Steven Carlson on Sun, 8 Feb 1998 07:46:26 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> since you asked ...

Matthew Fuller <> offered:

  > we would love to hear from the many lurkers on the list.  We'd like your
  > invisibility to remain comfortable, but if you fancy saying something -
  > get typing.

Dear Matthew and company,

Since you asked, the reason I follow nettime is that I'm interested in the
relationship between art and money. No, I'm not an artist - I represent the
other side of the coin (pun intended). I am a commercial web developer.
Please don't hit me up me for money, though, because I'm a commercial web
developer in Budapest, Hungary. For now, the most I can offer you all is my

I've been following nettime for ... hmm ... two years, I suppose. I confess
I don't read every message. A certain percentage of the messages I find
pompous, self-absorbed and obscure. Naturally, these are some of my
favorites. Nettime can also be downright thought provoking, at times. And
like most everybody else (surely) I've enjoyed nettime's occasional
flamewar, err, discussion. In any case, there's a certain irreverence about
nettime that manages to keep the arrogance in check. After all, we're
talking about the Internet, where any fool can stand up on a soapbox and
declare himself an instant artist. (And as we all know, fools make some of
the *best* artists!)

I want to understand where the Internet is heading as a medium and I'm
looking for you lot to push the envelope. My company is doing our bit in a
small way, hosting Janos Sugar's Media Research Foundation. In return, he's
helped us get army deferments for two of our employees :-) Anyway it's a
start. As the economy in Hungary improves, and our business develops, I'd
like to do more. For now, the most I can pay you is my attention.

Keep at it!
25% More Manifestos!
Long Live Nettime!

Steven Carlson                 A conclusion is simply the place
iSYS Hungary Kft              where you got tired of thinking

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