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<nettime> Radio101, Croatia / SHORT-LIVED DEMOCRACY

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      It  was  only a year ago that thousands  of  people
demonstrated on the main square of Trg Ban Jelacic in the
capital  city  of Croatia, Zagreb, to show their  support
for  the  radio  station Radio 101, and to express  their
anger and resentment at a government which was using non
democratic  means to close down what they  considered  an
anti-governmental  radio show (in other  words,  a  radio
station  which  criticized and exposed the non-democratic
practices of the governing party). Radio 101 was  granted
its  liscence  after this event, and the city  of  Zagreb
experienced a sense of accomplishment and success in  its
practice   of   freedom   of   speech   and   expression.
Nevertheless,  the  taste  of  success  was  brief,   for
following their victory, Radio 101 has turned its various
programs into cynical exhibitions of jouvenille behaviour
which   express   and   support   racist,   sexist,   and
nationalistic attitudes prevalent in the very  government
which almost destroyed them.
    On November 13, 1997, Djurdja Knezevic was invited to
partake in a discussion on the topic of feminism on Radio
101  with  Predrag  Raos  which  was  entitled  "I  don't
understand".  After a brief and insulting introduction by
Mr.Raos,  Ms.Knezevic  was  subjected  to  insult   after
insult,  ranging from slanders on Women's  Groups,   anti
lesbian  remarks,  and various other mindless  jargon  to
which  she was not given adequate time or opportunity  to
rebuke  or  debate. In short, there was little to  debate
seeing  that  Ms.Knezevic's presence was solely  for  the
purpose  of  one  man's  expression  of  his  hatred  and
prejudiced  views. This being the case, Ms.Knezevic  left
the  radio program, at which Mr.Raos took the opportunity
to continue his slanderous and insulting remarks.
      We  are in the process of translating several texts
which  resulted  from  this radio  program,  however,  we
wanted to make those in the international community aware
of the  practices taking place in Radio 101 as  soon  as
possible.  We  believe  that  the  spreading   of   these
attitudes must be stopped, particularly when it  is  done
by a program or organisation which basis its identity  on
the false mask of "the only democratic  radio station  in
Croatia".  With  the  demostration as  a  well-documented
source of evidence, we feel that Radio 101 has abused the
trust  and good-will of all those who stood that  day  on
the main square, all of whom were there not for one radio
program/station,  but for the right to  practicing  one's
democratic rights, and not for the further spreading  and
expression of hatred, nationalism, anti-semitism, sexism,
racism,  which are plaguing the country and the minds  of
those in power.
      You  may  expect further materials and  information
relating  to  this  event, including a recording  of  the
actual program, so that there will be no doubt as to  the
above interpretation of the event. We would like to  take
concrete action against the above-mentioned practices and
would appreciate your support and any suggestions that you
may have.
    Once  again,   we must take action to support freedom
 of expression, the  freedom  of choice in lifestyle  and
thoughts, regardless of gender, race, nationality,  etc.,
and  to  ensure  that there will always  be  a  venue  to
express  these ideas. Radio 101 has failed in this  task,
but  we  will  not allow them to restrict this  right  to

Women's Infoteka
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