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An Invitation to Join the IDIO-AUDIO Mailing List.

Join Toronto's most vital electronic community for supporters and
creators of Independent Culture: 

	[+] The IDIO-AUDIO Mailing List! [+]

Get know other local indie provocateurs. Find out about Toronto's most
subversive events. Let people know about *YOUR* work and events.

	(((((((*)))))))		A must for local artists, musicians,
	       |		and independent music promoters!! 
	      /^\					.o0101100o....
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  **	 To add yourself to this mailing list,		   **
  **	 you can send email to: majordomo@syntac.net	   **
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  **	 with the following command in the body		   **		
  **	 of your email message: subscribe idio-audio	   **
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For more info see: http://www.syntac.net/idio-audio/list.html

Or just email me for help: quirk@syntac.net


	IDIO-AUDIO has been an active and irreverent independent 	
	community that has contributed to our city's culture for over
	two and half years now, be a part of it!


	-+-	Brought to you by Idiosyntactix, the creators of
	-+-	Plunderpalooza, IndieshmoozeFest, Nocturnal
	-+-	Transmission, The Mighty Mono 99.1 FM, Happyclown and
	-+-	many other twisted memes. Dedicated purveyors of
	-+-	independent culture and irreverence since 1995.

Spread the word!

Autonomous minds from outside of Toronto may still be interested in
the many interesting articles and links on the web site:




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