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<nettime> Re: there's a beat fascism?

>Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 16:59:42 +0200
>From: Nicolas Scharnagl <nicolas_scharnagl@wdr.com>
>Organization: IT FSM EQ - Warburg Dillon Read
>Subject: Re: <nettime> there's a beat fascism?
>so what do you think fit's better the peace loving people ?
>a little island in the ocean with a french government ?
>(it's not to refuse your argument , just would like to find out your
>what you affirm) 
>> A small country w/out a government, is the ideal of a beat life to come in
>> contact to the nature? This is a Fascist Ideal, I am afraid. Too much
>> authors quoted in Jack Kerouac's work are representative of
>> antiegalitarianism thought (Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Spengler, Heidegger
>> etc.)
>From: tom9351@iperbole.bologna.it
>Date: Wed, 09 Sep 1998 13:15:04 +0200
>Subject: fascismo beat
>Impressionante. E' un discorso molto simile a quello che ho fatto due
>giorni fa ad alcuni amici troppo tolleranti verso certo fricchettonismo
>palesemente reazionario.
>Sono d'accordo con te al cento per cento.
>"Disobbedienza civile elettronica"

dear friends, some of the topic, has begun when someone said a phrase like
"fuck the bomb" and some opinions about the relevance of the massacre of
human beings cos of the H Bomb in august 1945 in Japan. I dont say that an
island is a shelter for the beats, on the contrary! I'm surprised that not
much beat are really concerned by the problem of the extermination we are
livin' on in western society. i remember the Strangelove atmosphere in
early 1960s (was 1963?) when i was teen and Kennedy stopped the Atomic War
at the last moment. It was really a nightmare! 30 year later in the Gulf
War I was 40 years old and have had a regression to the danger and tin
surface where we are living. When thru satellites the missiles where
televised i realized that the planet were on the edge of ruin. Why in the
60s' we loved the beat? Why today, as stated time ago, in a rock concert
the name of KEROUAC have a standig ovation? We need to dig the political
side of the beat experience. To be sincere some beats havent do military
service and other like Hunke and Ferlinghetti were in landing force in
Normandie during the WWII. So there's some pacifism background _but_ on
the other hand they dont contribute to the struggle against the
Nazi-Fascism. this is a point to analyse. Allen Ginsberg was charged to be
communist, but in his works never noticed any reference to the communism
(despite Kral Majales). The only one that gave his way to AG was Kerouac
called him Carlo Marx (though only in the novel _On the Road_) as alias.
The Buddhism or OM (in opinion of Ginsberg AH) was in the 60s' and 70s' a
regressive trend, following the high times losing the social engagement.
In Italy & other countries the overexposure to political conter cultural
movement (Roote Armee Fraktion, Red Brigades, etc) the beat was a border
(the shadow line) gave to the beats a big fortune. Today Kerouac is a
classic writer and often him works are in the billboard of pocket book, to
do aout of spite. for istance the last reprinted book _Satori in Paris_
have this title but no connection with anything about buddhism. the titled
is an acceptance of a latest industrial cultural fashion (in the 60s').
Kerouac for himself wasnt buddhist. Other beats on the contrary have
chosen this way withdrawed into oneself placing oneself in both side
individualism & social approval (in one word a conformist). Great writers,
great painters but the beats have a responsibility to the people & from
this point of view i see a failure. I'm speaking about artists that i
love, but the corner arent brighten. of course the defence of Tibetan or
another ppl is a right. the Tibetan however arent living in Antarctica or
in Patagonia, why this tibetan ppl is so publicized? do we have completly
forgotten what the Ayathollah became when gone to government? Oppressed
ppl in first base, then oppressors. I do not want to say that is the
future of a teological state, maybe the buddhism tibetan shall be the
exception to the history (but i have doubts about). the religious
statements are, in my humble opinion, a good starting point to a full
totalitarism. remember that the leadership dont have the ppl as reference
but an entity (god, nature) and worst of all the separation among the
people sexually motivated. And not to be cinic whanever a poor people have
to won the state power, i bet that in the whole world there are million of
persons very poor that never have the spot of the international media. 


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