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Re: <nettime> algorithms for dance

Quite interesting! Algorithms (whether or not they were called that) have
been widely used in music composition since (at least) the 1960s. [Come to
think of it, a group of us spent an all-nighter in the Rutgers computer
center some 20 years ago working on cracking the algoritmm for Bach's
"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring".]

You might look at the writings at compositions of Phillip Corner, Daniel
Goode, Barbara Benary, Steve Reich, Charles Wuorinen, Pauline Oliveros
(especially her book "Software for People", available from
<>) and others.

Most of the work that I compose for the ensemble Comma
<> is made up of objects or modules, with
materials and structures for performance. We frequently mix and match
these in improvisations, creating new works as we go along. (For example,
in a performance last Saturday at the Ruthless Grip Arts Project in
Washington DC, two of us found ourselves performing "Threads and Facets"
while the third improvised in a way not previous named above it.)

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