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<nettime> R O T O S C O P O

<nettime> was born on march 19, 1995 in the
forests near to Frankfurt called Spessart,
which makes it a pisces...........................................

R  O  T  O  S  C  O  P  O  
an occasional foray into the texture of the future
by the anti-destination society.

you've disengaged from the shuttle endeavour, 
and are wondering what you are going to do now.
but it's ok, aquarius, because the whole thing has
been documented and later you can look over the
tapes and find out your context in history.
just get on with your science experiments and we'll
see you back on earth in a couple of months.

hanging around on your back with your legs in the 
air is a great thing to do right now. accept free gifts 
of food. during high tide stay near the rocks, during 
low tide hang around in the middle with the snorklers and 
examine their social interaction. you may  be swamped
on thursday or be propositioned by a young suite or 

writing those letters won't get your philosophy 
rating back, any more then running around 
in a pair of sequined underpants. have you considered
that the circle is more important than the square?
you should invest in an old fashioned pencil or
show someone your plan for world domination.
if you don't have a plan, you'll find it in a pond.

there is an opportunity for travel, or a grant 
application in the mail or a free slot in the video
suite. you must act fast and wear the colour red.
your lucky project involves the number 7, 8 or
22. your sense of humour will get you out of
trouble whilst your wit may be a red herring.

have you entered the fourth zone of the cyborg
and reset the clock on your computer? maybe you 
should get a scanner or a meeting with that important 
milk man. i can see your next great essay will 
be constructed out of paper. lean towards the east
and you will get rich. if that's what you want.

out of nothing comes everything, so spend more
time chatting on the phone to your lost contacts
and/or using your creative programming skills. 
perhaps your severe eyebrows come from a lost
container or platform. a lucky sideways glance 
will reveal the true location. but don't risk 
looking into a broken mirror.

some futures associate you with fire but you
are truly aligned to the white goods of the heavens.
you will be visited by a person wearing a stripped tie 
or aligned with the number three and/or related to a
forgotten holiday. this may remind you of an
electronic item so you should plug it in. then you
will get the second thing you most wish for.
that chinese meal, pair of sunglasses or left glove
will lead you to a journey near the sea. it's linked 
to that exchange or transaction you made at the
beginning of last week. if you are looking for a
slice of the action, smoke a cigar in a tree near
a shopping centre. 

you have been paid the ultimate compliment
so just weave it into your plan and do something
to do with coding. it's time to write those letters
so make sure you have something to say. a greeting
in french, german or english will be quite useful
now. your lucky numbers are 4, 7, 88 and 104.

you have a one track mind, but you can't help it?
an ox or a bathroom accessory is a perfect mate 
for you - if you are looking. the secret lies in the length 
of your filters. there is a fat layer of dust on the 
number 77: don't ignore it. the weather will affect 
your choice of books in that big business deal. 

escape the rigors of the daily grind with a good 
fantasy character or romantic animal. you are 
drained by saturn curling around your left foot.
red, gold or patented shoes will be good for 
horse riding. if you a toss a coin you may be
surprised by the outcome.

this is an excellent time for bacteria growth and 
a deeper understanding of the forces that move 
public transport. it also may be time to reflect 
on the direction your averages have taken. your
head is suspended by either chance, fortitude or
sport.  the first thing you remember will be a 

Anti-Destination Society
PO Box 950, Darlinghurst NSW 2010, Australia.
world.net/~zina/ (wip)
irational.org/zina/ (wip)

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