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                          London, 98.03.07-08
3...The Grand Jury........Mister Net.Art - Final Results
4...ARTSPACE Sydney.......More Mardi Gras events at Artspace
5...mouchette.............suicide-don't worry
6...Andrej Tisma..........WEB ARTISTS' PARADISE
7...Jopi Nyman............cfp: Postcolonial Conference in Finland
8...Vesna diary


>From Mon Feb  2 11:08:53 1998
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 1998 11:06:50 +0100

Brave New Work
May 20 - 22, 1998
Call for Papers

"Game Forms/Work Spheres" is the theme of VIPER 98's multimedia programme.
In connection with this theme, we are organizing a conference on "work
spheres." The debates around new technologies touch on both work and
culture. Industry promises that the information society will create new
jobs and economic potential - promises which clearly contrast with
society's hopes that the new machines will make work tasks easier, and its
fears that work will be destroyed. This debate takes place against a
background of economic deregulation, increasing unemployment and the
revival of liberal discourse. At the same time, many artists, theorists and
critics find themselves outside of traditional working relationships. Part
time and free lance work and McJobs are sketched as the work models of the
future, where the idea of full employment is no longer a concept and people
will manage their jobs themselves.


VIPER discusses the concept of work as it appears to us now, and analyses
current debates about technology from an artistic and critical point of
view. The following thematic emphases are suggested:

1. Analysis of the discourse of technology
Myths of technology and progress are part of every period of social change.
The 90s push toward the service industry has been accompanied by a whole
range of such images, which complement the myths about the turn of the
millenium. We would like to investigate these myths. What is new about
them, what is repeated? For instance, what role do women's work skills - so
highly praised at the moment - play? We imagine the following specific
themes: gender-specific job descriptions; strategies of representing
particular interests; notions of qualification and professionalism;
business vocabulary.

1. Code and product
Since the 90s at least, the production of merchandise goods has definitely
been relocated to the so-called low-wage countries. In the West, on the
other hand, new service centres are being established. Economists speak of
a de-materialising of the economy. Cultural aspects and image production
assume greater importance. We would like to discuss what factors determine
conditions at the end of the 90s. What does it mean when images,
information and communication suddenly become the most important products?
Is the concept of work being drained of production and divided along
gender-specific lines into goods-producing female workers and
image-producing male employees?

3. Analysis of new work forms
The clear division between work and leisure time is becoming increasingly
blurred. Whoever gives into economic pressure and becomes self-employed
ends up working more than ever before. At the same time, technical aids are
supposed to make work considerably easier. Often, there are no clear
boundaries for the many new models of work that have come into being. Desk
sharing, freelance, contracting: work on call. For industry, production
costs sink. For employees the result is (supposedly) freedom. What are the
implications of this kind of work? The questions that seem important to us:
individual responsibility, when it's just me and the computer; awkward
gender-specific stereotypes; the self-image of a self-manager; unlimited
working hours, when "I am the office"; the division of interests, so-called
plural identities.

Contributions to the conference should take various forms. These could
include: ideas of visionary models; group presentations; traditional
speeches; moderated talks; presentation of indivual projects developed on
the front lines; film screenings; etc. We are looking for moderators and
people who would like to give talks, and present and develop ideas on the
theme of "work worlds." One possibility is setting up a virtual job
exchange where everyone can contribute their dream job, or a workshop on
how to become self-employed. Please submit papers, theses, projects and
suggestions before February 15, 1998. Texts which are exchanged and
position which are formulated will be discussed with groups of participants.


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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 1998 22:46:05 +0000
From: Matthew Fuller <>
Subject: for announcer

     LONDON, MARCH 7 & 8, 1998

     This conference is being
     organized by the AD HOC ZAPATISTA
     CHALLENGE GROUP. The continuing
     struggle of the Zapatista rebels
     and radical civilian
     organizations in the southeast of
     Mexico is a call to activists in
     the U.K. and around the world to
     confront neoliberalism. Come talk
     and strategize with us and meet
     the challenge!

          WHERE: Praxis Centre
          Pott St.
          London E2
          (Bethnal Green Tube stop)
          WHEN:Saturday and Sunday, March 7 & 8, 1998
          CONTACT: Michael--Email <>, tel.
          0114-276-5675, or Mexico Support Group--tel. 0181-682-2402

     For general information about the Zapatistas, visit
     the "Zapatista Challenge" web site

     The conference has provisionally been organized
     according to THREE THEMES:

        1.public awareness of the political-economic
          situation in Mexico and the nature of the
          Zapatistas' rebellion against it;
        2.taking steps toward lasting, concrete
          solidarity work with the Zapatistas and
          struggling civilain democratic institutions in
        3.considering the broader implications of the Zapatistas'
          rebellion, including the
          struggles against neo-liberal economic policies in the U.K.
          and efforts to build a network among these.

     Bristol Chiapas Support Group, Mexico Support Group, fHumaN,
     Nicaragua Solidarity Network, Reclaim the Streets!, Bradford
     Mayday '98 Conference, AI Mexico Table.

Gusano Barrenador



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From: the Grand Jury <>
Subject: Mister Net.Art - Final Results

____ 1. WEB STALKER     20 points

Cherished by 6 Jury Members:

"A Project, not mere theatrical display.
In its  programming craft, critical design , and execution
it does more to subvert and critique the commercial colonising of the web
and monopolising of software then anything else around on the net.
A significant and inspirational event in the development of net art.
Beautiful. "

"It rocked my world. The most radical piece of I have come across.
My vote is a statement of satisfied desire..."

"webstalker has the romantic image of a
rebellious artificial life form. He should be rewarded apart from
his creator. He could very well be a she. S/he is not a-sexual, not
without sex. I want to support hybrid net.creatures, software and
manipulations of networks and hardware, that redefine and reshape
cyberspace from an 'otherground' angle."


____ 2. HOGAR           15 points

The favorite of 5 Jury Members:

"a supreme mr net art being....."

"Hogar has a lot of promising potential. At this stage shows a broad reach
of the netart spectrum incorporating both the best and the worst.
An amazing capacity to recuperate and recycle the excesses of net
Hogar is a public/private story of male/female with no beginning or end
Becoming beautiful"

"he should get the domain, because he is sexy, cool, smart, rich,
subversive, strong, polite. he knows everything about art, that's why he is
so good with he knows that is nothing new. this deep
understanding makes him the perfect integration figure for all net.artists
over the world. he's the big consultant and has good advice for desperate
moments. he is an artist himself with very special pratice, but it is part
of his art to give space to others for their work. sometimes his own and
the work of others get a little bit mixed up ..."

"Because his perfectness is scary. Or his scariness is perfect."

"he has the potential to unite net.artists, to evoke a
of the young disciplines in and also he could help critics
to get a rather whole picture, with a lot of depth, of net art.
(good and bad, know and unknown, 'male' or 'female')
Besides that I would not mind being kidnapped on this Vikings' boat,
to the Polar Circle of, to have some fun in a fur bed."

____ 3. BEN BENJAMIN                 5,5 points

Admired by 3 Jury Members:

"a code slinger, acrobat and cowboy - the only site in the last year
that came near to inducing orgasm -  superbad rocks."

"individualism, integrity and independence"

____ SHARED WITH MICHAEL SAMYN       5,5 points

Elected by 2 Jury Members:

"he is the artist who has no net fear, who has skills to do all he wants
with the net, he is perfect in collaboration and he has two children."

"individualism, integrity and independence"



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From: ARTSPACE Sydney <>
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	        * Don't forget our openings tomorrow night *
		Beth Stryker & Virginia Barratt
		Michele Barker & Anna Munster
		Jasmin Hirst * Kaye Shumack

	CHRISTOPHER CHAPMAN (Curator, Art Gallery of South Australia)
	SLIDE LECTURE  3pm feb 7 (free)

"Thinking about the coding of male identity and abstract art lead me to
look at Andy Warhol's 'Oxidation' paintings of the 1960s and 1970s. These
were made by the artist and his friends urinating on to canvases prepared
with copper paint. When I began looking for more images that represented
urination as a sign of maleness I found many. This is an iconographic
study. It looks at images of urination in contemporary art as a sign of
metaphor, abjection, liberation, gender difference, political resistance,
eroticism, subculture and fraternity. The study explores the changing
cultural and social meanings of urination as presented in recent art.

The presentation includes examples of photography, painting, sculpture,
installation and performance art by artists including Andy Warhol, Robert
Gober, Sherrie Levine, David Hammons, Andres Serrano, Scott Redford,
Gilbert & George, Bruce Naumann, Kiki Smith, Grant Lindgard, Helen
Chadwick, Juan Davila, Robert Mapplethorpe, Tom of Finland, Pierre &
Gilles, Larry Clark, Tony Tasset and others with reference to Marcel
Duchamp, Jackson Pollock and Charles Demuth" (CC)
	A Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival Event



	ARTISTS FORUM 7pm feb 18  ($10/$5)

This important artists forum will bring together national and international
artists contributing to and participating in the Mardi Gras Visual Arts
Festival program, and explore the relationships between queer theory and
lesbian and gay politics, as well as the concept of queer in relation to
producing and curating visual arts. Artists include Virginia Barratt, Beth
Stryker, Christopher Dean, Bhupen Khakhar, Rafael Von Uslar, and James
Barrett & Robin Foster (Art2go).


These two one-day seminars will explore the question of the usefulness of
queer theory in the context of pragmatic and practical situations of
lesbian and gay politics and community, and the impact of mainstreaming on
the construction of queer practices and lesbian and gay identities.

	SEMINAR 10am-5pm feb 19 ($25/$10) at Casula Powerhouse

Mediating Community will focus on mediations and interventions into the
queering of gay and lesbian identity through mainstream and gay media,
film, video and television. Speakers include Douglas Crimp (US),
Melissa-Jane Hardie, McKenzie Wark, Dean Kiley, Alan McKee, Michael Bartos
& Deb Verhoeven.

	SEMINAR  10am-5pm feb 21 ($25/$10) at Artspace

Performing Cultures will focus on the queering of gay community and
culture, on whether queering remains a useful strategy and practice, and on
the conflicts which arise between being involved in a gay community and
politics, and in doing queer theory. Speakers include Elspeth Probyn, Anna
Gibbs, Anna Munster, Nick Mansfield, Michael Hurley, Alphonso Lingis (US),
Rebecca Cox & Nikki Sullivan.

For more info on QueerZone or bookings contact Jane or Linnell on 9678 7107

QueerZone Project has been funded and supported by internal research funds
from the University of Western Sydney, Nepean; Women's Research Centre, UWS
Nepean; Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras; and Casula Powerhouse. A Sydney
Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival Event.


Please contact Artspace:

- If you wish to be removed from our mailing list or if you are receiving
this message more than once
- If you know of other people who would like to be advised about our
upcoming events and exhibitions
- If you would like announcements sent to an alternative address
- To let us know about your programs, events and exhibitions
- For further information

Please forward this message to other interested people, organisations and
mailing lists (it currently goes to acam-l and

Many Thanks


The Gunnery
43 - 51 Cowper Wharf Road
Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

tel +61 2 9368 1899
fax +61 2 9368 1705

Director: Nicholas Tsoutas
Administrator: Panos Couros
Curatorial Assistant: Kristen Elsby


Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 22:27:31 +0100 (GMT+0100)
From: nettime maillist <>
Subject: BOUNCE Approval required: (fwd)
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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 18:22:10 +0100
Subject: suicide-don't worry

Dear nettime,

Don't worry about the exhibition of my artworks that you just missed in
Holland. Now you can see it until the 1rst of March in Japan, at the
Candy Factory, in Tokyo.
A lot of the artworks can be seen on their site:
But that doesn't mean you don't need to go to Tokyo.

Thanks to everyone who sent suggestions for the suicide kit. The best
answers are published and can be found on my site. More suggestions and
further comments are welcome.
Good bye, dear friends.
I still appreciate how all of you still care about my life and death.


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Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 00:07:55 +0100
From: ANDREJ TISMA <aart@EUnet.yu>
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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 10:38:34 +0200 (EET)
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From: Jopi Nyman <>
Subject: SPOON-ANN: Postcolonial Conference in Finland
Precedence: bulk
Reply-To: Jopi Nyman <>

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 wide enough interest without cross-posting.  To unsub, send the message
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Call for Papers

Postcolonialism and Cultural Resistance: Multidisciplinary Seminar
Joensuu, Finland
15-16 May 1998

The Department of Finnish Language, Literature and Culture Studies and the
Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Joensuu are organizing
a two-day multi-disciplinary seminar in May 1998 on the theme of
postcolonialism and cultural resistance.  The keynote speakers will be
Professor Kenneth Parker, Centre for British and Comparative Cultural
Studies, University of Warwick, UK, and Professor Edvard Hviding, Department
of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, Norway.  The Finnish main
speakers will include Docent Matti Savolainen (University of Oulu),
Professor Jukka Siikala (University of Helsinki), and Dr Sirpa Tenhunen
(University of Helsinki).

The seminar will be open to all teachers, researchers and students
interested in postcolonial literatures and cultures.  The seminar will
consist of plenary lectures and workshops, and both postgraduate students
and researchers will have an opportunity to discuss their research topics.
While English is the major working language of the seminar, it is possible
to give a workshop presentation in some other language.

The deadline for papers to be presented is 16 March 1998.  All prospective
participants should send short abstracts to Dr Jopi Nyman, Department of
English, University of Joensuu, P O Box 111, 80101 Joensuu.  Fax:
+358-13-251 4211.  Email  The anticipated
participation fee will be 150 FIM (approximately 30 USD).

Since literature and culture have always played a significant role in the
construction of the identities of marginalized peoples, the Joensuu seminar
will focus on the legacy of colonialism and the forms and expressions of
cultural resistance.  We anticipate the participation of colleagues from
within Finland and elsewhere.

Organizing committee:
Professor Seppo Knuuttila (chair, Associate Professor Marja-Leena
Hakkarainen, Mr Jari Kupiainen, Dr Jopi Nyman, Dr Raisa Simola, Dr John A
Stotesbury, Dr Stig Söderholm

For more information please contact the organizers at the University of
Dr Raisa Simola, tel. +358-13-251 4535, email
Mr Jari Kupiainen, tel. +358-13-251 4291, email

You may also wish to visit our web pages:
Dr Jopi Nyman
Department of English
University of Joensuu
P O Box 111
80101  JOENSUU
Tel +358 13 251 4318
Fax +358 13 251 4211


From: Vesna Manojlovic <>
Message-Id: <>
Subject: digital diary
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 13:45:42 +0100 (MET)
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instead of mailing to the lists of friends
just send them url
of my diary(=dnevnik)

latest news:

knez:~/www/Dnevnik$ cat 03.02.98.eng.txt

Days are looooong in this state-of-mind...

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secrets of my sent=becha mailbox

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