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<nettime> cat gut n cables

A cat-gut figure [mz cat gut to=20
u] is stretch-suspended  in a=20
cabled web that holds her=20
staticstill.....3 figores are=20
tri-siamese-stitched in2 her=20
blood body....

    my longing=20
              in2 lust=20
             code and=20
          dream of=20
     bodies wet=20

figore 1 [[brown haired ceaser=20
haircut man with=20
flitterjitter blue backed=20
stare]] is wired breastdirect=20
via a frayed line connection to=20
mz cat gut.....

figore 1 isn't 2 happy about=20
this apparently, and wants the=20
hole wired whore world to=20
know...he's scraped words of=20
slag and bitch worth on his=20
connect cut gut cable. these=20
bitten letters etch their=20
copper presence into mz cat=20
gut's already brusied side.

               <<<i eat=20
                               scar fruit=20

figore 2 indulges his whim of=20
wait and want; he has=20
previously played tag and run &=20
cat gut n mouse with his=20
hollowed tubonic line.  This=20
time, however, he lets Mz c g do=20
all the work while he whores=20
his macho wares in a=20
pooltabled corner...twinned=20
tubes stretch from his head=20
and groin 2 mz cat's=20
mousemouth and cutcunt. She=20
fleshsips and laps and he=20
drinks too.

   <<<I ache to=20
               taste some=20

Figore 3 stands reed straight=20
and glaringly stares at mz c g's=20
predicament without budging. =20
he is connected via the=20
thinnest of threads;=20
his invisible fishing lust lines=20
snap and snatch into her eyes=20
and hands; her pores and ducts.=20
figore 3 [[with broken retinas=20
of palest blue and stone]]=20
reaches one right cabled hand=20
forward, breaking connect-cut-=20
and-cables as he goes, and=20
twin-intact staples them=20
together then when his=20
felsgbod has swivelled past.=20

       <<<i watch=20
      figoreboy =20
             bend and not=20
                 beside my=20


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