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<nettime> nettime book news

dear nettimers,

as you've probably noticed, traffic on the list is surging--
partly (but only partly) as a result of efforts to consoplidate
zkp5, the next nettime publication. about a dozen section editors
and copy editors are collecting and integrating material: some
has appeared on the list since the publication of zkp4 last year,
but much of it is fresh.

after a small production meeting in masterdam and a bigger one
at ars electronica in linz, most of the basic plans have been
established: editorial decisions, production methods, design,
financing, printing, distribution--a press conference at the
Waag in Amsterdam 17 november and a presentation at DEAF,
the V2 festival, in rotterdam on 19 november. obviously, if you
can make it, come! if not, keep an eye on the Next Five Minutes
conference in Amsterdam next March.)

the book--around 500 pages--will go to the printer on 16 October
and a *huge* amount of work has to be done before then. but a huge
amount is still possible in the next 6 weeks, so feel free to send
texts, articles, artworks, notes, favorite threads, greatest hits,
gossip, words for the glossary, etc. to the addresses listed below.
obviously, the book can't include *everything*, but the editors
aim to include as much as possible.

this is *not* the 'ultimate nettime anthology,' or the 'bible,'
as was first proposed at the Budapest MetaForum III in october 1996.
nor is it zkp4, the newspaper produced for Beauty and the East
in ljubljana, may 1997. instead, it's something new again: most of
all an effort to 'port' the work of nettimers (or not!) to a wider,
different audience in different formats (PDFs of the book's various
sections will be available too, for printing, copying)


     bios@nettime.khm.de      <- author bios, interesting bios

     snails@nettime.khm.de    <- snail-mail addresses for a free
                                 copy of the book to all contributors

     panic@nettime.khm.de     <- when all else fails...

     glossary@nettime.khm.de  <- glossary words

     editors@nettime.khm.de   <- text submissions

     fillers@khm.de           <- tiny texts, epigrams, direct hits,
                                 epiphanies, slogans, etc.

     nettime-images@waag.org  <- images, artworks
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