Osterhase on Sat, 11 Apr 1998 04:28:06 +0200 (MET DST)

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Operation Osterhase

Back to the Future, or The BBS Strikes Back!
†† http://www.thing.net

†† Parts of the universe disappear, empires fall, presidents
†† get caught, web sites get de-funded, but The Thing
†† goes on!

†† Yes, the new and improved ThingConnector 3.0 BBS is
†† here!† Our in-house developed "community server/
†† messaging" software caters to all your dubious needs
†† for realtime communication, as well as messaging in 
†† all the new ThingThreads, like Radar, Nettime, 
†† Rainer's Reading Seminar,† Almost (A)Live from LA, 
†† InfoWar, and Thingist.

†† If that isnít enough clicks for your digital needs,
†† check out ThingAudio!† 24 hrs of non-stop fun with
†† the extra crunchy noise of MaxOut and The Wolfman!
†† On ThingVideo: Thom Merrick's "Road Works" and
†† a triple feature by Vanessa Beecroft. Plus, a boat
†† load of oldies, but goodies, in the RamArchive.

†† ThingReview continues its tradition of peeking
†† under the blankets of art stuff, culture waves,
†† new media, and whatever else happens to cross
†† under our nose. Written by the likes of Dike
†† Blair, Keith Sanborn, Stephan Pascher, Robbin Murphy,
†† Diane Ludin, Arfus Greenwood, Ricardo Dominguez,
†† Alex Galloway, Kelly Hashimoto, and a host of
†† other suspects.

†† Make sure to drift by the current ThingProject
†† by Vanessa Beecroft! Then, premiering in May,
†† a new project by Yoshi Sodeoka, the former
†† art director mastermind behind "Word."

†† ThingMinds Over Money!† Membership to
†† THE THING is FREE! Just register with
†† your name and instantly become a member
†† of The Thing community!

†† Now a brief commercial interruption: ThingGold!

†† A special offer you can find under the section [services].

†† Here you can subscribe online for a thing.net email account
†† plus a 5-meg home page for just $75/year!

†† For New Yorkers, thing.net is also offering 2 months of
†† FREE dial-up service, if you move your current account
†† from a 212 or 718 ISP to thing.net.† Another month off,
†† if you bring in a friend!

†† So, donít complain anymore, that you donít have
†† anywhere to go!† Come by and sit a spell, have a
†† drink, and BBS your way somewhere!

†† Over and Out,
†† Lt. Crack, aka Osterhase

†† http://www.thing.net