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<nettime> Dead Media Working Notes: Table of Contents

Dead Media Working Notes
Table of Contents, 1-400

00.1 The Incan quipu
00.2 Chaucerian virtual reality
00.3 The Incan quipu
00.4  Kid media:  viewmasters, filmstrips, portable projectors, Teddy
00.5  Dead personal computers
00.6  Dead mainframes;  early computation devices
00.7  The cyrograph
00.8  The scopitone
00.9  Dead computer languages
01.0 The magic lantern
01.1 The magic lantern
01.2  Clockwork radio
01.3  The magic lantern
01.4  The term "Dead"
01.5  Silent film, the diorama, the panorama
01.6  The magic lantern
01.7  The Comparator; the Rapid Selector
01.8  Bibliography:  Magic lanterns, Photography, Optical Toys,  Early
01.9  The Experiential Typewriter
02.0  The magic lantern
02.1 Canada's Telidon Network
02.2 Dead Cryptanalytic Devices of World War II
02.3  The Stenograph
02.4 Canada's Telidon Network; Australia's Viatel and Discovery 40
02.5  The Copy Press, the Hektograph, Edison's
Electric Pen, Zuccato's Trypograph, Gestetner's
Cyclostyle, Dick-Edison Mimeograph, the Gammeter aka
Multigraph, the Varityper, the IBM Selectric
02.6 Military Telegraphy, Balloon Semaphore
02.7 Mirror Telegraphy:  The Heliograph, the
Helioscope, the Heliostat, the Heliotrope
02.8 Schott's Organum Mathematicum
02.9 The Voder, The Vocoder, the Cyclops Camera,
the Memex
03.0 C. X. Thomas de Colmar's Arithmometer
03.1 Toy telegraphy; toy telephony
03.2 Phonographic Dolls
03.3 The IBM Letterwriter
03.4 the Zuse Ziffernrechner; the V1, Z1, Z2, Z3
and Z4 program-controlled electromechanical digital
computers; the death of Konrad Zuse
03.5 Loutherbourg's Eidophusikon
03.6 Karakuri; the Japanese puppet theater of
03.7 Dead memory systems
03.8 the Kinetophone; the "Kinetophone Project"
03.9 Clockwork wall animation -- "living
04.0 Skytale, the Spartan code-stick

04.1 The pigeon post
04.2 The pigeon post
04.3 The pigeon post
04.4 The pigeon post
04.5 The pigeon post; the balloon post
04.6 The pigeon post
04.7 Vidscan
04.8 Miniature Recording Phonograph, Neophone
Records, Poulsen's Telegraphone, the Multiplex Grand
Graphophone and the Photophone
04.9 Kids' Dead Media 1929:  The Mirrorscope, the
Vista Chromoscope, the Rolmonica, the Chromatic Rolmonica
05.0 The Speaking Picture Book; squeeze toys that
05.1 SHARP, a microwave-powered relay plane
05.2 Refrigerator-mounted Talking Note Pad
05.3 The Experiential Typewriter
05.4 Kids' Dead Media 1937: the Auto-Magic Picture Gun
05.5 The 'writing telegraph;' Gray's
Telautograph; the military telautograph; the telewriter;
the telescriber
05.6  The Heliograph, the Heliotrope
05.7  The Heliograph
05.8  Russolo's Intonarumori
05.9 The Agfa Geveart "Family Camera"
06.0 The CED Video Disc Player

06.1  Eighteenth Century English mail hacks
06.2  The pigeon post
06.3  Muybridge's Zoopraxiscope
06.4  The Player Piano; the Pianola; Reproducing
Pianos; Reproducing Rolls
06.5  Atari Video Music
06.6  The Elcaset cartridge tape and player
06.7  Bell Labs Half-Tone Television
06.8   Popular Science 1932:  Naumburg's Visagraph,
the Electric Eye Linotype, Ordering Music by Phone
06.9   Piesse's Smell Organ
07.0   Scott's Electronium
07.1  Candle-Powered Radio;  Bayliss's Clockwork Radio
07.2  Cahill's Telharmonium
07.3  Soviet "bone music" samizdat recordings
07.4  The Talking View-Master
07.6  The Luba Lukasa
07.7  Dead Video Discs: Telefunken Teldec Decca
TeD, TEAC system, Philips LaserVision, RCA SelectaVision
07.8  PhoneVision
07.9  Sonovision
08.0  Union telegraph balloons, Confederate microfilm

08.1  Chase's Electric Cyclorama
08.2  the Optigan, the Opsonar, the Orchestron; the
Mellotron, the Chamberlin
08.3   Computer Games Are Dead (Part 1)
08.4   Computer Games Are Dead (Part 2)
08.5   Computer Games Are Dead (Part 3)
08.6   Computer Games Are Dead (Part 4)
08.7   the Panorama
08.8   the Panorama
08.9   the Panorama
09.0   Daguerre's Diorama

09.1   the Panorama
09.2   A Panorama Bibliography
09.3  the Panorama
09.4  Dead Videotape Formats
09.5  The Museum of the Moving Image:  Jenkins
Radiovisor, Bell Picture Telephone, RGA/Oxberry CompuQuad,
Philco Predicta
09.6  the theatrophone; the electrophone
09.7  the theatrophone; the electrophone
09.8  Theatrophonic televangelism
09.9  Hopi town criers
10.0  Dancer's novelty microphotographs; Dagron's
balloon post

10.1  Telephonic Jukeboxes:  The Shyvers
Multiphone, the Phonette Melody Lane, the AMI Automatic
Hostess, the Rock-Ola Mystic Music System
10.2  Nazi U-boat automated weather forecasting
espionage network
10.3  the Inuit Inuksuit
10.4  The General Electric Show 'N Tell
10.5  The Bletchley Park Colossus
10.6  The Bletchley Park Colossus
10.7  The Aluminum Transcription Disk
10.8  The Mark II RCA Sound Synthesizer
10.9  The Mark II RCA Sound Synthesizer
11.0  CHIPS:  Dead Software, Dead Platforms
11.1  Indecks Information Retrieval System
11.2  Pneumatic Typewriters
11.3  Dead Personal Computers and Typewriters:
Some Recommended Books
11.4  Early/Mechanical Television Systems
11.5  Mechanical TV:  the Pioneers
11.6  Mechanical TV:  Baird Television
11.7  Mechanical TV: The General Electric Octagon;
the Daven Tri-Standard Scanning Disc; the Jenkins W1IM
Radiovisor Kit, the Jenkins Model 202 Radiovisor, Jenkins
Radio Movies; the Baird Televisor Plessey Model, the Baird
Televisor Kit; the Western Television Corporation
11.8  Baird Mechanical Television, Part One:  Technical
11.9  Baird Mechanical Television Part Two:  John
Logie Baird
12.0  Baird Mechanical Television Part 3:  Other
Countries, Other Systems

12.1  Fire Signals and Horse Post on the Great Wall of China
12.2  The Mini-Cine Toy Projector
12.3  The Magic Lantern
12.4  The theatrophone, the electrophone
12.5  Peepshows
12.6  The Nintendo Virtual Boy, the Logitech  Cyberman 3D
mouse, the Nintendo Power Glove
12.7  An Amish Cyclorama
12.8  The Tru-Vue stereographic viewer
12.9  The ICL One Per Desk
13.0  The Philips Programmed Individual Presentation
System (PIP)
13.1  The Travelling Panorama
13.2  The Edison Electric Pen, pneumatic pen,  magnetic
pen, and foot-powered pen
13.3   The Edison Electric Pen, Reed pen, and Music
Ruling Pen
13.4  The Edison Electric Pen
13.5  New Guinea Talking Drum
13.6  Cat Piano and Tiger Organ
13.7  Riviere's Theatre d'Ombres
13.8  The Kinora
13.9  The Wilcox-Gay Recordio
14.0  Fragile Formats in Synthetic Music

14.1  The Velvet Revolution in the Magic Lantern
14.2  Native American Smoke Signals
14.3  The Spirit Racket
14.4  The Edison Wax Cylinder
14.5  Kids' interactive television: "Captain
14.6  The Dubroni Instant Camera
14.7  the Singing Telegram; the death of George P.
14.8  Computer Museum History Center;  the Adidas
Micropacer, the Whirlwind flight simulator, the Apricot
Xi, the Cray NTDS
14.9  Robertson's Phantasmagoria
15.0  Robertson's Phantasmagoria; Seraphin's Ombres
Chinoises; Guyot's smoke apparitions; the Magic Lantern
15.1  Robertson's Phantasmagoria
15.2  Robertson's Phantasmagoria; Lonsdale's
Spectrographia; Meeson's phantasmagoria; the optical
eidothaumata; the Capnophoric Phantoms; Moritz's
phantasmagoria; Jack Bologna's Phantoscopia; Schirmer and
Scholl's Ergascopia; De Berar's Optikali Illusio;
Brewster's catadioptrical phantasmagoria; Pepper's Ghost
15.3  Robertson's Final Phantasmagoria
15.4  American Missile Mail
15.5  McDonnell Douglas Laserfilm VideoDisc Player
15.6  Two-track PlayTape; the Stanton Mail Call
Letter Pack
15.7  Inuit carved maps
15.8  Styrian, Tongan, German, Dutch, American,
Indian, Australian, Cuban and Mexican Rocket Mail; Tongan
tin-can mail
15.9  The Phantasmagoria; Pepper's Ghost
16.0  Edison's Vertical-Cut Records

16.1  Papyrus manuscripts on World Wide Web
16.2  The Flame Organ; The Burning Harmonica; the
Chemical Harmonica; Kastner's Pyrophone
16.3  The Molecular Abacus
16.4  Telelogoscopy; Television Screen News
16.5  Phonograph History Part 1
16.6  Phonograph History Part 2
16.7  Phonograph History Part 3
16.8  PALplus television letterbox format
16.9  Heron's Nauplius
17.0  The IBM Selectric Typewriter

17.1  Telegraphy bibliography
17.2  The Blickensderfer Typewriter; the Scientific
17.3  The Slide Rule
17.4  Dead Media Taxonomy
17.5  Wide-Screen Movies:  Gance's Polyvision,
Waller's Cinerama
17.6  Wide Screen Movies: CinemaScope, Todd-AO,
MGM Camera 65, CinemaScope 55, Super Panavision 70,
Ultra Panavision 70
17.7  Dead Cinema Color Processes
17.8  Norwegian transport wires
17.9  The pneumatic post
18.0  The pneumatic post

18.1  Dead Synthesizers:  the Hazelcom McLeyvier
18.2  Dead Synthesizers:  the Con Brio ADS 2000
18.3  Dead Synthesizers:  the ARP 2600
18.4  Dead Synthesizers:  the Adaptive Systems, Inc. Synthia
18.5  Popular fiction formats
18.6  the library card catalog
18.7  the library card catalog
18.8  Dead Digital Documents (Part One)
18.9  Dead Digital Documents (Part Two)
19.0  Officially Deleted Digital Documents
19.1  The Baby Mark I Computer
19.2  "The Readies"
19.3  Caselli's Pantelegraph (Part One)
19.4  Caselli's Pantelegraph (Part Two)
19.5  Bain's Facsimile Telegraphy
19.6  Radio Facsimile Transmitter
19.7  Baird Projection Television
19.8  Gould's 3-D Television
19.9  Duston's Talking Book
20.0  Dead human languages

20.1  The Polyrhetor; the 1939 World's Fair Futurama
20.2   The Sony Videomat
20.3   The Telegraph: the Morse Pendulum
Instrument, the Morse Register
20.4   The Telegraph:   Bain's Chemical Telegraph,
the duplex telegraph, the quadruplex telegraph, House's
Printing Telegraph, Hughes's Printing Telegraph, Phelps's
Printing Telegraph, Bakewell's Fac Simile Telegraph, the
Dial Telegraph
20.5  The Telegraph:  Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms,
Railroad-Signal Systems, Hotel Annunciators, District
Messenger Services
20.6  The Hotel Annunciator
20.7  The Telegraph:  Inductive Telegraphy
20.8  The Telegraph
20.9  Flower Codes
21.0  Henry Mills's Typewriter
21.1  Typewriters:  the Comptometer, the
Numerograph, the book typewriter
21.2  Brown's cash carrier
21.3  Mechanical telephony
21.4  Super 8 mm film
21.5  Mechanical telephony
21.6  Cash carriers
21.7  Byzantine Exultent Scroll
21.8  Dead ASCII Variants
21.9  Dead Computer Operating Systems
2.20  Mechanical telephony

22.1  Dead Money
22.2  The Telegraph:  Wheatstone's Telegraphic
Meterometer; *Scientific American* Dead Media References
22.3  The Amateur Radio Relay League Radiogram
22.4  The Teleplex Morse Code Recorder
22.5  Bi Sheng's Clay Printing Press
22.6  Tongan Tin Can Mail
22.7  Definitions and Connections
22.8  The Astrolabe; Ctesibius's Clepsydra Orrery
22.9  The Astrolabe in Islam
23.0  The Astrolabe in Europe

23.1  Chaucer's Astrolabe Manual
23.2  Definitions and Connections
23.3  VisiDep 3-D Television
23.4  Coins as Media
23.5  Interactive Cable Television:  Cableshop
23.6  VisiDep 3-D Television
23.7  Anschutz's 'Electrical Wonder' arcade
peepshow; Anschutz's Schnellseher; Anschutz's Projecting
Electrotachyscope; Anschutz's Zoetropes
23.8  Definitions and Connections
23.9  Definitions and Connections
24.0  Definitions and Connections

26.1  Monastic sign language
26.2  Tattoos as media
26.3  Internet Archival Issues Part One
26.4  Internet Archival Issues Part Two
26.5  Internet Archival Issues Part Three
26.6  Internet Archival Issues Part Four
26.7  Stillborn media
26.8  Stillborn media
26.9  Typewriter Ribbon Tins Revived by Computer
27.0  Nash's Logoscope
27.1  Computer Jukebox
27.2  Spook Shows
27.3  Vinyl Multimedia
27.4  Basque Talking Drum
27.5  Peek-a-Boo Index Cards: Aspect Cards,
Optical Coincidence Cards, and Batten Cards; Keydex,
Termatrex, Minimatrex, Omnidex, Findex, Selecto, Sphinxo,
Sichtlochkarten, Ekaha, Vicref, Find-It, Brisch-Vistem and
Trio Index Cards; Polish Index Card Cryptography;
Microcite Microfiche Index Cards; Jonkers' Minimatrex
Microfiche Index Cards
27.6  US Air Force 'Clones' Obsolete Electronics
27.7  Paris pneumatic mail
27.8  Hummel's Telediagraph
27.9  RCA SelectaVision Holographic Videofilm
28.0  The Organetta

28.1  Chindogu
28.2  The Organetta, Organette, Aurephone,
Cecilla, Organina Cabineto, Tournaphone, Cabinetto,
Melodia, Musical Casket, Gately Automatic Organ,
Tanzbar, Seraphone, and Celestina
28.3  Computer Game Emulators
28.4  Mattel Intellivision I/II/III, Tandyvision
One,  Super Video Arcade, Mattel Entertainment Computer
System, INTV System III/IV, and Super Pro  System
28.5  Mattel Intellivision I/II/III, Tandyvision
One,  Super Video Arcade, Mattel Entertainment Computer
System, INTV System III/IV, and Super Pro  System
28.6  The Milton Bradley Vectrex
28.7  The Milton Bradley Vectrex:  Production History
28.8  Ghost Sites on the Web
28.9  De Moura's Wave Emitter
29.0  Nixie indicator tube displays; decimal
counting tubes

29.1  Korean Horse Post
29.2  "Vinyl Video" conceptual art project
29.3  Naval SOS Becomes Obsolete
29.4  Pre-Digital Electronic Instruments
29.5  Dead public sirens and horns
29.6  Dead public sirens and horns; tower clocks
and chimes; city-wide public address systems; factory
whistles; foghorns
29.7  Telegraphy
29.8  Dead Digital Documents
29.9  The Philips-Miller Audio Recording System
30.0   Notched Bones

30.1  The Vortex Experimental Theater
30.2  Trail Blazing by Apes
30.3  Minifon Pocket-Size Wire Recorder
30.4  Trail Blazing in Ancient Australia
30.5  Paper Magnetic-Recording Tape
30.6  AT&T Telephotography; AT&T Picturephone
30.7  Mechanical Sirens and Foghorns
30.8  Quadraphonics
30.9  Metal Money
31.0  Dead Chinese Coinage
31.1  Age-Specific Media
31.2  Timex Magnetic Disk Recorder
31.3  The Pigeon Post
31.4  Antique Chip Fabricator
31.5  The Toy Artist drawing automaton
31.6  "Sound Bites" musical candy
31.7  Phonovid Vinyl Video
31.8  Ancient Irish fire beacon
31.9  The Pigeon Post
32.0  State-supported dead media; causes of media
mortality; Roman relay runners, Mongol horse post,
Polybius's fire signals, British Naval Howe Code, Pony
Express, Aztec signals, optical telegraphy

32.1  Public Fire Alarms in Colonial Shanghai
32.2  the Chiu-mou-ti Hsing-wu-t'ai
32.3  Crandall's Electric Sign
32.4  Dead Digital Documents
32.5  Winky-Dink Interactive TV
32.6  the Cat Piano
32.7  the Cat Piano, the Donkey Chorus, the Pig
32.8  Train Token Signals System
32.9  Optical Telegraphy; Heliography
33.0  Train Token Signals System
33.1  Ramelli's Book Wheel
33.2  the Camera Obscura (Part One)
33.3  the Camera Obscura (Part Two)
33.4  the Camera Obscura (Part Three)
33.5  the Camera Obscura (Part Four)
33.6  Riviere's Theatre d'ombres (Part One)
33.7  Riviere's Theatre d'ombres (Part Two)
33.8  Riviere's Theatre d'ombres (Part Three)
33.9  Riviere's Theatre d'ombres (Part Four)
34.0  Camera Obscuras Existing Today
34.1  Immortal Media
34.2  The Pigeon Post
34.3  Donisthorpe's Kinesigraph
34.4  Barlow's Potatograph
34.5  Narragansett Drum Rocks
34.6  Pneumatic mail (Part One)
34.7  Pneumatic mail (Part Two)
34.8  Pneumatic mail (Part Three)
34.9  Pneumatic mail (Part Four)
35.0  The Pigeon Post
35.1  Radio Killed the Vaudeville Star
35.2  The Pigeon Post
35.3  Military Pigeoneers of World War Two
35.4  Military Pigeoneers of World War Two
35.5  Military Pigeoneers of World War Two
35.6  Pigeon paraphernalia
35.7  The Fisher-Price Pixelvision
35.8  German military telephony
35.9  Dabbawallah delivery service
36.0  The Pigeon Post; the Ostrich Post

36.1  The Auto-Typist
36.2  Unstable Photographs
36.3  Freight Tubes
36.4  Freight Tube Bibliography
36.5  The Clegg-Selvan pneumatic vehicle; wire
conveyors, cash carriers, parcel carriers; the Lamson
Tube; pneumatic tube industrial history
36.6  Fungal Hallucinogens in Decaying Archives
36.7  The Robotyper; the Flexowriter
36.8  Computer Game Designer Dies Young, But Outlives Own Games
36.9  Pneumatic tubes
37.0  Pneumatic tube applications
37.1  Dead supercomputers become furniture
37.2  Dead tunnels of  Chicago
37.3  Dead tunnels of Chicago; a bibliography
37.4  Dead tunnels of Chicago
37.5  The Optigan
37.6  The Railway Panorama
37.7  The Mareorama, the Cineorama
37.8  Newspaper via Radio Facsimile
37.9  Media History as Contingency
38.0  Ultra-Personal Sony Handycam

38.1 Vinyl Record with Zoetrope
38.2 British Foreign Office Abandons Telegrams
38.3 Gilbreth's Chronocyclegraph, Part One
38.4 Gilbreth's Chronocyclegraph, Part Two
38.5 Signals of the Beyazit Tower, Istanbul
38.6 Information Technology of Ancient Athens, Part One
38.7 Information Technology of Ancient Athens, Part Two
38.8 Information Technology of Ancient Athens, Part Three
38.9 Information Technology of Ancient Athens, Part Four
39.0 Information Technology of Ancient Athens, Part Five
39.1 The Stereoscope; IMAX
39.2 Flowers's Phonoscribe; Flowers's Phonetic Alphabet
39.3 Mutant Mosquitoes in Subway Tunnels
39.4 Telegraphic Paper Tape; Digital Paper Tape;
Baudot Code; Dead Encoding Formats; ILLIAC; TTY
39.5 Pneumatic mail
39.6 Military Pigeoneers of World War Two:  Qualifications
39.7 Military Pigeoneers of World War Two:
Pigeon  Lofts; Loft Routines; Pigeon Banding Codes
39.8 Military Pigeoneers of World War Two:  Loft
Equipment; Pigeoneer Supplies
39.9 Military Pigeoneers of World War Two:
Message Holders
40.0 Military Pigeoneers of World War Two:
Pigeons by Parachute

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