jenny surge on Wed, 16 Sep 1998 16:25:06 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> it is drunkenness

The word is spelled drunkenness.  Maybe you were drunk when you wrote

When you speak of drunkenness you speak of elation a "sur-conscious mix",
"restless culture" and a "convoluted happening called lifetime".  It seems
you are intent on a way out and around the close down, the scattered
skepticism; this century's mal-aftertaste.  You ask we discontinue
romanticism while you concurrently beg a poetic embrace of the Modernism's
fallout.  A reclamation of the spiritual or would you say new relations
with operators at the psychic level?  Would you call this progress or
would you call this simply update? 

I consider progress as steeped historical and rational.  I consider update
more of a happening more ahistorical.  More suited to misunderstandings. 

I think of technology as a lucid and single-minded series of diversions. 
It is truly odd to consider a callout for drunkenness via a medium so
sober as the internet. 

Your text falls apart.  It is full of holes.  Is this exposure?  Is this a
haphazard transmission that simply suggests we are one though collective
dissonance?  Is this your point?  If so then I would hope for more.  I
would demand more than what I consider to be your forced comfort in
futility of gesture.  "There are places on the other sides of here..."
Then where are those places or have I asked the simpleminded question and
should instead be comforted by the un-knowing and reliability of these

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