Spill Industries on Thu, 26 Feb 1998 08:25:22 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> War is Insane

Dear All,

Spill Industries would like to invite you to participate in a web site
protesting the use of aggression and the act of war. We feel that the 
imminent aggression on the part of U.S. / U.K. forces against the people
of Iraq is unacceptable and have decided to use the web as a 'theater' 
of protest. We invite submissions from artists, writers, designers -- 
anyone really -- to put up on our 'war is insane' site which can be 
found at:


We have set up the site as a kind of public space / gallery to stimulate
the use of the internet as a means of making political statements, and 
connecting people who wish to express their point of view regarding the 
tragedy of war. We ask that your submissions be web-ready images or text 
(or sound, vrml et al.), and not more than 50k. They can be sent to:


We will make an effort to post your contributions as quickly as we can. 
We also invite you to forward this invitation to any and all who you  
feel might be interested in our efforts and/or interested in 
contributing work to our 'war is insane' site.
We have primed the pump with 2 contributions; one from artist George
Chaikin of Ocean / Earth and Newsroom, and another from designers 
evansandwong. We hope others will join us.

Our Sincere Regards,
Nicholas Chaikin
Spill Industries
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