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<nettime> an invitation to the "Nettime" mailing list

As many of you know, the ZK has been struggling for the past few years
over a ZKP book--the "Nettime Bible." Well, I'm happy to announce that
it looks like it'll happen--though not as the ZK imagined. Since it'll
involve materials that have been submitted by all of you over the past
few years, it seemed appropriate to share this with you *in full*. Con-
grats! (Yes, we took the time to check that this is real. It is!) Next
meeting--"Beauty and the West?"--in Redmond... Till then. Cheers.   -T

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Dear "Nettimers":

Allow me to introduce myself to you all. My name is Nathan Myhrvold, and
I'm a Group Vice President at Microsoft. One of my responsibilities is
identifying new opportunities for us to explore. Over the past several
years, I have taken a special interest in the intersection of multimedia
and networking. It is my impression that many of you understand just how
complex this intersection will be.

At Microsoft we take great pride in the quality of our work, but we
occasionally find the answers to our quests off our Campus, in vibrant
and creative communities of every kind. Nettime is one such community, I

You were brought to my attention by Mark Stahlman. In a recent meeting
he recommended that I take a look at your mailing list. So I set aside
some time to look through your archives; and overall I was extremely
impressed with what I found. I was particularly struck by the "rhythm"
of your conversations: so many people from so many countries able to
identify and work toward a common set of goals, while accepting the
necessary tensions and conflicts that advance entails. Believe me when I
say that part of my job is to research these kinds of things; so I hope
you will accept my compliment when I say it is very rare to find this
dymanic on a mailing list. When I investigated the individual efforts of
the Nettime list's contributors, I was even more impressed by this
commonality, because you are individually pursuing very disparate

At Microsoft, we believe that a very important transformation is taking
place. Things that many people take for granted - I am thinking of the
mass media at one extreme, and individual creators at the other - will
give way to a more complex and multivalent publishing environment. In
this developing world, distributed efforts such as Nettime will be truly
decisive. That is why I am writing to you now.

On behalf of the Microsoft Corporation, I would like to extend an
invitation to you Nettime to hold your next meeting on our Redmond
Campus. Needless to say, we will make arrangements for travel and
lodging costs for up to a total of 300 attendees. As a token of our
gratitude, Microsoft will underwrite reasonable expenses incurred in the
process of publishing your proceedings. (Mark mentioned to me that the
list's maintainers would like to publish a hard-copy anthology of your
prior publications.)

Of course, I recognize that some members of your group may be hesitant
about this invitation for various reasons. I trust that your experiences
here will convince you that these reservations can be set aside for the
time being in favor of the common pursuit of a better world for all.
That is what I am working toward, and I believe the same is true of all

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you
soon. I hope you will accept my apologies in advance when I request that
you refrain from publicly forwarding my specific contact information 
(telephone, fax, etc).

Nathan Myhrvold
Group Vice President
Applications and Content
Microsoft Corp.
[contact info deleted]


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