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1...Matthew Fuller.................The Web Stalker
2...Derek Kreckler.................competition
3...Richard Barbrook...............CYBER.SALON 2
4...Peter Lunenfeld................SCRIPTED SPACES:
                                   An ITA Conference
5...Giselle Beiguelman.............Brasmitte Metaforum real audio & camera


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From: Matthew Fuller <>
Subject: The Web Stalker
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        The Web Stalker is a new software application for reading and
manipulating information on the most popular portion of the Internet - the
World Wide Web.   As 'Web Browsers' become increasingly more bloated and
pointless, the Web Stalker - launched this month - gives users 'fast and
dirty', 'high protein access' to this media.
        After the uneasy peace in the 'Browser Wars', the Web Stalker is an
aesthetic and technical intervention that takes the situation to
         Most 'creative' work on the web is channelled into merely
providing content for web sites. These sites are bound by the conventions
underlying the programming language (HTML) which describes and formats web
pages. Despite the usual artistic responses of deconstruction or
incoherence and largely failed claims to 'interactivity', these conventions
remain impervious. They therefore remain the most dominant aesthetic on the
        The Web Stalker is a unique example of the re-visualisation of
data-space at a deep level. The Web Stalker uses the fact of machinic and
interpersonal communication across the network, and the technological
structure and functions of the network to radically amplify or reroute them
- it's also a pretty useful program.

*       Does away with the outdated page metaphor in favour of
boredom-intolerant dynamic navigation.
*       Predatory rather than passive, it uses a sophisticated web-crawler
to map the world wide web as you use it.
*       Ends hours of pointless click-throughs as the user gets fast access
to the deep-structure of the sites they are working on.

        The Web Stalker (in either PC or Mac format) is available to
download for free at the following site:

        For further information on The Web Stalker please contact:
Matthew Fuller on:
Simon Pope on:


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> From Wed Dec 31 09:32:251997

The Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts and the Imago
Multimedia Centre Arts Program invite applications from international,
national and local artists.

An exhibition of the selected works will be held at the Art Gallery of
Western Australia during April-May 1998.
The prizes are: $5,000.00 (AUD) and an Apple Computer.
Twelve interactive works will be exhibited with an acquisition fee of $240.00

PRIZES: $5000 (AUD) and or an Apple Macintosh. The 12 selected
entries receive an exhibition fee of $250.00.

There will be no theme as such other than works that emphasise innovation
and conceptual skill.

All selected works archived at ECU library and Imago Multimedia Center
after the exhibition. Artists rights remain. ie if after 12 months the show
goes up again or travels the artists will be paid a further $250.00 for
each exhibition location.

Works for the web need not use a commercially available browser. It should
be noted
that the web works may have to be offline on an internal hard disk. If
this presents a problem then please fill out the entry form and state
your special technical requirements in the labelled text box.

Works can be submitted on floppy disk, cd-rom or FTP.  Please request FTP
address via email to:  <>

It is expected the works will be for web or desktop use.

Works must be fully interactive.

Apple PPC's (9700's or G3) will be used for the exhibition.

Should your work be selected you will be notified by airmail after March 16

derek kreckler
western australian academy of performing arts
phone: 61-08-9370-6111, facsimile: 61-08-9370-6555


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From: (Richard Barbrook)
Subject: CYBER.SALON 2

Telepolis &
Hypermedia Research Centre


'The Digital Artisans'

Richard Barbrook (Hypermedia Research Centre)
Anj Medhurst (Hypermedia Research Centre, TechnoWhores)

Armin Medosch (Telepolis)

7pm to 11pm
Wednesday 21st January

Upper Bar
White Horse
16 Newburgh Street

entrance free

be there!


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Date: Tue, 6 Jan 1998 17:14:43 -0800
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From: (Peter Lunenfeld)
Subject: SCRIPTED SPACES: An ITA Conference


An ITA Conference on Entertainment Design, Narrative Architecture, and
Virtual Environments

Saturday, April 18th, 1998 | 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM |Ahmanson Auditorium
Art Center College of Design | 1700 Lida Street | Pasadena, CA 91103

Art Center's Institute for Technology and Aesthetics (ITA) hosts SCRIPTED
SPACES, a discussion about how space can be designed to tell a story,
moving from malls (think Universal City Walk) to theme parks (Disneyland as
the granddaddy of them all), from special effect-driven blockbusters to the
latest in computer games like Riven. Panelists include Rocket Science Games
co-founder MICHAEL BACKES, Academy Award winning visual effects supervisor
JOHN DYKSTRA, Disney Imagineer BRAN FERREN, architects CRAIG HODGETTS and
MING FUNG, cultural critic NORMAN KLEIN, architectural historian SYLVIA
LAVIN, new media theorist PETER LUNENFELD, interactive artist MICHAEL
NAIMARK, and Virtual Reality Modeling Language co-creator MARK PESCE.

For reservations contact: or 626.568.4710
By post: Scripted Spaces c/o Peter Lunenfeld
Art Center College of Design | 1700 Lida Street | Pasadena, CA 91103



The SCRIPTED SPACES conference is a one day, single track event, but it is
part of the  larger SCRIPTED WEEKEND. On Friday night, April 17, Norman
Klein, the Chair of Scripted Spaces, and Peter Lunenfeld, the Director of
the ITA, will present SCRIPTED SCREENS, a selection of film clips,
animations, VRML sites, virtual environments, computer games, and other
screen-based scripted spaces. All day Saturday, E.D./A.C., a show of
Entertainment Design projects by Art Center students will be open in
studios and galleries around campus. On Sunday afternoon, April 19th, Klein
will lead SCRIPTED SITES, a bus trip to four scripted spaces in Southern
California. SCRIPTED SPACES, SCRIPTED SCREENS and E.D./A.C. are free of
charge, but require registration by email, phone, or post [please send full
contact information]. Seats on the SCRIPTED SITES bus must be ordered in
advance by mail: checks for $20.00 payable to "Art Center/Scripted Spaces"
at the address listed above [the 35 seats are available on a first come,
first served basis].



* Friday, April 17:  SCRIPTED SCREENS | 7:30-9:00 | Ahmanson Auditorium *
An illustrated lecture by NORMAN KLEIN and PETER LUNENFELD

* Saturday, April 18: SCRIPTED SPACES | 9:30-6:30 | Ahmanson Auditorium *

9:30-12:30 | Morning Session
A welcome from DAVID BROWN, President of Art Center College of Design
NORMAN KLEIN, Chair, Scripted Spaces Conference
CRAIG HODGETTS and MING FUNG, Hodgetts + Fung Design Associates
MICHAEL BACKES, Games Designer and Visual Effects Supervisor
BRAN FERREN, Walt Disney Imagineering

12:30-2:30 | LUNCH | Art Center Cafeteria

2:30-5:30 | Afternoon Session
SYLVIA LAVIN, Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA
MICHAEL NAIMARK, Interval Corporation
JOHN DYKSTRA, Visual Effects Supervisor
MARK PESCE, blitcom

5:30-6:30 | Open Forum

E.D./A.C. | 9:00 AM-7:00 PM | Studios and Galleries
A show of Entertainment Design projects by Art Center students.

* Sunday, April 19: SCRIPTED SITES | 11:00-5:00 *
NORMAN KLEIN's bus tour leaves from and returns to the Art Center Student
Parking Lot



MICHAEL BACKES, Computer Games Entrepreneur and Cinematic Polymath
Backes co-founded Rocket Science Games, co-authored the script for Rising
Sun (1993), was associate producer of Congo (1995), display graphics
supervisor on Jurassic Park (1993), and visual effects supervisor for The
Peacemaker (1997).

JOHN DYKSTRA, Visual Effects Supervisor
A legend in the field of special effects and winner of two Academy Awards,
Dykstra's career stretches from Star Wars (1977) to Batman Forever (1995)
and Batman and Robin (1997).

BRAN FERREN, Executive VP, Walt Disney Imagineering
Ferren believes that it is the art and technology of storytelling that
creates engaging and  memorable experiences. He is responsible for Research
& Development for The Walt Disney Company and runs the Creative Technology
group at Walt Disney Imagineering (Disney's theme park master planning,
design and development group), and is known for establishing a brain trust
at Disney that includes Danny Hillis, Allen Kay, and Marvin Minsky.

CRAIG HODGETTS and MING FUNG, Hodgetts + Fung Design Associates
Hodgetts and Fung are innovative and award winning exhibit designers and
architects. Recent projects include the Eames exhibit at the Vitra Museum
and redesign of the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood for the American

NORMAN KLEIN, Chair, Scripted Spaces Conference
A member of the faculty at CalArts, Klein is a far ranging cultural critic
and historian, and the author of numerous books, including Seven Minutes:
The Life and Death of the American Animated Cartoon (Verso, 1993) and The
History of Forgetting: The Erasure of Memory in Los Angeles (Verso, 1997).

SYLVIA LAVIN, Chair, UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Planning
Lavin is an architectural historian with an expertise in modernism. She is
the author of Quatremere de Quincy and the Invention of a Modern Language
of Architecture (MIT, 1992).

PETER LUNENFELD, Director, Institute for Technology & Aesthetics (ITA)
A new media theorist, Lunenfeld is one of the coordinators of Art Center's
Graduate Program in Communication & New Media Design. He is the editor of
The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media (MIT, 1998)

MICHAEL NAIMARK, Media Artist, Interval Corporation
Naimark spent twelve years as an independent media artist before joining
Interval Research Corporation in 1992.  He was instrumental in making the
first interactive laserdiscs in the late 1970s at MIT and has worked
extensively with projection and immersive virtual environments. His current
project can be found at <>.

MARK PESCE, President, blitcom
Pesce is the visionary computer programmer who co-created VRML, the Virtual
Reality Modeling Language that offers the first truly interactive,
networked, world wide three dimensional environment. blitcom is the first
network to use VRML to create narrative entertainment.



"SCRIPTED SPACES: An ITA Conference on Entertainment Design, Narrative
Architecture, and Virtual Environments" is supported by the Graduate
Programs at Art Center. Other support from the Office of the Vice President
for Institutional Advancement, and the Departments of Illustration,
Environmental Design, and Product Design. All speakers, times and venues
subject to change without notice.


Reply-To: "Giselle Beiguelman" <>
From: "Giselle Beiguelman" <>
Subject: Brasmitte Metaforum
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 1998 17:50:38 -0200
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Arte/Cidade is launching Brasmitte Metaforum.
An on line forum where Brasmitte (
project will be discussed through the construction of a collective web
Urbanists, critics, artists and new media creators are  invited to take
part of Brasmitte Metaforum. The idea is to constitute a  multidisciplinar
group in a virtual workspace. Texts and images are welcome. All
contributions will be edited and distributed by e-mail to the participants.
Every 2 months, the group will meet in a chat room to review and debate the
main  topics discussed and projected in the Metaforum area.
We are looking forward to hear from you soon

Brasmitte Metaforum

   Arte/Cidade Grupo de  Intervenção Urbana  <> Rua Ernest Friederich Jost,  38 CEP 05429-070
- São  Paulo, SP phone/fax 55-11-816-6720,  55-11-814-2243


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Date: Thu, 8 Jan 1998 15:44:15 +0100
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From: kunstradio <>
Subject: live real audio & camera
Status: RO


HAPPY BIRTHDAY has been a 'distributed' concert taking place simultaneously
         in the RADIOCAFÉ, at STUDIO 3 and the GROSSE SENDESAAL, where
         Andres Bosshard has made a spatial mix of the events in the two other
         locations. The recordings of the mix and the events at the other
         locations are forming the material for todays live radio-mix by

check out: for live real audio and live camera

         Sam Auinger, Linz/Berlin; Andres Bosshard, Zürich;
         Horst Hörtner, Linz; Rupert Huber, Wien/Berlin;
         Francisco; Bernhard Loibner, Wien; Norbert Math, Wien; Sergio
         Messina, Mailand; Bob Ostertag, San Francisco; Roberto Paci Daló,
         Rimini; Jon Rose, Amsterdam; SCANNER,London; Andrea Sodomka,
         Wien; Gerfried Stocker, Linz.
         Produced by Christof Kurzmann, Wien

         'KUNSTRADIO ALL STARS' were first formed in 1996 in Linz to play
         a concert as part of the international Live-Radio and Internet project
         RIVERS & BRIDGES. The group playing within RECYCLING THE
         FUTURE is slightly different from the Linz group.
         HAPPY BIRTHDAY is a 'distributed' concert taking place simultaneously
         in the RADIOCAFÉ, at STUDIO 3 and the GROSSE SENDESAAL, where
         Andres Bosshard will make a spatial mix of the events in the two other
         locations. The recordings of the mix and the events at the other
         will form the material for a live radio-mix by Rupert Huber to be
         broadcast on January 8th 1998 on air and on line.


phone: 00431 501 01/8277
fax: 00431 501 01/8065
a-1040 wien

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