made various mass media aware of the conference and all (Canal +,
I looked at the page referred to below [in Paul Garrin's message], and it
I think it is extremely inappropriate of anyone on this list to attempt to
I think that you oversimply the need for names rather than numbers.1.He
I will not be so brash as to present any of my predictions as fact, and
I, myself, have not been at the inside of the Internet and do not know
IANA-Newco transition, in efffect "bringing the mountain to Mohammed."  On  Sure, businesses may want (if there's gonna be a .biz
identified (e.g. a bank loan against future revenues.)
If I
If NSI can prove that as a government contractor it has immunity from
if so, how can they be implemented in the context of the forum
If the US hadn't been paying, no one else would be keeping up the Internets
If these three proposals express the range of stakeholder opinion in the
If you are opposed to new tlds, please express what yourthanks for your
quick reply.
If you find another source of funding for IANA, then you eliminate the
If you recognize that the care and administration were all handled
IFWP Steering committee members have abandoned the process and have
IFWP to the financing of the newcorp by corporations like MCI and IBM
ignore some categories of representation that were proposed during the last
IL and Rome, PA and Rome, IA and Rome, OH and Rome, AL and Rome, MS and
IL and Rome, PA and Rome, IA and Rome, OH and Rome, AL and Rome, MS and
immunity is gone," he said referring to NSI's antitrust immunity. If
impacts:  a bigger Board has more seats with which to allocate, so it can
In addition, I am extremely tired, annoyed and unimpressed with some
In addition, I have no reason to believe that the members of this list are
In addition, I noticed Paul basically sidestepped my question of why he
In contrast, for the Boston Group representation is the main thing.  They
in Europe. They have historically made money selling (leasing) IPv4
in Manhattan late Monday were antitrust and the first amendment.
in March 1997 pgMedia asked NSI to add some 300 new generic top-
In my humble opinion, Paul's issue confusing email on this subject is a
In my opinion the best way to argue against this point is
In my opinion, the issue of new TLDs has nothing to do with competition or
In summary, it was an exciting evening with a lot of good discussion and a
In summary, the three by-law proposals currently in circulating could be
In the end, Glenn Manishin produced a fax of a letter from George Strawn
in the event, and threw a tantrum at the last minute and
including myself.
incorporates a reference to international law, The U.N. Universal
Indeed Haber said that the NSF's position was that the IANA should
independent Internet users who will have a say in the future governance
independent issue.
industrial dominance of Newco through this financial dependency.  If Newco
inexcusable, because it would be so easy to implement, and because Ira
infrastructure on their own dime.  The US has in fact been meeting its
innovation, and as I clearly stated in my last mail, that I see the
insertion tidbit above.]
insertion tidbit above.]
instrumentality doctrine," which protects not only federal agencies
Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which manages critical
Internet community (and this is a big "if"!), then consensus may not be far
Internet community jointly released a plan yesterday for the global
Internet governance structure.  I talked about proposals for by-laws that
Internet sites on a regular basis.
Internet Society include three categories:  industry, education/non-profit,
internet users (see 1st point), and increases the likelyhood of dns related
Internet users, ranging from casual World Wide Web surfers to a new
internet with discrediting messages about Cooper Union,
internet', the key to the content they represent wherever it may be on the
Internet, and they tell people how to access your content.
internet."  Haber argued that "there's plenty of room for free expression and can only get worse with the introduction of new TLDs.  I and can only get worse with the introduction of new TLDs.  I and can only get worse with the introduction of new TLDs.  I,,, or  This problem,,, or  This problem,,, or  This problem
Paul Garrin wrote:Let it be clear here and now, and on the record, that
this internet
into an address book, or copies and pastes. No big deal. [Reread key
 into an address book, or copies and pastes. No big deal. [Reread key
invited to submit comments, questions, and criticism to the panel.
involved in. As you can imagine, the "powers that be" would love to have
IPv8. The letter contained the line the "NSF does not control root
is a perfect example of misinformation creation and 'manufacture of
is addressing, but I wanted to make one set of strong opinions clear.]
is inefficiency and a lack of vision I can well accept, but only as
Is it too much to ask that we unite in the face of these obvious
is it? Are we smart enough to deal with domain names, or not?
is not only the one in charge and it is perfectly within its rights to
is only a complicated rearrangement of wealth amongst those at the
is so that IANA and maintenance of the root domain servers can be funded.
Is that it in a nutshell?
is to get off to a clean start, a neutral start-up funding source should be
is typically a solution which comes from enlightened leadership.  Regarding
issues we are discussing in this thread.
It appears to us at Name.Space that after two years in the
it as an event that catalyzed the public interest/user community at this key
It emerged later in 1997 that NSI had written to IANA about adding the
It is clear to me that the internet population, and US population as a
It is clear to me that the internet population, and US population as a
It is important that people know what their "governors" are doing.  For this
It is important that those around the world who care about
It is my guess that the U.N. declaration provides even stronger protections
it is there...but it is just silent, end the confusion...
it is, while the awesome power of making decisions which will have
it may be that they sense a serious treble damages antitrust award to
It may very well be that sondow's agenda is to fulfill the
It seems that Mr. Sondow has taken it upon himself to sabotage
it to be adopted.
It would be a great idea to have a more broad-based referendum
It would be a mistake, I believe, to relegate what may seem like
its becoming moot". Or in other words, that as the cooperative
its first amendment rights as well as denying access to essential
itself is just enabling hardware, protocols, and some routing software.
Jay Iselin, President of Cooper Union <
jeopardized? What can we do about it?
Jessica Glass of the New York Free Media Alliance deftly moderated the
JESSICA GLASS, NY Free Media Alliance (moderator)
joined, you can send email to
Josh Rabinowitz
July 20, 1998
July 20, 1998, Federal District Court, SDNY
juncture of the Internet governance process
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