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<nettime> Don't Bomb Iraq Petition

People of the World--

If appearances hold true, there will soon be another military
attack under United Nations auspices on Iraqi territory.  The following
petition is a modest effort to encourage and focus opposition to the use
of violence against Iraq.  It is directed to the United States 
government, and particularly to President William J. Clinton, because of
the leading role played by the United States in encouraging a military 
If you support this effort, please add your name, home city, and
home nation to the list and forward it to others.  Should you happen to
be the 100th, 200th, ..., or millionth person to sign, please forward a
copy to peace@appleseed.spi.net.  The assembled names will be forwarded 
electronically to President Clinton and other US government officials.
They will not be printed nor will they be used for any other purpose.

Should you wish to communicate with President Clinton, try any
of the following:

Address: The White House
         1600 Pennsylvania Ave
         Washington, DC 20500
Phone: 202-456-1414
Email: president@whitehouse.gov

        US citizens may also wish to advise their Congressional
representatives of their positions.   Congressional representatives may
be reached via mail by writing:

Representative <name>                   Senator <name>
US House of Representatives             US Senate
Washington DC   20515                   Washington DC 20510

The phone number of the Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121; from there,
you can reach the office of any Congressperson.  If you don't know who
your Congressional representatives are, try

http://www.house.gov/writerep/ for Representatives and
http://www.senate.gov/senator/state.html for Senators.


>>>>>To President William J. Clinton and other officials of the government of
>>>>>the United States of America:
>>>>>We, the undersigned world citizens, strongly oppose any further military
>>>>>attacks against the nation of Iraq.   Past military campaigns have
>>>>>already wrought unconscionable destruction that has primarily affected
>>>>>citizens of Iraq and not personnel of the Iraqi government.  The rubric
>>>>>of the United Nations should not be employed to justify further such
>>>>>destruction.  Please desist in your efforts to execute another military
>>>>>strike.  We desire that you commit yourself to peaceful resolution of
>>>>>existing conflicts with the government of Iraq.
>>>>>1.  Jamie Pehling, Garden Grove, USA
>>>>>2.  Kelly Rittenhouse, Palo Alto, USA
>>>>>3.  Tom Warner, Seattle, USA
>>>>>4.  Charles Scheiner, White Plains, NY USA
>>>>>5.  Lynn Fredriksson, Washington DC, USA
>>>>>6.  Ben Terrall, San Francisco, CA, USA
>>>>>7.  Thomas Johnson, San Francisco, CA, USA
>>>>>8.  Clare Campbell, San Francisco, CA, USA
>>>>>9.  John Fitzgerald, San Francisco, CA, USA
>>>>>10. Hiram Kato, San Francisco, CA, USA
>>>>>11. George Fox, San Francisco, CA, USA
>>>>>12. David Politzer, Altadena, CA, USA
>>>>>13. Adam Politzer, Altadena, CA, USA
>>>>>14. Noah Politzer, Altadena, CA, USA
>>>>>15. Joan Terrall, Altadena, CA, USA
>>>>>16. Mary Terrall, Altadena, CA, USA
>>>>>17. Susan T. Simon, New York, NY, USA
>>>>>18. Lee Simon, New York, NY, USA
>>>>>20. Molly Simon, New York, NY, USA
>>>>>21. Greg Simon, New York, NY, USA
>>>>>22. Jim Terrall, Cornwall, CT, USA
>>>>>23. Lib Tobin, Cornwall, CT, USA
>>>>>24. Robert Terrall, Sharon, CT, USA
>>>>>25. Martha Porter, Sharon, CT, USA
>>>>>26. Pamela Sexton, Watsonville, CA, USA
>>>>>27. Curt Gabrielson, Watsonville, CA, USA
>>>>>28. Azwar Hamid, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
>>>>>29. Kristin Sundell, Cambridge, MA, USA
>>>>>30. Larissa Snorek, San Francisco, CA, USA
>>>>>31. Wendy Aniseh Khan, San Francisco, CA USA
>>>>>32. Jesus Hermosillo, San Francisco CA USA
>>>>>33. Art Fridrich, Chicago, IL USA
>>>>>34. Kenneth Weeks, Palatka, FL USA
>>>>>35. Juan Reardon, Martinez, CA
>>>>>36. John A. Reardon, Martinez, CA
>>>>>37. Rick Goldsmith, Berkeley, CA
>>>>>38. Pat Goudvis, Boston, MA
>>39. Bill Turnley
>>40. Karen Branan
>41. Terry Allen, Richmond, VT USA
42. Paul Garrin, New York, NY, USA

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