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Re: <nettime> book/zkp5 artist pages Van Belle,]

Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 18:44:12 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Guy Van Belle <>
Subject: Re: <nettime> nettime book/zkp5 artist pages

proletarian nettimers unite!

O, now that this mysterious zkp5 boyscout club has finished the Major
contributions, they want the fake flair of temporal media to be added 
- the masses can join in - I thought this was a discussion list and not 
an academsick paper robot, but I am forgiving: we all have to earn
a living or deserve our stripes in the poseur grand war !

> on behalf of a relatively disorganized group of people, i would like to
> invite everyone to contribute a work to zkp5, which IN THE PAST has been
> referred to as the 'nettime bible.' we expect that the book will be ~500
> pages, so there's room to play; unlike the text that will make up most of
I heard the commanders had a separate list to fight their arguments
secretly, and of course the quality of the list was too low for our
highnesses' quarrels. How long ago since we have heard of you, and what
are the actual plans with the netdum bible? Is there something on free
speech, cyber democracy, etc we can contribute to? This whole net damn
bubble thing is exactly the way we don't want to be treated and why a
some of us are subscribed to a discussion list! c'mon!

> the book and be gath- ered together into thematic sections, these pieces
> will be dis- tributed throughout the book. our hope is that each
> contributor will have enough room in his/her/their 'minisection' to
> present something substantial (complex, narrative, whatever you want)--
> rather than a work that ends up 'decorating' a text. 
substantial o ho this is perverse, why don't you get some 7-11 ascii, and
blow it up to super-dpi, print on glossy paper please! why don't you
invite a couple of renowned artists who have never contributed to nettime
and don't even have an email account. Guess some people were invited to
comment, NOT publicly via the list, which shows the nature of this buck

> calin dan <> will be in charge of this material
> but he's in romania right now, so i'm sending this out for him.
> he'll let you all know when he's back.
so you are telling us we get exactly 4 days to come up with our
contributions, and the guy we have to send it to isn't even checking his
mailbox? this is hilarious!

> WHAT:     * up to 5 pages
>           * black and white art (grayscale OK)
>           * ~15 cm x 23 cm (the book's dimensions aren't definite,
>              so please allow for a bit of play around the edges)
>           * image files are preferable (pict, tif, gif, jpeg, eps,
>              etc.), but we can handle Quark, Illustrator, Freehand,
>              if necessary
now digitalos have to conform to the printed press! I thought we were in
this medium for something else, instead of delivering prepress stylish
arty suckingpig shit!

> WHEN:     * ASAP! (when else?) by 20 Sept, if possible
Are you out of you mind! The guruz had months to fake the nettime-to-book
mutation and the crowd gets exactly 4 days! Go away, and piss a painting!
I don't need Quark, Illustrator, Freehand,... Just give me the fancy cover
to piss on. If Warhol could do it on copper plates I can do it on
1000 golden shiny bibles!

> if you have any questions--general or technical (about printing etc.)--
> please send them to me for now, ted byfield <>.
this is all a big laugh in the face of anybody who has been around for
years on nettime, hope you are aware of that and I hope that some other
people feel the same about it, & re: 

> cheers,
> ted
nothing personal to ted, but I guess I am allowed to be angry when
I see a qualitative initiative being hijacked by a few to serve their own

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Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 20:05:38 -0500 (CDT)
Subject:  Re: <nettime> nettime book/zkp5 pozer pages


(.5+ b)cos()

>here are the facts:

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kataztrof! theor+e 

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