cary peppermint on Sat, 12 Sep 1998 21:40:54 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> drunkeness

1:10 am and feeling drunk.  to be drunk your entire life... now there is a
way to go around never to endure through. to go wise and around; call it
circumvention.  i am elated tonight.  elation is best understood as a sort
of sur-conscious mix.  how to "throw it" way above standard.  to "throw it"
way above status-quo.  mediocrity is currently a placement called
multicultural.  there is no revolution.  moreover and at best we must
divorce that which capital has installed as effervescent..  from here
forward possibly we should seek a "restless culture".  a problematic
existence.  a nix to purpose and all-inclusion.  a definitive exclusion and
purposelessness.  anti-incorporation.  to each his own owning.  give into
the difference.  let us not eat in mis-understanding; the experience of
bath in exotisism e.g.,fine cuisines and obvious bright objects the easy
access of culture consumable.

((forgive me please for am foregoing reason, logic, rational and submitting
an exposure/transmission: certain only in dissolving.  we are beautiful
because we do not last and so what follows here is beautiful and thin; so
easy to tear apart.  please do not tear me apart.))

apex:  i must now serve disclaimer to notions that the following may
suggest romantic.  i would like to please discontinue romantic starting
now...  romantic is a pre-occumpation with drama. drama is the selfish
discourse of nostalgia.  tonight i reject proust; a tongue that long ago
served notice of "was" and so capped and effectively so...  to bask in our
own formative reason is weak and best left to postcards the always
profitable fashion of "retro".

listen:  now we may sit comfortably "without" or rather on the other sides
of was.  tonight let us be away from spent and more ever and toward "a
standing presence" a realization and development of potential reached.  i
do not mean here to mask with poetry a sort of vanity or rather and at less
obscurity of assured self knowing.  tonight i am drunk and so please
forgive these suggestions of knowing and of moving around and toward
mockery of the symbolic.

how far we travel in america.  (all i know is america)  how far we discord
essence its simple gesture; forsaken for hype and the mindless volume of
capital.  forsaken in privy of that primitive action: the once and
definitive complaint that "mortality does not hold us" as long as we wish
to be held and so thereafter the stike-out repulse, the over-production.
the "ever-posture" of man against "when and never done"  call it
technology. human should and rather be within and for while retaining and
exclusive without.

post-text: tonight to each their understanding and the friction within.  no
harmonious deception that experience would lull... rather something that
moves beyond the fiction of lifetime.  replaces faith and sickening
morality with art: a sure dismantling or re-orientation of given.  all is
not as we thought it was.  all is not as though we thought it could be.
beautiful anything.  beautiful night.  drunkeness.


cary peppermint

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