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Coke Day Prank Fizzles for Student

Filed at 12:31 p.m. EST

By The Associated Press

EVANS, Ga. (AP) -- It's the real thing all right -- suspension. 

High school senior Mike Cameron is serving a one-day suspension today
for wearing a Pepsi shirt on Coke Day, an event school officials
crafted in an attempt to win a $500 contest run by the Coca-Cola
Bottling Co.

The boy was showing disrespect to guests -- the Coke executives who
had flown in for the day Friday, Greenbrier High School's principal

"I know it sounds bad -- 'Child suspended for wearing Pepsi shirt on
Coke Day,'" principal Gloria Hamilton said. "It really would have
been acceptable ... if it had just been in-house, but we had the
regional president here and people flew in from Atlanta to do us the
honor of being resource speakers. These students knew we had guests."

Cameron, 19, said he wore the Pepsi logo as a joke. "That's my
personality," he said. "I don't like to follow the trend of everyone

Mrs. Hamilton said Cameron also ruined a school picture, a violation
that has drawn six-day suspensions in the past. Cameron said he didn't
know a picture was planned.

The Coke-themed day was part of an effort to win the contest. The
award will go to the school that comes up with the best method of
distributing promotional discount cards to students.

School officials also integrated Coke into class instruction for the
day, invited Coke executives from Atlanta headquarters 100 miles away
as speakers and gathered students outside to spell "Coke" for the

Cameron said no one asked him to remove the Pepsi shirt, and he
changed into the Coke shirt later in the day. After he changed, he
said, assistant principal Michael Kennedy took him out of class and
asked if he'd been wearing a Pepsi shirt.

When Cameron said he had, he was taken to the principal's office and
given a one-day suspension.

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