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Re: <nettime> Richard Barbrook and Luther Blissett


There is no greater honour than being denounced by St. Luther. However, it
is rather peculiar complaining to subscribers of nettime about something
which is circulating around only a few members of the list, even if some
seem to have got hold of bootleg versions. 

For those who haven't seen it, 'The Philosophy of Holy Fools' is my
unfinished critique of the cult of Deleuze and Guattari among Net users. In
such a text, being called 'pro-situ' is is a compliment rather than an
insult! Comparing the Situationist International with the
Deleuzoguattarians, we can see the following antimonies: 

Hegel v. Nietzsche
city v. desert
artisans v. nomads
comprehensible language v. idiosyncratic jargon
historical materialism v. ahistorical structuralism
revolutionary slaves v. bohemian masters
workers' councils v. slacker rhizomes
Lefebvre v. Althusser
modernity v. anti-modernity
Marx v. Freud

...and so on.

Of course, we should criticise the elitist and self-centred nature of the
Situationists. I'm not too sure that the blessed Blissett is going to be
entirely successful in this aim as they claim descent from Bordiga - the
geezer who was expelled from the Third International for being too Leninist
by Lenin!



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"...the History of the World is nothing but the development
of the Idea of Freedom." - Georg Hegel

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