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Re: <nettime> Echelon surveillance system is no conspirary theory

> ...
>Daily Telegraph Tuesday _16 December_ 1997  Issue _936_
>      _Spies like US_

> The NSA is one of the shadowiest of the US intelligence agencies.
>Until a few years ago, it existence was a secret and its charter and
>any mention of its duties are still classified. However, it does have
>a Web site (
>tml] ) in which it describes itself as being responsible for the
>signals intelligence and communications security activities of the US

Correction...the NRO, not the NSA was secret until a few years
ago when its new headquarters, a multi-billion dollar facility
in Virginia, was too big to hide...its existance and budget
accountability was called into question by the US Congress, and
the NRO (National Reconaissance Organization) was "outed".  It was
covered in an article in CovertAction Quarterly #50 (Fall 1994)
(unfortunately not online...only available in print).

More info on ECHELON is available in the book entitled
SECRET POWER by Nicky Hager a former intelligence agent for
the New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau
(GCSB).  The article about ECHELON in CAQ, by Hager is located at

>[this proofs a longer, older, and more detailed report on the
>Echelon system. you find it in Covert Action Quaterly at mediafilter,
> /p]

Other information detailing the US spying on folks can be found

$pying for Uncle $am

Big Brother Goes High-Tech

Are the Feds Sniffing Your Re-Mail?

Networking With Spooks

Policing Activists:  Think Global, Spy Local

Definitely a must read for those who want to face
the facts about the inherent nature of the net as
a surveillance medium controled by the US intelligence
and military.  Good reasons to use classic versions
of pgp, and to register with!

Best regards,


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