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2...Ronda Hauben..........the Net and the New Millennium
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                          KHM, 98.01.28-31
4...Josephine Bosma.......the first annual mister
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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 23:28:27 +0100
From: Inke Arns <>
Subject: the Net and the New Millenium (fwd)
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Dear list,

Ronda Hauben <> <> sent
me this post about the early days of Usenet and the like.... Ronda said:
Feel free to send it to anyone you think might be interested. I hope you
are .....

Greetings, Inke

                    The New Millenium and the Net
                     Toward a Future that Builds
                      on what has been achieved

    Researching the past toward envisioning the future of the Net
     Studying the history and impact of Usenet and the Internet

The new millenium is less than 2 years away! The birth and
development of Usenet, the Internet and of Unix are some of
the wondrous developments that have been achieved to set the
foundation for the start of the next millenium. To mark the
new millenium it would be good to see the study of the history
and impact of these important developments toward increased
public discussion of how to build on them and spread access.
This is especially true if the needed public effort is to be
made to spread the Net to the public schools and make it available
broadly to students and teachers.

Toward this end it would be good to see discussion on some of
the research that has thus far been done and on what future research
and writing will be helpful. In the effort to go forward,
it is important to have a vision of the future one is working
toward, and the study of the past developments is one way to
begin to document and discuss what the vision for the future
of the Net should be.

Also I am wondering if there is any way to plan toward a conference
or other event to mark the coming of the new millenium by having
a broad discussion of the future of the Net. Is there any organization
or educational institution that might support and welcome such an event?

Following are some draft papers that I hope will be helpful:

           ARPANET Mailing Lists and Usenet Newsgroups
             Creating an Open and Scientific Process
            for Technology Development and Diffusion

The URL is


                             Early Usenet(1981-2)
                     Creating the Broadsides for Our Day

The URL is

        Usenet and the ARPANET Mailing Lists (1981-1982)
            The Emergence of the Modern Public Sphere
                     A Habermasian Approach

The URL is


Also, there are some interviews I have done with unix pioneers
and pointers to interviews done by others.  And there are some
articles about the history and impact of Unix.

The URL is

Comments are welcomed on any of this work, as are pointers to others
doing similar work, or suggestions for collaboration and support
for such work.

In the early 1960's there was a conference at MIT where several
computer pioneers were gathered to discuss the future of the computer.
The organizers of the conference also invited C.P. Snow to open
the conference and to present a broad perspective toward the
discussion of what would and should be the future of the computer.

C. P. Snow's talk described the importance of having many people
involved in the discussion if it were to be fruitful.

The creation and development of ARPANET mailing lists a few years
later and eventually of Usenet and the Internet have made such
broad ranging discussion not only possible but necessary.

As the new millenium grows closer it is important to find a way
to have this discussion of the vision for the future of the Net
and of the impact it can have on the rest of society occur both
online and to have such discussion available for those not yet
online as well.


                       See also
          Netizens: On the History and Impact
                of Usenet and the Internet
        and in print edition ISBN # 0-8186-7706-6


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Date: Sun, 25 Jan 1998 17:39:35 +0100
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From: (Evelyn Mund)
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(Sorry if you get this message twice)


a 4 nights sound event
Academy of Media Arts Cologne in co-operation with Digitale 28 - 31 January

Featuring:      Andres Bosshard (Zurich)
Frank Dommert (Cologne)
Peter Kiefer (Cologne)
Anthony Moore (London/Cologne)
Pauline Oliveros (New York)
F.X. Randomix (Cologne)
scanner (London)
C. Schulz & Hajsch (Cologne)
Simulation (Dortmund)
Frances-Marie Uitti (Amsterdam)
Stephen Vitiello (New York)

Pauline Oliveros (New York), Frances-Marie Uitti (Amsterdam), Stephen
Vitiello (New York), scanner (London), Andres Bosshard (Zurich), and other
sound artists from Cologne like Frank Dommert, F.X. Randomix, C.Schulz &
Hajsch and Simulation have all agreed to participate in a four day sound
and music event that is being organised by the Academy of Media Arts
Cologne in connection with the Digitale here in Cologne.

The festival named per->SON, takes place between the 28th and 31st of
January 1998. It is particularly well-named because an inherent theme
through the four days is the human scale in relation to technology and

The location of the event is the Trinitatis church, Filzengraben, Cologne,
for the evenings of Wed 28th, Thurs 29th, and Fri 30th and the Stadtgarten
(Venloer Street) for the evening of Sat 31st.

The evening concerts will last two hours and each one will feature a
different guest who, apart from performing solo, will themselves invite
guests from the other evenings. In this way each concert will be divided
into approximately four parts, two solo spots, a colloaboration and an
invitation to one of the other artists.

The four days of per->SON will consider the human scale in the relationship
between people, architecture and technology, to hear whether via sound it
is possible to adresss the balance of technological instruments, the human
being or "person" and the space in which they seem to exist. Whilst each
may be found in the other, a kind of triangular flux, it may be possible to
state that time is embedded in and embodied by the human, that space
contains and is contained by architecture and that communication and
technolgoy are obviously interdependant. But the lines of so called
communication that make up a web will only achieve the socialising
spatiality of planes through the presence and absence of temporal, human


Wednesday, 28th January 1998, Trinitatis church

per->SON - part I
Pauline Oliveros and guests
Trinitatis church, Filzengraben
20:00 h

Thursday, 29th January 1998, Trinitatis church

per->SON - part II
Stephen Vitiello, Andres Bosshard and guests Trinitatis church, Filzengraben
20:00 h

Friday, 30th January 1998, Trinitatis church

per->SON - part III
Frances-Marie Uitti and guests
Trinitatis church, Filzengraben
20:00 h

Saturday, 31st January 1998, Stadtgarten

per->SON at Stadtgarten
s c a n n e r in concert
Frank Dommert (Cologne)
Pauline Oliveros (New York)
F.X. Randomix (Cologne)
C. Schulz & Hajsch (Cologne)
Simulation (Dortmund)
Stephen Vitiello (New York)
Stadtgarten, 20:30 h

Tickets: Stadtgarten 15/10 DM
Tickets: Trinitatis church 10/8 DM
Combi ticket for Trinitatis church: three nights 30/16 DM

Tel: [49-] (0)221 - 20 189 - 115
Fax: [49-] (0)221 - 20 189 - 124

per->SON is organized by the Academy of Media Arts Cologne Concept: Anthony
Moore, Peter Kiefer
Organisation: Heike Hartmann, Evelyn Mund

SONY Germany
Friends of the Academy of Media Arts Cologne

In co-operation with:
WDR Studio Akustische Kunst
Stadtgarten Cologne

Evelyn Mund
Kunsthochschule fuer Medien
FG Medienkunst
Peter-Welter-Platz 2
50676 Koeln
T: +49-221-201 89 115
F: +49-221-201 89 124


Date: Sat, 24 Jan 1998 10:56:13 +0100 (MET)
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From: Josephine Bosma <>
Subject: mister pressrelease
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               NET ARTIST AS HERO


In every field of human endeavor there are those dedicated to expanding,
pioneering, penetrating and winning. Along the electronic frontier, this
is especially true. To recognize this, the Mr Net Art Foundation
established the Mr Net Art Awards for deserving individuals.

 Mr Net Art 98 is international and application is open to all.

All valid applications will be reviewed by a panel of judges chosen for
their knowledge of Net Art and the technical, legal, and social issues
involved in  network technology, electronic communications and

          JUDGEMENT DAY - 30 th January 1998
          Please apply any time before then



JOSEPHINE BOSMA: Net.journalist and writer focussing on art, radio/audio
and mediatheory. She is involved in Radio Patapoe, an Amsterdam pirate
radio station, where she does art radio, reporting and, mostly, a mix of
these two. She organized the radio section of the tactical media
next5minutes conference in Amsterdam, 1995. Her written work appears in,
amongst other places, Mute magazine and the Telepolis online journal.

SANDRA FAUCONNIER: One of the first She wrote
an excellent thesis on art on the web and is now working on a ph.d. on
sociology, net and art. She is involved in the organisation of a
exhibition this year in Belgium. We hope her thesis will some day be
reworked and translated to produce a good book on, as publishers
are anxiously searching for the first manuscript about with

RACHEL BAKER: the pseudonym of Trina Mould. She tested her theory that
most integral to gain control in the marketplace is a dynamic collection
of analytical databases and some well purchased Trademarks by undermining
two companies who had huge databases and cast-iron brandnames - the
supermarkets, Tesco and Sainsbury. Tesco and Sainsbury were both very
annoyed and threatened to sue. TM continued in her pursuit of
database-construction forming the company  Personal Data Fairy.

CORNELIA SOLLFRANK: is a net.artist herself. she has worked in and
around new media for many years now, as a performance artist mostly.
She organised a project in Hybrid Workspace in Kassel, the first
Cyberfeminist International, with the group called OBN, Old Boys
Network. As an individual Cornelia Sollfrank has subverted the
Hamburg exhibition Extension. She created 350 different female
net.artist personalities, of which she managed, due to technical
obstacles, to only have 127 submit an artworkproposal for the
exhibition. The title of this work was FEMALE EXTENSION.

RACHEL GREENE: A successful writer and editor, she currently edits Rhizome,
the on-line new media art resource. Greene will be contributing an essay
on the history of woman and technology to an anthology entitled "Angry
women in Rock, Volume 2: Digital Sexuality." She is also a curator, and
recently was flown to Brazil to judge a contest for Museum Casas
Das Rosas.This summer Greene will be curating the on-line component of a
Canadian art festival.

KEIKO SUZUKI: has media- or in her blood. Her home and work base
since the beginning of 1996 is Ljudmila Media Lab, from which she hosts
the mailinglist 7-11. Seduction and communicative disasters are
Keiko's favorit subject, as they are also what the worldwideweb is most
about. Her experience and inside knowledge of and its
practicioners, plus her indecisiveness make her input extremely

VESNA MANOJLOVIC: is an internet operator for radio B92 in Belgrade,
and she also organises exhibitions and other presentations in the
B92 cultural space, called Cinema Rex.
There is no netconnection to C-Rex, as the connection B92 has is
allready exceptional, and had to be applied for via special diplomatic
channels due to the embargo against Serbia. will therefore be
presented unplugged.

OLIA LIALINA: is a veteran. She is a filmcritic and filmcurator
by origin. Her first work is one of the first (if not the first)
that was bought, by Telepolis. This was "My boyfriend came back from
the war". She has made a collaborative piece with Micheal Samyn called
"Heaven and Hell", and her latest work Agatha is a ghost travelling many
servers in different parts of the world.

DIANA MCCARTY: apart from being an expert in dealing with troublesome
net.artists, she's also a notable socialite, and is currently booked to
appear at exhibitions and conferences in Switzerland, Berlin and
Budapest. At the moment she's working on an EU funding project. She's
also instrumental in creating Mailing Lists, like nettime (net.criticism,
mediatheory and art) and Faces (women and media).

CAREY YOUNG:  A millenial woman, she is an artist journalist and
corporate consultant in IT. She has written articles for The Times
Newspaper, Wired (UK), Mute, Creative Technology. She has lectured on
Net Art at Lovebytes digital art festival, the University of Cambridge
and the Royal College of Art, London. Her photographic and Internet
artworks have been exhibited internationally and she is employed as
an artist consultant for Cap Gemini, a global IT company.

NATALIE BOOKCHIN: an artist working in electronic media with a
background in installation art and photography. Originally from New York,
she is currently teaching at California institute of Art.
Currently, Natalie is working on a project called boytoy, an extended
response to etoy, boy culture, joysticks and logic, rational and
rationalizing machines.

KASS SCHMITT: has been the programming mastermind behind luminous web
events such as Obsolete, ISEA, and Backspace. In 1997 she was the joint
winner of the prestigious FORMART competition at Ars Electronica. Lately
she has designed a net project called 'the inner circle' which allows
you to reconfigure a map of inclusion and exclusion.

 **~..~**~..~** CRITERIA FOR POSSIBLE WINNERS**~..~**~..~**

There are no specific categories for the Mr Net Art Awards, but the
following points are used as guidelines:

 1. Physical appearance

 2. Online personality

 3. Contribution to the development of in 1997

 4. Individual message (candidates are kindly requested to send a mail
    containing a short personal note on what is the meaning of
    to the candidate in question, why this person would want the title
    Mister Net.Art '98, and what he thinks to offer to in the
    future. Please send this message to the jury via our website or via

 5. (optional) Sexual performance (candidates who think their
    capabilities in this catagory could be of interest to the jury,
    please contact its individual members)


 JUDGEMENT DAY - 30 th January 1998
 Please apply any time before then

 You can find the present candidates, plus a form to apply for
 candidacy, at the website. New candidates have to send a picture
 that represents them to :

 -The winner will be able to use the title Mister Net.Art for the
  entire year.
 -the winner will be awarded with a domain name:
 -the winner will be memorialized on monuments in physical space in
  various city centres around the globe.
 -the winner will have a three hour chat with Olia Lialina.

 The precise details on the coronation celebration will be
 made public at the announcement of the winner and his closest rivals
 (resp. the numbers one, two and three).

 Find the jury, candidates and further details at:


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