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<nettime> fantastic anarchy and the end of history

As told to Miekal And

The millenium.  The Ice Age.  The End of History.  The Yeti are coming
down out of the mountains & climbing out of the Hollow Earth.  The
legends of all religions & the rumor down the street are one in the
same.  We as humans have exploited, destroyed & exhausted the synapses
of wilderness.  Nature has evolved into a technology that is the
engineer of its own evolution (read mutation).  The splitting of the
atom coincides with mass awareness that interaction between dimensions &
extra-human entities is as real as 1000's of years of fairy tales. 
Nicolai Tesla, Wilhelm Reich,  Rudolph Steiner, Madame Blavatsky &
countless others endured overwhelming oppression to enter into the
historical record that the paradigms we live our life by are blasphemous
constructs designed to maintain the balance of power.  The aborigines of
Australia have known since before history that time travel is possible,
that we are surrounded by an electro-magnetic soup, that all beings are
a reflection of the self & that the will to survive emanates from the
same seed that inspires us into ecstatic dance, collective music-making
& Chaos Magic.

The End of History is the Beginning of the Paradigm Shift.  Whether you
call it the New Age or the Revolution, the relationship between beings &
their built environment is largely dependent on depth of information &
vision as well as an imperative to transcend the animal-brained survival
mechanism.  In the 20th Century we called it culture.  & in the ruins of
culture humanity is splitting apart at the seams.  What began as homo
sapiens sapiens in now genetically mutating into 1000's of distinct
variations, each variation becoming the forebearers of new life-forms,
for example, homo sapiens sapiens var lesbian biker skinhead.

Dear Terrance McKenna

We are all gods & goddesses.  The plants are teachers & time travels
backwards.  The will to poetry is the words we have invented to
approximate what we have become sensitive to.  Much in our world seems
alien for a reason.  This will always be the paradise we imagine.

figuratively, Yeti the Knowing

So how do we as 1000's of new life-forms remember how to become wild,
self-organizing nodes in a planetary village?  As Gurdijieff would say,
"you work on yourself," on becoming less asleep, more self-aware, on
making daily efforts to change through conscious action.  If you can
feel the paradigms shift & the laws of thermodynamics go awary, then
lead your life that way.  Not by turning the old ways into issues
oppressed by fear but by observing the abundance of nature & what
remains of the wild.

During the winter of 94-95 I allowed myself ot fall in love with a piece
of land.  I believed that I was going to buy it & that it would be ours
to design as we wished.  Because it was unencumbered by the politics of
Dreamtime, I immediately experienced a connection of freedom &
lucidity.  It spoke to me.  For several weeks, when I closed my eyes at
night, I travelled to it at many different times in the future.

When I walked thru the gateway under a shimmering sign that read
Qazingulaza, I walked into a world of bioshelters maintaining biomes of
plants, reptiles, animals & fungus.  People lived in these glass,
earthen & strawbale constructions & the bioshelters were designed into a
system of groves that also produced perennial foodstuffs & localized
economies.  In the back of my head I knew that these habitats were the
only semblance of wildness, of permarchy left on the spinning orb.

Our lives have become slogans.  It is time to make a leap from our
didactic fears.  Paradise Now.  The Yeti will show us how.

<reprinted with permission from Benevolent Panarchy; The Omnipotent
Gospels of Ur by Yeti the Knowing/> 

Dreamtime Village

QAZINGULAZA: And/Was/Wakest website:

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