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<nettime> yet another zkp5 call: history and historiography

Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 14:34:58 -0400
From: t byfield <tbyfield@panix.com>
To: Edward Byfield <tbyfield@panix.com>
Subject: yet another zkp5 call: history and historiography

Appropriately enough, the zkp5 section straggling behind the
rest is History and Historiography: essays, meditations, and
remarks on what happened, what might happen, what might have
happened, what it meant, what it means, and what it might or
might not come to mean. Anything goes, from raw network traf-
fic to magisterial these of the philosophy of history. A few
things to think about:

     * similarities and differences
          - precedents and genealogies (dead media, telephony, etc.)
          - parallels (1000/2000, imperialism, early/late modernism)
          - forms (segments, waves, cycles, singularities, mirrors)
          - a priori / a posteriori / post hoc ergo propter hoc

     * continuities and discontinuities
          - before / during / after
          - here / there / nowhere / everywhere / anywhere
          - synchronous / asynchronous
          - coextensive / overlapping / divided / distributed
          - periodicity (ages, aeons, eras, etc.)
          - inside / outside / in-between / on the edge
          - center / orbit / line / tangent
          - input / output / throughput

     * 'hard' positivism and 'soft' subjectivism
          - empirical data (logs, lists, footprints, fingerprints)
          - syntheses (summaries, visualizations, filters, archives)
          - individual, group, crowd, community, population
          - authority, authenticity, integrity
          - interpretation, criticism, prejudice, adjudication
     * events and processes
          - anomaly, eruption, transformation, evolution, devolution
          - child, parent, chron, spawn, zombie
          - expansion, contraction, correction (boom, bang, bust, bubble)
          - long, short, early, late, just in time, waiting to happen

     * narratives and not
          - 1st-, 2d-, 3d-, ...-hand accounts
          - signal, noise, information, simplification, degradation
          - assumptions, illusions, delusions, corruptions
          - rumors, trolls, misinformation, disinformation
          - filter, score (bozo, plonk, kill)
          - access denied, 404, denial of services, NO CARRIER
          - winners, losers, innocent bystanders

     * time and space
          - the good old/new days (utopias, dystopias)
          - first, second, third, fourth world/estate
          - dustbin, /dev/null
          - secrets, time capsules, ruins (BBs, gopher, 2senet)
          - unerase, backup, find, grep, discover, recover
     * etc., etc. etc.

Send your good, bad, and ugly essays, texts, stories, facts, 
fabrications, theories, lists, scraps, diagrams, charts, etc.

TO:       tbyfield@panix.com


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