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Re: <nettime> Interactivity: a praise of clocks

Interactivity in general refers to more than call-and-response, or
certainly more than one-to-one call-and-response. It usually implies
multiple decisions and components, and a continuous seduction of choices -
as opposed for example to the binary states of a light switch.

One might also consider the phenomenological horizon of interactive media
- the manner in which the subject's project changes as he or she moves
through multiply-connected trajectories. The diegesis is rich and _is_ a
diegesis, rather than a concatenation. The foregrounding of attention
appears to spread among domains; domains multiply interstitially.

The type of interaction you are discussion is more a WYSIWYG or GIGO,
garbage-in/garbage-out phenmenon. We are used to machines, but we are not
used to thinking of the worlding that occurs within and without them -
with their re/constitution of the subject (Kittler, Ronell, etc.). The Net
is clearly a space of constituting; one reason that MUDs and MOOs have
been featured so heavily in academic research is that this process, in
relation to virtual subjectivity, is easily described on the level of the
formal armature.

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