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<nettime> We Are All Becoming Cyborgs - feedback

{I received the following after posting Ferenc Komlodi's interview with
Douglass Rushkoff. Sorry to report that I misplaced Rushkoff's response
with some minor corrections to the text. I'm surprised that no women
responded to Rushkoff's remarks on how we don't need the technology -
either he is right or the rest of us are just to busy to take notice! ~d }

From: markdery@well.com
Subject: Re:  <nettime> We're all becoming cyborgs--or not? Rushkoff
interviewed by Ferenc Komlodi

This is surely the limit case for wetbrained neo-biological drivel.  I
thought Rushkoff had foresworn his Barlovian blather about the "Gaian
biosphere" attaining sentience---at least he sounded that way in our FEED
roundtable, where he peppered his suck-and-blow sermons with obeisances to
social responsibility and civic life.  Breathes there a soul, in Hungary
or elsewhere, who can swallow this cloying mix of Smiley-face futurism and
Harmonic Convergence without gagging?  Truly a moment where memetics meets


M. Dery


By all means, feel free to re-post this.

From: Molnar Daniel <b2men@biocom.bio.u-szeged.hu>
Subject: Re: <nettime> We're all becoming cyborgs--or not? Rushkoff

i'm always getting embarrassed to see such an old piece of sh*t running
around and writing ***** thingies. revolution needed. it's time to wake up
for us.


From: Cultimo <jeroen-g@bigfoot.com>
Subject: Re: <nettime> We're all becoming cyborgs--or not? Rushkoff

Could it be interesting to write a history of the idea of a
meta-evolution in which man and machine merge, starting with people like
William Burroughs? (And no doubt there will be 19th century writers as

Jeroen Goulooze

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