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<nettime> Correction, pgMedia/Name.Space Replies to Paul Vixie

      In the excerpt from pgMedia's Ex Parte letter to NTIA,
      included in the reply to Paul Vixie's statements in the
      May Cook Report, one of Mr. Vixie's replies was not
      properly cited and it could be misconstrued to be
      the the position of pgMedia, which it is not.

>Ex parte Excerpt No. 11:

>E. Even if transitional limits are believed necessary, the US
>government should not (and cannot, per section IV) sanction any system
>that does not allow unlimited competition for gTLDs
>1.Green Paper's "first-come, first-served" approach to the 5 new gTLD
>registries is unworkable and foolish

>>Vixie Comment:

>>that is certainly true.  the IAHC plan should go forward and Ira Magaziner
>>>>should stop trying to invent from behind.

For the record,

Paul Garrin
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