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Subject: Manuel Castells, The Rise of the Network Society.
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It would be faintly ridiculous to introduce and recommand Manuel Castells'
latest magnum opus ("The Information Age", 3 vols) to the nettime crowd,
save may be to those who like me were slightly suspicious of this latest
jumping of an academic prima dona in the already overcrowded baracoon
sailing the waves of Cyber-theory. But it's great (immo). Permit me the
quip that there may be nothing new in it (even that I wonder...), but then
*everything* is in it. And now for the usual quote:

"(Thus) people do still live in places.  But because function and power in
our societies are organised in the space of flows, the structural
domination of its logic essentially alters the meaning and dynamic of
places. Experience, by being related to place, becomes abstracted from
power, and meaning increasingly separated from knowledge.  It follows a
structural schryzophrenia between two spatial logics that threatens to
break down communication channels in society.  The dominant tendency is
toward a horizon of networked, ahistorical places of flows, aiming at
imposing its logic over scattered, segmented places, increasingly
unrelated to each other, less and less able to share cultural codes.
Unless cultural and _physical_ bridges are deliberatly built between these
two forms of space, we may be heading toward life in parallel universes
whose times cannot meet because they are warped into different dimensions
of a social hyperspace."

Manuel Castells, The Information Age, vol I, The Rise of the Network
Society  (end of chap 6: "The Space of Flows")
Oxford: Blackwell, 1996/7)

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