Rinaldo Rasa on Sun, 20 Sep 1998 01:49:24 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Not Frequent Asked Question

WHO is really the owner of the subterranean-mailing list?
I am subscribed to few mailing list. I sent a message to
add my name than i receive messages and I am able to send
message. BEFORE today I never keep in mind to ask who pays
this service. OK someone can tell me that are the University
as for the Beat-L of Bill Gargan. AN ENTITY hosts our
letters and create a virtual group of persons all around the
world. BUT what happens? The list-owner (who nobody of the
subscribers have elected) can one day to shut-down the list
as happened to the Beat-L (Mailing List of the Beat Generation).
None of the people who thru the list posted his thoughts and
lifetime are advised. THIS is a form of despotism or you can
also called feudalism on the NET. If the group of people that
shared his scolarity, his points of view, etc after all may
be respected as the LISTOWNER (him/her)self. This's a democratic
rule of a democratic society on the net. My problem or question
is who PAY for the service we have? Is the LISTOWNER maybe to
be a journalist professional or an Internet wizard. IT's possible
to take turns to manage a mailing list? There's a minority of
people who have the power to keep alive or dead on the list and
this people aren't democratic elected. For years this was a little
trouble that whirled in my mind. I think that in the Subterraneans
Mailing List it's possible to have a discussion about the role
playing to the subscribers (us) in the mannagement of our
favourite cybercommunity. MAYBE this question is a bit naif,
I admitt. . .

greetings, rinaldo.
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