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<nettime> Creating electronic art with electronic art

This is no spam, no advertisement, no commercial. I came across this
program while surfing the web and thought it to weird to be true. So it
might as well be something for Nettimers;-)

In short: I found the coolest HTML editing tool I've ever seen. It looks
great, makes good music and it is made in director. The program is called
the web-O-Tron Layoutomatic. In fact it is both a game and a lay-out

Because of that, it really presents the experience of creating a webpage
without being drawn into the technical side of it, it brings the feeling
of creativity instead. At this moment one can only create templates with
this program, but they look good. It is not something that can be compared
to Microsoft programs like 'my homepage' or any of that shit.  It's
creating electronic art with electronic art

The developper promises to make more programs like this, and I think such
projects need some encouragement. 

The title of the homepage: 1A Welcome to the Dario Gibellini -Web-o-Tron
Pages. The fantastic Layout-Finding-Tool! Free Download! You have NO idea
about a cool Web HTML layout. NO PROBLEM! The Web-o-Tron Layout-o-Matic
finds a cool HTML layout for you! 

the adress:

Jeroen Goulooze

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