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1...Douglas Conrad.................3rd Budapest International 
                                   Lesbian/Gay Film Festival
2...Marc Marc......................psssssttt!!
4...Sholto Ramsay..................New Media Centre opens at ICA
5...arosa invitation services......i n v i t a t i o n
6...Peter Bates....................prophecy


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Date: Thu, 4 Dec 1997 01:29:20 +0100
From: (Douglas Conrad)

3rd Budapest International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival
Budapest, Hungary

Aplication Guidelines

1.  The Budapest International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival accepts films and
videotapes by, about and of interest to communities of lesbians, gay men,
and sexual minorites.

2.  There is no entry fee for submissions.

3.  Works, should not have screened in Budapest prior to the festival.

4.  Works should be submitted to the screenings committee, on VHS (PAL,
Secam, or NTSC), no later than March 1,1998.  Please include
descriptive information, including credits and reviews (if available.)

5.  Screening formats include 16mm, 35mm, and VHS (PAL, Secam, NTSC.)

6.  Preview tapes must be labeled, on both the tape and case, with the
title, filmmaker's name, address, phone & fax number, and e-mail address.
Please label the spine of all tapes with the title and running time.

7.  All preview tapes and press kits will become part of the Festival
archive unless US $25 for return shipment are included (cash or
international money order only.)

8.  Decisions of festival selections will be made by April 15, 1998.
Notification will occur the following week, and press stills will be
requested for immediate submission.

9.  While makers may submit more that one title for consideration, each
individual work must be submitted with an individual application form for
that work.  Forms may be duplicated or reproduced on a computer.

10.  Feature films or short works in languages other than Hungarian, must
be accompanied by an Hungarian or English dialogue list, unless dialogue
commentary is unnecessary for comprehension and appreciation.

11.  The Budapest International Lesbian/Gay Film Festival is a
non-competitive festival and awardsno prizes.  It has a beneficial
character and supports the Budapest Lesbian and Gay Community
Hatter.  Therefore the Festival pays no rental fees; instead we invest our
resources in producing the best possible showcase for your work, and
promoting your work as widely as possible.

12.  Shipping costs of film prints will be covered by the Festival either
to or from the Festival.  In case of loss or damage during the festival,
responsibility of the Festival is limited to the costs for repair or
replacement of the print.  The Festival accepts no responsibility for loss
or damage of entries during shipment to or from the Festival.

13.  Once a film or video is selected, it may not be withdrawn.

14.  Completion of the entry form implies the unconditional acceptance of
these Festival regulations.

15.  Curators also welcome to submit proposals for specific programs.

16.  Festival dates are the final weekend in June 1998.

Send press materials, and VHS preview tape to:

Budapest Lesbian/Gay Film Festival
c/o Hatter
Pf. 50
H-1554 Budapest

Phone:  36 1/ 320 43 76

Please send an e-mail or seperate postcard notification of your submission
so that any complications of postal delivery may be tracked.

...[if anyone wishes to obtain an application form: email to the above
address or to (fokky)]...


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To: "Sergey M & Vladimir K.H." <>
From: Marc Marc <>
Subject: psssssttt!!
        kuniv@Papin.HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, dora@sirene.IN-Berlin.DE,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Evelyn & Ward <>,
        <O'>, <>,,,,,,,
<>,, <>,,
        martine Kremers <>, <>,, <>, <>,
        <>, <>

What the director of the Central House of Artist 
does not know yet, now can be viewed at:

also link to (second link)


Marc Marc


Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 10:23:11 GMT
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Subject: sTALK 7

You are cordially invited to stalk with TIM JORDAN
Author of: 'Cyberpower: the culture and politics of cyberspace and the
internet' (forthcoming, Routledge 1998),  and co-editor of: 'Storming the
Millennium: the new politics of change' (forthcoming, Lawrence and

xmas/sTALk--->stalk with mince pies and mulled wine
Sunday	14th December 1997
@  	7:30pm
@   	strike, 11 Fashion Street [top floor],  London E1
Tim Jordan : New Space, New Politics

If computer-mediated communication is understood as a space, then the
question 'what are the politics of this space?' becomes appropriate. To
what extent do the categories of 'online' politics reproduce 'offline'
politics; what different approaches to the 'governance' and 'government'
this space exist?
If cyberspace remains as an uncharted territory, these questions remain
diffused. The task of constructing a cartography of cyberspace then
part of understanding the role of cyberspace as an integral part of
contemporary cultural production and curation.
sTALking Tickets stlg3.00
Limited numbers; booking essential.

Contact 	Siraj Izhar at:
* email
* tel     	+44  [0]171 354 5457
* fax     	+44  [0]171 704 6834
* @       	strike, 11-29  Fashion Street [top floor],  London E1

Abstract at after 12/12/97

sTALk: experimental curating for the late nineties

a forum to examine independent work>
focus on work to project new ideas, ideas to project new work>
experiment and integrate curatorial agendas with science & technology>


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Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 08:51:36 +0500
From: Sholto Ramsay <>
Subject: Announcer New Media Centre Opens at ICA

The Institute of Contemporary Arts in London has opened a new media centre
in partnership with Sun Microsystems. The Centre is a multi-platform
enviroment with a range of ambitions: help artists to develop different
forms of work using digital media, redefine the relationship between
artist and audience, rethink the role and nature of the art institution of
the future in the context of digital spaces, provide access to the ICA
archive of performance and discussion,  and provide artists access to the
latest computer software and hardware, specifically industrial-strength
applications from the medicine, commerce and the military.

The centre is both a set of discreet spaces within the ICA as well as a
fast switched network that connects all the ICA's spaces to each other.
Any space can be used and connected to the rest of the network or to the
internet via T3 link. The centre is equipped with Sun, Apple and Windows
NT machines and a variety of software. There are four servers, including a
media server, webserver, java server and main network server, 12
workstations and a number of other boxes including MPEG encoder, etc. 

There are computers permanently installed within the cafe area of the ICA
to allow access to the ICA archive of audio and video as well to be used
as exhibiting spacesfor artists. 

There is a website with further details of the centre:


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Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 13:20:08 +0100
From: arosa invitation services <>
Subject: i n v i t a t i o n

i n v i t a t i o n

arosa 2000 december internet update
in cooperation with form online - {
	 new {
	   intl weather service;
	   christmas calendar;
	   senso contest;
	   // shockwave required

[meso] at [testbed]
luxus cont. and convex tv. invite you to
[testbed] schlegelstrasse 26/27, d-10115 berlin
tel ++49 30 28384103

	saturday 13.12.97 {

	  16oo uhr / first floor {
	    involving systems update 2.7; // meso frankfurt
	    disco variegato revised  by Max Wolf; // meso frankfurt
	    convex tv livestream via ;
	    mit bar;

	  22oo uhr / basement {
	    toktok; // live PA
	    dj plus; // to rococo rot
	    kazi lenker;
	    fabian feyerabendt; // V records berlin
	    dj steeve;
	    mit bar und garderobe;

contact meso at

->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->
->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->
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->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->  ->

--->involving systems update 2.7

a military grade modular setup consisting of four user interface
components: two retro chique workstation monitors and two input modules.
one module using a record player for bulk data input, the other a
interface for seamless deconstruction and recombination of the input
material. all this powered by an hidden personal computer seemingly the
main obstacle in marketing this as the next generation dj working
environment. a game for a single person and an audience. a scientific
for the visitor to explore the structure and working mechanisms of
contemporary music. anything else? we don't know. - - fax 069 24 000 330

--->disco variegato revised - by Max Wolf

a site-specific installation for "test bed"-space, berlin dec 13, 1997.
rerunning the dear old discotheque-ish glitterball starstream on beamer,
laptop, and direct-x computer gaming technology, max wolf is installing a
custom-programmed >>electric campfire<< conceived exclusively for the
occasion at bei luxus cont./ convex tv. putting computer science to work
for the sake of aesthetic impression, "disco variegato revised" is an
introverted mood-lighting ambient-piece of visual art complementing
involving systems' music installation by secretly exchanging data bytes
with hundreds and hundreds of little smart spotlights. - fax 069 24 000 330

--->[test bed]: radiosalon / airdesign / hidden agenda setting /
internal link / plug-in / [Image] [Sound] [Text] / rundfunkversuchsstelle
/ convex tv. / luxus cont. / you're warmly welcome.  -
schlegelstrasse 26/27, d-10115 berlin, germany


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Date: Thu, 11 Dec 1997 22:04:35 +0000
From: Peter Bates <>
Subject: prophecy live event 9-13/12

in conjunction with no fit state circus an interactive circus art group
and the community state interacive groups anj event for the millenium
ahead, Prophecy, an art event that heralds the advent of the year two
thousand, and reflects on the shortfalls and the triumphs of the human
ability to prophesie even. To bring forth a future of hope and creative
awareness that answers our desires, or the doom and despondency of
armageddon. The interpretation is yours. The event pages are here
please contribute via e-mail on the site or via c-u-see me, come friday
night onwards. Belief and faith in your own future and our future the
Gods of the past are calling from the Warehouse at the end of the world.

	from very many people
	in many different spaces

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