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01 . Crash Media         . Deadline Crash (Media)
02 . T. Dokter           . Financing the Next Millenium
03 . Kalina Bunevska     . SEAFair `98 corrected preliminary program
04 . Klaas Glenewinkel   . Wahl98 und Kulturserver
05 . micz flor           . Revolting Media ONLINE
06 . kearney             . conf: Technological Visions: Utopian and
                           Dystopian Perspectives (USC, 6-7 Nov. 98)
07 .       . UnDo.Net News!
08 . Martin Wolf         . 12th Stuttgart Filmwinter (competitions)

   ................................................................... 01

From: Crash Media <>
Subject: Deadline Crash (Media)
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 19:55:06 +0100

time is a mazing... and this is the end of history... due to the
summer of 98 and the time management breakdown and the severity of
recent activities we postponed the deadline for the next Crash Media
to the 10th of October... sorry about that - but possibly just as well...


         _______                       __
        /   ___ \____________    _____|  |__
       /    \  \/\_  __ \__  \  /  ___/  |  \
       \     \____|  | \// __ \_\___ \|   |  \
        \________/|__|  (______/______\___|__/
            _____              ___ __
           /     \   ____   __| _/|__|____
          /  \ /  \_/ __ \ / __ | |  \__  \
         /    |    \  ___// /_/ | |  |/ __ \_
         \____|____/\_____\_____| |__(______/

              C R A S H   M E D I A #4

        Where Media Reaches its Critical Mass




          * A small tabloid for boys and girls.*

         (this publication belongs to everyone)

"Polly and Deborah unlock a locked block."

"What on earth would mother say if she saw what we've done to the cabbage

"Rupert always liked to hog the channels - everyone else thought it was
most impolite."

p.30-109, 5 TAKES Z, K AND P FISHING:
"There'll be cakes, and crumpets and lashings of autopoesis!"

"Do you think we'll ever find our way out of the rhizome?"

"They all knew that when a pretend mouse had been stroked enough,
Nursery Magic was sure to turn it into something real."

p. 129-143, BACK TO SPOOL:
"The strange thing about Spool was the way things
kept getting repeated".

p. 144-159, REROUTE REBELS: "He really was a most
contrary young strategy."

p. 160-165, ALICE IN MICROLAND: "The pipes of power kept getting
wider and wider until Alice could finally fit her whole body through them".



Kindly ignore the above - it is but poor fiction.
What we are looking for is the REAL thing; content
for Crash Media issue #4.Crash Media is a publication
with a split personality; part tabloid newspaper and
part website, complete with discussion threads and a
low-interference editorial policy. [Feel free to enter
the online debate at any moment and be prepared to
find your statement in print.] Right now we are
calling for contributions for the next print issue to be
released in mid October.

      *.gif *.txt *.wav *.ra *.doc *.pic

Deadline for contributions: 10TH OCTOBER '98 !!!

Crash Media is (looking at) independent media practice;
taking media criticism off the bookshelf and stacking it
on the flyer table. Find Tech/Specs on CM and
contributions below.


  !*!*!*! Issue 4's 'Extra Special' section: !*!*!*!
  !*!*!*!                                    !*!*!*!
  !*!*!*!         THE END OF HISTORY         !*!*!*!

Issue 4 will also include the following permanent
sections(->Medium Roast, ->Culture Club, ->Under The
Needle, ->Access Denied, ->Balzac Nation, ->Strangeways).

Contributions in many guises required: deep undercover
analyses, sub-cutaneous cuts, bi-lateral dissections,
polemics for the hard of reason, trinkets for the virtual
mantelpiece, eye-sores for the foot-sore, nectar for the
hive mind, befuddlement for conspiracists, personal
highlights and urban low-lights.

In other words: articles, logos, interviews, artwork,
reviews, literature, listings, cartoons and info-blips.

We favour text within the 500 to 800 word limit - and we
envy the capacity to make a strong point with 200 words!
Scans should be 300dpi and stuffed, send as attachments
(MAC or PC) - stamp-based mail is just as good. Currently
we are not able to pay contributors. Every contributor
will receive ten copies of Crash Media.



Crash Media has been published in print as a free, bi-
monthly tabloid, since the middle of March 1998. Printed on
tabloid paper, each issue has a print run of 5,000. Crash
Media is based in Salford/Manchester and London (UK).
Each issue consists of 12 pages. Crash Media is
distributed intensively in the North West of England and
London, and selectively world-wide. We are also open to
any suggestions for worthwhile locations.

Crash Media is a joint venture, defining the agenda of
the 'Revolting' media lab happening RIGHT NOW in Manchester/Salford UK
Salford University and 'Skyscraper Digital Publishing'.

Crash Media is extended through a digital forum.
Threads generated in Crash Media on-line will be
selectively reprinted in the next issue. Crash Media also
works in association with the free server space project Yourserver
( Yoursever is also a content pimp.

!! To receive a free print copy of Crash Media within
!! the UK, send a 1st class stamped and self addressed
!! A4 or A5 envelope to the below address.



Micz Flor, Josephine Berry

Crash Media
University of Salford
Art and Design Technology Research Unit
Peru Street
UK-Salford M3 6EQ

fax: +44.171.6134052


   ................................................................... 02

Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 23:50:23 +0200
From: (T. Dokter)
Subject: Financing the Next Millenium

F.N.M. (Financing the Next Millenium)
    by Raul Marroquin.
September 25 to September 27 1998 Gallery Aschenbach in Amsterdam presents:
F.N.M. a three-day interdisciplinary event by media artist Raul Marroquin.
This project is the last of a trilogy that the artist has been working on
in the last years:
1)"CAUTION Chapter I Armed  Confrontations" Gallery Aschenbach 1996,
2)“ i  ® TM  Symbols of the Past or the rules of the Future at Open Space
in Amsterdam and now F.N.M.
One of  Marroquin's personal goals with the final episode of this trilogy
is to discuss how financially prepared the world is to deal with the
economical challenges of the next millenium, in the reclusive, relaxed and
unconventional settings of an art gallery. With porjects like this, he also
aims to contribute to (what he believes is one of the most important
questions in his profession) the redefinition of the role of the artist in
todays postindustrial society.
Throughout the last years, it has become clear that this sort of informal
events encourage different approaches to the discussion of such important
issues such: as the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons in the case
of "CAUTION Chapter I Armed Confrontations" first in 1996 and “ in the
Internet during the exhibition in Open Space in 1997.
F.N.M. combines interviews , debates, round tables, discussions and
presentations  that address a wide variety of issues: globalization, open
markets, single regional and universal currencies, the economical gaps
between East and West, North and South (and all of the detailed intricacies
of  geoeconomics) the influence of  new information and communications
technololies in the financial world, and many other the questions put by
todays rapid changes in economics.
In order to achieve  the best results within this particular framework, a
selected group of  experts in many of these different areas have been
invited to participate and contribute via the different options available
at Aschenbach Galerry during these three days of F.N.M. Investors,
politicians and civil servants, financial analysts, academics, journalists,
bankers, financers and other representatives of the many different
diciplines that are part of todays financial world. Because of the same
reason, the content of this project has been delegated to a small group of
experts that have developed and implemented the basic ideas behind F.N.M.
Many of the participants and contributors have already worked in some of
the artist's previous projects as well as De Hoeksteen Live! Television
-Marroquin's own six year old, 12 hour long  live, political and financial
program for Amsterdam cable television- as well as his weekly radio show
and De HoeksteenNet page in the WWW.  These individuals and organizations
used to Marroquin's ad hoc approach to these sort of events and users
communication technology.
A great deal of the input also comes from "newomers" especially invited for
the event that can take part by been present at the gallery or via
telephone, fax, e-mail moderated news groups, IRC, ICQ and video
Some general subjects have been introduced among paticipants under titles
such as: "Free Markets ... Who's Freedom?" "Euro vs. $, The Match of the
Century."  "Financial Indicators," "The Emerging Markets," "Real Serious
Money for the Next Millenium,"  "Tiger Economies = Paper Tigers, " and
other themes that indicate the way in wich world finances will be heading
at the turn of the century as well as those that  will be included in the
debate throughtout the weekend.
Flexibility and improvisation are both integral components of F.N.M.
features as "Lattest Financial News" and "Breaking News" are also a part of
the options available during F.N.M.
User Communications, Community Services and Public Access  are an integral
part of the event in orther to assure a maximum of participation of  those
that cannot be present at the gallery on those particular dates.
IRC, ICQ, Moderated News Groups, and Point - Point & Multipoint
videconferencing are permantly available in order to make sure that the
participation from groups and individuals outside the perimeter of
Amsterdam can participate.
On-Line Dispatches are been regulary transmmited from areas as close as
Amsterdam and as far as  New York  and Hong Kong on a regular basis
All events are webcasted live and developments are documented and reviewed
in "F.N.M. On-Line" a publication that covers events on an hourly basis
URL: "F.N.M. On-Line" also offer links to all
mayor financial on-line services. A hard copy version of this publication
is also available upon request with the latest news throughout the entire
72 hours.
A final CD-Rom will be featured at the end of the event featuring the high
lines, transcripts of discussions and conclusions reached at the end of it.
Most events are cablecasted live via Salto (Amsterdam cable operator)
for the city's metropolitan area and those that are not possible because of
the Station's regular programming will be cablecasted later.
In-house audio and video channels keep both partcipants and visitors alike
updated on events taking place at the gallery, the latest financial
developments as well as events that might influence world markets.
F.N.M. also includes an exhibition of works by the artist namely: objects,
wall works, displays, installations,  projections, single channel audio and
video works, prints, multiples, ready-mades and limited editions.
Raul Marroquin was born in Bogota, Colombia, in 1948 and has lived in the
Netherlands since 1971. He has worked with film, video and photography as
well as installations. He is considered one of the pioneers of video art in
the Netherlands. In the early 70s while been a student at the Jan van Eyck
Academie in Maastricht he published Fandangos, one of the first artists
magazines in the world that included many of the Fluxus and conceptual
artist of that period.
In 1980 he produced a The Link his first, live, satellite, interactive
project connecting Manhattan Cable and Amsterdam cable television.
Since 1991 he has produced the Hoeksteen Live! (radio and television). He
lectures in universities and art academies in several European countries,
North and South America and contributes with artiucles and essays in
several special intrest magazines both hardcopy and on-line.
His work form part of public and private collections all over the world.
The gallery is open to the public from 10.00. to 22.00. on Saturday and
Sunday and by appoinment.
Opening: Friday September 25. 20.00. hours.
For more information please contact:
Gallery Aschenbach
Bilderdijkstraat 165c.
1053KP Amsterdam
The Netherlands.
Tel: + 31 20 6853580 Fax: + 31 20 6890009

   ................................................................... 03

    Von: (Kalina Bunevska)
  Datum: 23.09.98, 16:34:15
Betreff: SEAFair `98 corrected preliminary program

SEAFair `98

*V.R. - WWW - Net-Linked - CD Rom

Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
October 2 - 9, 1998


2nd October

06.00 p.m.- VIRTUAL AQUARIUM - Andras Negyuessy, Tomas Kovacs (presentation)
08.00 p.m.- Mark Dery (lecture)
10.00 p.m.- JUNCTION Skopje (promotion)
The 1997-1998 edition Syndicate Publication Series 002

3rd October

10.00 a.m. - 02.00 p.m.- 1. Syndicate Session:
Discussion about implementation of the various aspects of the new and
emerging media in Europe
04.00 p.m. - 06.30 p.m.-2. Syndicate Session:
European East - West exchange of ideas and
discussion about techniques for the communication within European
emerging electronic art & media scene
07.00 p.m.- Ryszard Kluszinsky (lecture)
08.30 p.m.- Martin Sperka (lecture)

4th October

09.00 a.m. - 12.00 a.m.- 3. Syndicate Session:
Ways and means of improving the study of the emerging arts and new
05.00 p.m.- Syndicate Presentations
08.00 p.m.- Lev Manovich (lecture)

5th October

06.30 p.m.- DEMEDUSATOR - Zoltan Szegedy - Maszak, Marton Fernez Elyi
08.00 p.m.- VIRTUAL MUSEUM SYSTEM - Van Gogh TV (presentation)

6th October

06.30 p.m.- CD & WEB Commercial Presentations
M. Spiroski, MEDIA INFORMATICS, Macedonian Culture & Art on the Internet
Web Sites (
08.00 p.m.- Nebojsa Vilic (lecture)
09.30 p.m. - REMOTE STORIES
- Fakeshop - SEAFair `98 Encounters [Nikola Velkov,
Aleksandar Zdravkovski, Stevan Saskov (Macedonia)  & Jeff Gompertez,
Eugene Thacker, Prema Murthy, Diane Ludin, Bruno Ricard, Ricardo
Dominguez (USA)]

7th October

07.00 p.m.- Exhibition of Iskra Dimitrova P.S. Wonderful Creates (CIX Gallery)

8th October

08.00 p.m.- Timothy Druckrey (lecture)

2nd - 9th October- REMOTE STORIES
- Web Casting
- Interviews
- Image Refresh
- Web - Direct

2nd- 9th October- WORKSHOP Virtual Museum System led by
Van Gogh TV

SEAFair `98 PROJESTS October 2 - 9

V.R. Projects

- Zoltan Szegedy - Maszak, Marton Fernez Elyi, DEMEDUSATOR

WWW Projects

- Diane Caney & Robin Petterd, IMAGINATIVE READING V, 1997,
- Annie Abrahams, BEING HUMAN,
- Igor Stromajer, b.ALT.ica, (
- Wendy Wissar, CODEBOX, (
- Jaka Zeleznikar, INTERAKTIVALIJA,
- Mindaugas Gapsevicius, DIARY,
- Francesca de Rimini, DOLLSPACE, (
- Tina LaPorta, TRACES, (http://wintermute/
- Merel Mirage, POEM NAVIGATOR,

Net-Linked Installations

- Andras Negyuessy, Tomas Kovacs, VIRTUAL AQUARIUM,

CD ROM Projects

- Kate Sparke Richerds, RED IRIS
- Vladimir Muzhesky, BASICRAY
- Norie Neumark, SHOCK IN THE EAR
- Sam De Silva, Jefreey Cook, METABODY

SEAFair `98 (


SCCA - Skopje
Address: ul. Orce Nikolov 109, 91000 Skopje
tel./fax: 389.91/133-541

Skopje Museum of Contemporary Art
Address: Samoilova bb, 91000 Skopje
tel. 389.91/117-734; 117-735


 S.Aljende b.b.
 tel.: 114 122
 singl room / price 40.00 DM
SCCA - Skopje has negotiated a special prize for
SEFair. Those of you coming for SEAFair may get this price.
 single room / price 40.00 DM
double room/ price 35 DEM per person

Other Hotels in town:

 Mosa Pijade br.2
 tel.: 114 466
 singl room / price 127.00 US$

 G.Salaj 11
 tel.: 115 051
 singl room / price 60.00 US$

 27 Mart b.b.
 tel.: 118 427
 singl room / price 95.00 US$

1 DEM = 30.97 denars
1 US$ =  52.07 denars

1 DEM = 31.70 denars
1 US$ = 54.60 denars

Komercijalna Banka
MasterCard may be used at the bancomats and everywhere in the commerce
(where accepted).
The middle rate of the National Bank of Macedonia is used. The card
cannot be used to cash in the Bank.

Stopanska Banka
VISA cards may be used to cash in at all of the branches of the Bank (until
19:00 hrs) with
an authorization.
Bank charges 200 denars for the service.

DE LUXEtel. 918   price. 10 den. per km
KOMMAK KOMERC tel. 9193price. 12 den. per km
BEL MERCEDES tel. 9183price. 13 den. per km
PULSAR tel. 9197  price. 13 den. per km

Approximate Prices for drinks in Cafes in Skopje:

Soft drinks
Coke, Fanta, 50 denars
Orange juice50 - 80 denars

Turkish30 - 40 denars
Espresso30 - 50 denars
Cappuccino60 - 80 denars
Ness Cafe80 - 100 denars

Beer50 - 80 denars

Wine:1l200 - 300 denars

Rakija30 - 60 denars
Whisky100 - 200 denars
Vodka50 - 100 denars
Cognac120 - 250 denars
Brandy50 - 80 denars
Vinjak50 denars

Greetings from Skopje,

Kalina Bunevska
Vusual Arts Program Coordinator
SCCA - Skopje

   ................................................................... 04

    Von: (Klaas Glenewinkel)
  Datum: 23.09.98, 17:52:45
Betreff: Wahl98 und Kulturserver

Kulturservermitteilung zur Wahl 98

Schlingensief interaktiv -
CHANCE 2000 - der Wahlwahnsinn im Internet
Performance, Erweckung, Agitation digital

Absolute Weltpremiere:
Gemeinsam mit Kulturserver TV ( der Wahlkampf , der
Partei der letzten Chance ab Freitag, dem 25.9. live mit Bild und Ton im
Internet uebertragen. Zuschauer koennen so direkt und live ueber das
Internet am Wahlspektakel teilnehmen.

Waehrend der Wahlkampfshow am Freitag, den 25.9. im Ballhof in Hannover und
der grossen Wahlparty am 27.9.  in der Volksbuehne, Berlin wird jeder der
ueber einen Internetzugang verfuegt die Moeglichkeit haben, sich die
Veranstaltung live (, emails an das Kabinett
zu schicken, und mit Christoph Schlingensief und dem Chancen 2000 Ensemble
im chat zu diskutierenn. Zahlreiche Prominente werden sich live uebers
Internet dazuschalten.

Die Sendungen werden archiviert und sind somit jederzeit abrufbar.

Fernseh-und Radiosender koennen das Audio.und Videosignal live vom
kulturserver uebernehmen und die Wahlkampfshows uebertragen.
Der Chat kann zusaetzlich von Fernsehsendern live uebertragen werden.Dafuer
hat das Ponton European Media Art Lab eigens eine spezielle MAske
entwickelt, die live aus dem Internet uebernommen werden kann.

Termine in
25.9., 20:00h live aus dem Ballhof, Hannover
25.9., 19:30h live aus der Volksbuehne, berlin

Klaas Glenewinkel
* *
Ponton European Media Art Lab
Lister Str.6
30163 Hannover
Tel:0049 511 627032
Fax:0049 511 621799

   ................................................................... 05

To: (Recipient list suppressed)
From: micz flor <>
Subject: Revolting Media ONLINE
Mime-Version: 1.0
Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 01:18:18 +0100
X-MIME-Autoconverted: from quoted-printable to 8bit by
id DAA03412
X-POP-Info: 00004141 00000124
X-UID: 19
Status: RO


Revolting is finished... offline... we have been putting together
the online archive over the past few days. click and enjoy, communicate,
educate, organise. the media archive contains about 10 hours of (mainly)
audio material for your plesure and enlightenment (not to be mistaken
with human progress!). find a complete listing below and the URL above.
(in order of inverted apearance)...

      full listing:

        What About Communication Guerrilla ?
                [ x ] autonome a.f.r.i.k.a. gruppe, L. Blissett, S. Bruenzels

        Die Kunst
                [ x ] live...

        luxus cont.
                [ x ] volte-face

        Redundant Technology Initiative
                [ x ] RTI on RTI
                [ x ] RTI on ASCII art
                [ x ] RTI on the subject matter of their installation
                (we apologise for the poor sound quality, but the
                installation involving twenty nine 286 machines seems
                to have caused the buzzing on the recording...)

        Revolting the Museum
                [ x ] Museum Of Modern Strategy (presentation)

                [ x ] Domizil (sounds from the infopool, host: Marcus Maeder)
                [ x ] K3000 on kombirama and the future of K3000
                [ x ] art and the administrative production of strategies
                [ x ] Shedhalle Zürich at T-Time

        Teens Talk Revolution
                [ x ] Jamika Ajalon (presentation)

                [ x ] soap around the world (presentation)

        5.Sep.98 ---== evening ==---
                [ x ] turn-table-set by Natascha SadrHaghighian

        convex tv.
                [ x ] manchester swap back according to noon
                [ x ] Richard Barbrook - Digital Artisans in progress

        Florian Zeyfang
                [ x ] Soft, Warm And Secluded

        Hypermedia Research Centre
                [ x ] The Digital Artisan

        Geert Lovink
                [ x ] Sustainable Models for Cyberculture? (talk)

        Black Multimedia Arts Collective
                [ x ] Introduction to BMAC Screening

        DeepDish TV
                [ x ] DeeDee Halleck talks about Communitites in Space...
                      the origin of DeepDish TV and Papertiger TV

        Bureau of Inverse Technology
                [ x ] Bitplane (presentation)

        revolting FM 106.5FM
                [ x ] revoltingFM.sample mit DeeDee, Dimitrij and DJ Geert

        Electronic Pulse System
                [ x ] Ricardo Dominguez talks about
                      Electronic Civil Disobedience, the Critical Art
                      Ensemble and the Zapatista Floodnet

        Poets Get Paid
                [ x ] ----== performance
                [ x ] powercut
                [ x ] this twisted love

        Black Arts Alliance
                [ x ] BAA revolting Workshop
                [ x ] Jowonio Productions Performance

                Performance Group BAZA (Novi Sad) & Aleksandar Davic
                [ x ] Part I
                [ x ] Part II
                [ x ] Part III

Micz Flor []


   ................................................................... 06

Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 08:04:46 -0400
From: Phil Landon <>
Subject: conference announcement

From: kearney <>



Technological Visions: Utopian and Dystopian Perspectives

A USC Annenberg Center for Communication convened by the Annenberg Schools
for Communication, University of Southern California and the University of

November 6 and 7, 1998
Davidson Conference Center, University of Southern California

Technological Visions: Utopian and Dystopian Perspectives will bring
together journalists, academics, cyberculture advocates, policymakers, and
science fiction visionaries to examine how technologies have been envisioned
throughout history and the social impact of new technologies.  The
conference will explore ways of considering contemporary new technologies in
light of how new technologies were represented and debated in the past. It
intends to address the ahistorical nature of the public discourse of new
technology and to encourage discussion across the boundaries of the social
realms of academic, media, and industry on the impact of new technologies.

Sherry Turkle, Professor of Sociology of Science at MIT and author of Life
on the Screen will give the keynote speech:  Are the discourses surrounding
the Internet a better guide to social action than those formulated in the
early days of "old" technologies?  Have we learned anything from the
successes and failures of past attempts to predict what technology will do
for us and to us?


The Problems and Potentials of Prediction
Privacy and Censorship
Communities of Place and Cyberspace
Media Discourse on New Technology
Technological Visions

Confirmed Participants:

John Perry Barlow, Lord Asa Briggs, Richard Chabran, Bob Cringely, Wendy
Grossman, Katie Hafner, Larry Irving, Peter Lyman, Carolyn Marvin, David
Nye, Mitchel Resnick, Romelia Salinas, Vivian Sobchack, Lynn Spigel, Sherry
Turkle, Langdon Winner, Philip Zimmermann

Conference Organizers:  Sandra Ball-Rokeach, Marita Sturken, Douglas Thomas,
Annenberg School for Communication

Conference Information:
The conference is free and open to the public.  It will be held at the
Davidson Conference Center on the USC campus in downtown Los Angeles.  The
conference proceedings will be simulcast on the Metamorphosis web site.

For further information and updated schedules:

For more information, contact:
Douglas Thomas
(213) 740-3937

Marita Sturken
(213) 740-3950

   ................................................................... 07

    Von: ()
  Datum: 25.09.98, 20:40:25
Betreff: UnDo.Net News!

Undo.Net Reportages:
pictures and reports from Artissima 98 and surroundigs

On line the first pictures from Tourin Modern & contemporarty Art
Exhibition. Undo.Net will follow the event with everyday connections,
publishing images from Artissima 98 and from the most important exhibitions
in the neighbourhood. Keep in touch.

Next appointment with reportages is following Milan Art Days. Form
the 6th October  live from vernissages and and galleries untill midnight.
In partnership with Artshow.

And don't forget  "Ora per Ora" . In this project , a group of artist -
partecipant to th exhibition mostra "La Coscienza Luccicante: dalla
videoarte all'arte interattiva"at  the Palazzo delle
Esposizioni di Roma - is describing their day.
Every single artist has the possibility to publish what he's doing every
hour of the day. That's a peculiar  way to understand the relationship
between our everyday life and the contemporary artist production.

   ................................................................... 08

Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:34:45 +0200
From: Martin Wolf <>
Subject: for announcer

12.Stuttgarter Filmwinter 14.-17.1.1999

Deadline for applications to the competitions/
Einsendeschluß für Wettbewerbsbeiträge:

               1.10.1998 (few days later o.k.)


Wand 5 e.V., a non-profit organisation promoting independent film and
media culture, invites artists to present their work on Super 8, 16mm, 35mm,
video, CD-rom, and via internet/www.

Information and entry form @

Special recommendation:

State Capital Stuttgart Award for New Media

This award, endowed with DEM 2,000 goes to an independently produced
artistic work on CD-rom or a project in the internet/www.

Further prizes and honorary awards.


12th Stuttgart Filmwinter:

Short Fiction, Experimental, Documentary, Animation, Video Art,
CD-rom, Internet, Installations, Exhibitions, Expanded Cinema

The Stuttgart Filmwinter is among the outstanding events in the area of
shortfilm and experimental film, as well as new media. In spite of the
very good public response and an opulent framework, the
communication of artists and audience is the most important
intention of the Stuttgart Filmwinter.
Last festival, by awarding for the first time the International
Domnick-Scholarship Award for Experimental Film endowed with
DEM 20,000 (winner: Karl Kels, Frankfurt a.M.) and with a detailed
retrospective of the French artistic film, we demonstrated the vitality
the genre of experimental film, whereas in the area of multimedia
with high-quality lectures and presentations we ranged between
game and architecture. At the forthcoming festival we will pick out
as a central theme among others, the direct interactions of the various

In the process we strive - same procedure as every year - for the
realization of our long-standing utopia, to connect theory and
practice, avantgarde and pop, media criticism and media euphoria.

The 12th Stuttgart Filmwinter: four days of successful failure, of
pleasant effort and of the harmonious confrontation on all

Wand 5 e.V. - Verein zur Förderung unabhängiger Film- und Medienkultur
Stuttgarter Filmwinter

Filmhaus Stuttgart
70174 Stuttgart

Tel.: +49-711-2269160
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