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Saturday, September 26, 1998  

To friends and supporters, 

On September 8, 1998, someone from the Automated System Security Incident
Support Team (ASSIST), an office within the Defense Information Systems
Agency (DISA), sent an email message to New York University's computer
security recommending that NYU remove the ECD web site because it was
"advocating flooding a number of public web servers including" 

The next day, on September 9, while in Austria at the Ars Electronica
InfoWar Festival, I received an email from the Senior System Manager of
NYU's System & Network Security Group stating that: "We have received a
recent complaint from someone within the DISA of the DOD regarding the ECD
web site you are maintaining on your page." 

After returning to New York on September 13, I discussed the contents of
the ECD web site with faculty in my department, associate and assistant
deans in the School of Education, and with several staff members within
the Academic Computing Facility. As a result of these conversations, I
have agreed to remove portions of the ECD page that directly advocate
Electronic Civil Disobedience actions and the application of FloodNet

Between September 16 and 20, we began to move the entire ECD site from
NYU's server and to place it on the server of The Thing. The new web site
address for the Electronic Disturbance Theater and its FloodNet project is
now located at

On September 20, I removed nearly all web site content from the NYU server
in my haste to comply with the university's requests. Now I have
reconstructed both the ECD site and my own personal home page. Henceforth
this ECD web site will function as an archive for scholarly articles,
reports, news, analyses, and other texts produced either by myself, others
in the Electronic Disturbance, or anyone who is writing on the subjects
related to the theme of Electronic Civil Disobedience. 

Stefan Wray

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