Calin Dan on Tue, 10 Feb 1998 22:04:44 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> connectivity is annexation

c. Connectivity. Is connectivity increasing interaction and data related
issues or just selling better the previous? If we look @ connectivity as a
strategic deployment of the interactive tactics we step @ a new level of
communication. If connectivity is just activating data according 2 preset
patterns it belongs 2 an older category - propaganda.

Connectivity is 4 responsive technologies what supply & communication are
4 warfare. It feeds data and provides interactivity with new positions.
Connectivity is also another diversion in the invasion of older media by
the newest, and if there is a clear strategic goal in connectivity, it can
be tagged as the strategy of excitement. Connecting people 2 people is an
ambiguous issue of the techno hype, and to make short a long debate I
would send the reader 2 the Gulf war and its distorted connectivity of
human interfaces. Connecting people 2 data is good as far as it stays out
of fetishism. Connecting data 2 data is another possibility, as far as it
does not develop into autism. In how far connectivity is generating
content remains an open question. For sure connectivity generates market
strategies and metaphors. They both become obsolete @ a certain speed, and
this speed is an indicator for the importance of connectivity in
stimulating the attention 4 new reactive environments. Interaction is
perceived 4 the time being as more rewarding than connectivity, because
content oriented in a more obvious way. But what motivates in the first
place interactive developments and data accumulation is not the refinement
of content but the strategy of annexation and consolidation of power in
new territories. And that comes via connectivity. 

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