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Yes, data can be placed everywhere, that was the basic idea we started our
net.radio OZOne with. At that time we didn't have our own real audio
server, we even didn't have any server at all, but we had an ideas and we
wanted to realise them. The structure of our radio was divided in two
parts, the website was on our local Parks server and all sound files were
on ICF/RIS server in Berlin. This was good combination because on the one
hand we were using already existing technical facilities without need to
search for money to buy our own, and on another, we were providing with
content Radio Internationale Stadt.
Then came next project - audio link Xchange, where we went one step
further. There were four issues of Xchange where the content was submitted
from different people and net.radios and all those four websites were
placed each on different server. 
So, what happening now is, three big projects is going down one after another,
Documenta_x website, Remote_C project on Ars Electronica server and now it
seems than RIS is getting down on ICF server. Of course it's normally,
everything is in changes and in movement, just speed is growing day by day,
but I remember very nice discussions in different conferences about
archiving,  saving and so on, but  now it seems I can trust more so called
'commercial' servers because those people are earning their money with this
and they are not erasing my work at least. Otherwise this nicest network
gives you just different kinds of errors :) , which is also quality of the
Internet :)

Or may be there is another way of working with the net, it's happening
right now in 7-11 network and also we are developing this in mailinglist
Xchange, as soon as one has made something the link is published and
everyone can check it out and forget it after, because another is coming
already. This way I started to like much better because it's fresh and may
be because of the speed.  

So these were some thoughts which I wanted to formulate after this year
experience working with the net..

Sincerely yours
Raitis Smits

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