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1. Jetai            Conference on New Ways of Communicating
2. Eduardo Kac      Time Capsule
3. Citizen Vagrom   Media Conglomerates Seized by NYC Protestors
4. rasa             Xchange on-air session on-line!
5. Alt-X            New at Alt-X



From:  (Jetai)
Subject:        Conference on New Ways of Communicating

                           Official Programme

                Jetai'97 - New Ways of Communicating
                      November, 12th-15th 1997.
                 The University of Glasgow, Glasgow


1. General Information
2. Sessions, Talks and Workshops
3. The Conference Timetable

1. General Information

The field of modern communication is expanding so rapidly that even
specialists find it hard to keep track of recent developments. Jetai'97 is
being organised in order to bring together the diverse disciplines and
applications, and to investigate the implications of these exciting changes.

Talks and presentations at Jetai'97 will be about technical, medical, 
social, cultural and artistic uses of communication technology. The latest
developments and innovations will be discussed with experts from
professional and academic backgrounds. A comprehensive translation service
into 4 different languages (French, Italian, Spanish and Sign Language)
will be provided.

In addition to conference speeches, a variety of small group workshops
will take place under expert supervision. Jetai'97 is also complemented by
an exhibition where companies and businesses have the opportunity to
display their products and services. It will also feature a display of "40
Years of Computing" organised in conjunction with the Computer Services
and Computing Science departments and the Hunterian Museum. The exhibition
is open to the public free of charge and will run continuously throughout
the conference.

A typical conference day is split into 3 "sessions" which consist of a
number of presentations on a related subject. In order to offer delegates
an interesting programme, a choice of sessions and workshops will be
staged simultaneously.

2. Sessions, Talks and Workshops

The Programme of Jetai'97 comprises the following sessions:

OPENING Session (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 9.00am - 10.45am Bute Hall)
   * Ellen Jackson, Jetai UK:           Welcome address
   * Huge Harry, The Netherlands:       Opening Speech
   * Colin Green, Intel Corp.:          Keynote on "MMX Technology"

JAVA - (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 11am - 12.30pm)
   * Grahame Reynolds, SUN Microsystems:=20
        Overview of current and future Java Technology
   * Dieter Metzger, Daimler Benz, Germany:
        Remote control of a wind tunnel using Java
   * Mark Stiles, Staffordshire University:
        The COSE project
   * Tim Stammers, Computer Magazine:

   * Prof. Anne H. Anderson, HCRC, University of Glasgow:
        Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Human
   * Prof. Terry Mayes, Glasgow Caledonian University:
        The vicarious learner            
   * Dr Andrew Monk, University of York:
        Fit for purpose? Making Communication Technology work

WORKING, TEACHING AND LEARNING WITH IT - (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 11am - 
   * Mike Tate, British Telecom:
        The future of work
   * Alison Smith, University of the Highlands and Islands:
        Using telematics to breakdown barriers of access to further and
        higher education
   * Ashley Lloyd, Univ. of Edinburgh:
       Metropolitan Area Networks and management education: EaStMAN and 
       the Omni.bus project
   * Gill Price, University of Wales, Aberystwyth:
        A NEAT delivery of advisory services

ART & IT (I) - (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 2.00pm - 3.30pm)
   * Angus Farquhar, NVA:
        NVA projects (VWO, Stormy Waters)
   * Van Gogh TV:
        VAN GOGH TV's past -  present - future ideas and examples for=20
        interfacing "Cyberspace and Reality"
   * Stelarc, Australia
        PARASITE - Event for invaded and involuntary body

NETWORK TECHNOLOGY - (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 2pm - 3.30pm)
   * Martin Cook, Cisco UK Ltd:
        The future of Intra- and Extranets
   * Francois Lancon, Bay Networks:
        Adaptive networking
   * Nigel Hawthorn, 3COM:
        Planning and Implementing an Intranet

EXHIBITON FEATURES - (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 2pm - 3.30pm)
   * Lynn Coventry, NCR:
        Advertising ATM
   * Paul Readman, Saville:
        The presentation revolution
   * Rachel McEwan, University of Glasgow:
        Crossing boundaries - virtual teamworking in a Multimedia 

WWW - (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 4pm - 5.30pm)
   * Mark Overd, Alcatel UK:
        Alcatel internet terminals
   * Elizabeth Bartley, Microsoft:
        Remembering the basics - web design as a medium of communication
   * Dr. Janet Hitzeman, University of Edinburgh:
        The ILEX and SOLE projects: A personal, dynamic, talking web 
   * Linzi Perth:
        WWW design
   * Lucy Smallwood, University of Glasgow:
        Web DESIREables

ART & IT (II) - (Thursday, Nov. 13th, 4pm - 5.30pm)

   * Kathy Rae Huffman & Eva Wohlgemuth, Austria
        Women online: Face Settings , a real virtual, cooking & 
        communication forum for women.
   * Simon Yuill, University of Dundee
        The "STRUT" performance series
   * Rachel Baker
        Irational.Org - be your own propagandist

LEGAL ASPECTS OF THE NET - (Thursday, Nov. 14th, 4pm - 5.30pm)
   * Yaman Akdeniz, 
        Cyber-Rights & Cyber-Liberties,
   * Prof. Clive Walker, University of Leeds:
        Digital Democracy: Dilemmas of Freedom
   * Duncan Campbell, Guardian papers:
        Surveillance & Supervision: Privacy, secret intelligence and the 
        wired world
   * Lilian Edwards, University of Edinburgh:
        Interent regulation

TELEMEDICINE - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 10am - 12.30pm)
   * Dr Pradeep Ramayya, Society for Computing and Technology in 
        Telemedicine - a new mode of health care delivery
   * Prof. Fatima Adilova, Institute of Cybernetics, Uzbekistan:
        Telemedicine in the former SU states
   * Dr Donnie Ross, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary:
        Computers & Creativity in Hospitals - The Elusive Vision
   * Prof. Gavin Kenny, Glasgow
        Live video link to operation in Southern General Hospital

MOBILE COMMUNICATION AND COMPUTING - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 10am - 11.30pm)
   * Tim Sagar, Alcatel UK:
        Evolution and delivery of value added services
   * Brian Turner, Nokia:
        Mobile phone meets the Internet
   * Paul Kurth, IBM:
        Function and industrial use of ThinkPads
   * Richard Alexander, University of Glasgow
        The mobile desktop

ELECTRONIC SPEECH - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 10am - 11.30pm)
   * Klaus Failenschmid M.A., Dialogue Research, Vocalis:
        Spoken Language Dialogue Systems - Dreams and Reality
   * Dr Norman Alm, University of Dundee:
        Some new communication opportunities and some old challenges for
        people with special needs
   * Steve Renals, ILASH, University of Sheffield:
        Speech recognition

VIRTUAL WORLDS - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 2pm - 3.30pm)
   * Chris Thornborrow, Silicon Graphics:
        VRML for Virtual Worlds
   * Andy Campbell, Red Lemon Studios:
        Development of a computer game
   * Eva Wohlgemuth, Austria:
   * Dr Paul Siebert, Turing Institute:
        Communicating in the 3rd dimension

COMMUNITY SPACE & CYBERSPACE - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 2.00pm - 3.30pm)
   * Dr. Andrew McDonald, CCIS, Edinburgh:
        Mr McLuhan visits Craigmillar - Fast Forward through the Rearview
        Mirror - Digital Digerati or Digitally Deprived?
   * David Keltie, Zygosis:
        Doubly Disadvantaged? The Electronic Revolution and Local Urban
   * Nigel Paine, SCET:
        IT Projects in the Community
   * Michael Mulquin, Communities Online:
        Communities Online to promote community networking initiatives
        throughout the UK

BUSINESS ON THE WEB - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 2.00pm - 3.30pm)
   * Gary Lynch, UUNet:
        Exploiting the Internet for business
   * Adrian Norman, Worldwide Electronic Trading Ltd.
        Overview of Electronic commerce
   * Robert Snedden, Provisions on the Net:
        The virtual shop - a personal perspective

VIDEOCONFERENCING - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 4.00pm - 5.30pm)
   * Gry Holthe, Tandberg ASA, Oslo:
        Videoconferencing: The innovative communication tool
   * Dr Paul Cockshott, Strathclyde University
        Fractal Compression - the Strathclyde Compression Technique
   * Roy Bennett, University College London:
        MBone Videoconferencing

HIGH BANDWIDTH NETWORKS - (Friday, Nov. 14th, 4.00pm - 5.30pm)
   * Joe Frost, 3COM:
        Understanding the business benefits of ATM=20
   * Colin Cooper, University of Glasgow
        The network situation in Scotland
   * Dave Harney, Cisco UK:
        ATM and Multilayer Switched Campus Network Design
   * Jean Ritchie, Scottish Higher Education Funding Council
        Multimedia teaching materials and the Scottish MANs

THE FUTURE OF THE NET - (Saturday, Nov. 15th, 10.00pm - 2.00pm)
   * Erik Huizer, SurfNet, The Netherlands
        Introduction to the topic
   Subsequent panel discussion with various representatives from all
   (including:  Chris Thornborrow, Silicon Graphics
                Malcolm Crowe, University of Paisley
                John Martin, TERENA
                Van Gogh TV
                Scottish Enterprise)
2a Workshops
        Java workshop           SUN Microsystems, Thu & Fri 2pm - 3.30pm
                                                            4pm - 5.30pm
        Html                    Linzi Perth, Fri 10pm - 11.30pm
        Videoconferencing       MCG, Thu & Fri 4pm - 5.30pm
        Electronic Music        NVA, Fri 2pm - 3.30pm
        Brainstorming           VGTV, Fri 2pm - 6pm

3. The conference timetable

Wednesday, November 12th        * Conference accreditation
                                * Accommodation
                                * Exhibition/Stand setup for exhibitors
                                * 19.00 Formal welcome reception with the
                                  Lord Provost of Glasgow, Glasgow City 

Thursday - November 13th        9.30 - 11.00    Official opening of the 
                                                conference and keynote
                                11.00 - 12.30   Morning sessions
                                12.30 - 14.00   Lunch break
                                14.00 - 15.30   Afternoon sessions and 
                                15.30 - 16.00   Coffee break and official 
                                                visit by Brian Wilson,
                                                Minister for
                                                Industry and Education
                                16.00 - 17.30   Evening sessions and
                                Evening:        Conference Ceilidh
                                20.00 -         "Face Settings" 
                                                Streetlevel Gallery, 

Friday - November 14th.         10.00 - 12.30   Morning sessions
                                12.30 - 14.00   Lunch break
                                14.00 - 15.30   Afternoon sessions and 
                                15.30 - 16.00   Coffee break
                                16.00 - 17.30   Evening sessions and 
                                20.00 - 21.30   "Glasgow by Night" - tour.
                                Streetlevel Gallery, Glasgow:
                                20.00 - 21.00   Performance, Colin Andrews
                                21.00 - 22.00   Performance, Sandreuter

Saturday - November 15th.       10.00 - 14.00   Special morning session
                                14.30 - 17.00   Shopping in Glasgow for
                                                international delegates
                                14.00 - 18.00   Lounge session
                                                Streetlevel Gallery, 
                                Evening:        Jetai'97 Conference Party
                                Streetlevel Gallery, Glasgow:
                                20.00 - 21.00   Performance, Linzi Perth
                                21.00 - 22.00   "Between floor and 
                                                Simon Yuill
                                22.00 -         Huge Harry says goodbye

Performances of a number of artists attending the conference will take 
place at Streetlevel Gallery, Glasgow in conjunction with the Elevator
performance series broadcast.







What: Event in which a microchip (identification transponder tag) will be
implanted in the artist's left arm

Artist: Eduardo Kac (

When: Tuesday, November 11, 1997, at 9:30 PM Sao Paulo time

Where: Casa das Rosas Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil

On the air: Live on national Brazilian television via TV Cultura, in the
daily program "Metropolis," at 9:30 PM Sao Paulo time (via Intelsat)

Online: Live Webcast (November 11) at

Additional information and permanent site:


"Time Capsule" is a work-experience that lies somewhere between a local
event-installation, a site-specific work in which the site itself is both
the artist's body and a remote database, and a simulcast on TV and the
The object that gives the piece its title is a microchip with a programmed
identification number which is integrated with a coil and a capacitor, all
hermetically sealed in biocompatible glass.  Scanning the implant
generates a low energy radio signal (125 KHz) that energizes the microchip
to transmit its unique and inalterable numerical code, which is shown on
the scanner's 16-character Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

As we call "memory" the storage units of computers and robots, we
antropomorphize our machines, making them look a little bit more like us.
In the process, we mimic them as well.  Memory today is on a chip.  The
body is traditionally seen as the sacred repository of human-only
memories, acquired as the result of genetic inheritance or personal
Memory chips are found inside computers and robots and not inside the
human body yet.  In "Time Capsule", the presence of the chip (with its
recorded retrievable data) inside the body forces us to consider the
co-presence of internal lived memories and external artificial memories
within us.
External memories become implants in the body, anticipating future
instances in which events of this sort might become common practice and
inquiring about the legitimacy and ethic implications of such procedures
in the digital culture.  Live transmissions on television and on the Web
bring the issue closer to our living rooms.

Eduardo Kac is an artist and writer who works with electronic and photonic
media.  His work has been exhibited widely in the United States, Europe,
and South America.  Kac's works belong to the permanent collections of the
Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Holography in Chicago, and
the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, among others.  He is a
member of the editorial board of the journal Leonardo, published by MIT
Press.  In 1995 he received the prestigious Shearwater Foundation
Holography Award for his body of work in the medium, and in 1996 he
received a grant from the same foundation to compile the first book on the
aesthetic theory of holography (in progress).  His anthology "New Media
Poetry: Poetic Innovation and New Technologies" was published in 1996 as a
special issue of the journal Visible Language, of which he was a guest
editor.  His writings on electronic art have appeared in several books and
journals in many countries, including Australia, Austria, Brazil, Finland,
France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Russia, United
Kingdom, and United States.  He is an Assistant Professor of Art and 
Technology at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and has received
numerous grants and awards for his work.  Kac works with  multiple media
to create hybrids from the conventional operations of existing
communications systems, engaging participants in situations involving
elements such as light, language, distant places, time zones,
telerobotics,  interspecies interaction, video conferences, biological
elements, and the exchange of digital information.  Often relying on the
indefinite suspension of closure and the intervention of the participant,
his work encourages confrontation of complex issues concerning identity,
agency, responsibility, and the very possibility of communication.
Eduardo Kac can be contacted at:  His work can be seen at:


Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 07:31:47 -0800 (PST)
From: Citizen Vagrom <>
Subject: Media Conglomerates Seized by NYC Protestors

C I T I Z E N   V A G R O M
Local Platform
                 ->  the information subway
         Tune in to TV Channel 29 Wednesday November 12th
         (12 noon P.S.T.) for exciting coverage of the media
         revolution in progress

Citizen Vagrom's November installment presents a video scrap book on
the New York Free Media Alliance's recent Media Mogul Tour, where citizens
re-claimed  public airwaves and seized public assets.

H E A D L I N E - - - - > 

[New York City] International Federation Restores Public Ownership of
Airwaves -- Joe-Friendlian Revolutionaries Seize the Means of Mass
Communication and hold Public Court Condemning Media Monopolists.  

P U B L I C   A C C E S S - - - - >  where to find the video, the sites

Film at 12 Noon Wednesday, November 12th on TCI owned and operated
CH 29.

F R E E video rentals available at Rain City Video (Ballard, Fremont,
Sunset Hill), Scarecrow (Ravenna, U. District), Vertigo (Capitol Hill),
Broadway (Broadway Market).

Netcasts on RealVideo in cooperation with Freespeech TV: http://; Ney York Free Media Alliance site: http://

M E D I A   M O G U L   T O U R  - - - - - - - - >

It was the single largest anti-privatization gesture since, well, it's
hard to remember when.

GE (NBC) ........................................SEIZED
NEWS CORP (FOX) ..................................SEIZED
WESTINGHOUSE (CBS) ..............................SEIZED
DISNEY (ABC) .....................................SEIZED
TIME/WARNER (CNN) ...............................SEIZED

Hundreds of Media Activists took to the streets during the recent Media
and Democracy Congress for a Mogul World Tour.  According to anarchist
member of the Toronto Media Collective Jesse Hirsh, speaking in accord
with Article 19 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, public retraction of media properties owned by the above
corporations would ensue immediately.

Citizen Vagrom was there to document the historic event.

Vagrom's November issue showcases some of the best articulators of the
growing Media and Democracy movement's raison d'etre, and some are
likening the effort to the beginnings of the war resistance movement, or
to the Civil Rights Movement in the early 50's.

The video includes the words and ideas of such distinguished speakers
as Neil Postman (author/educator), Jeff Cohen (F.A.I.R.), DeeDee Halleck
(Deep Dish TV), Laura Flanders (F.A.I.R.), Robert McChesney (author), Karl
Grossman (anti-nuclear activist), Sut Jhally (Advertising Critic),
Jessica Glass (Paper Tiger TV), and more.

According to the Canadian anarchist Hirsh, the plan at present is to
review the extent of our new public holdings, and to begin the process of
becoming a global media cooperative under democratic leadership.  

Rupert Murdoch, former CEO at NewsCorp, is reported to have been fired
from his post, but can take active part in the new public entity, as can
all other concerned citizens.

for more information...

please contact Vagrom at 206.344.6434, or send e-mail to:

                      *  *  *  *  *  *  *

This is an initial release from the New York Free Media Alliance
(sponsors/instigators of the March), which says it better than we could

Mogul World Tour march of October 17, 1997, NYC:

According to media historian Bob McChesney, this was the first 
demonstration of its kind in U.S.. history.  May there be many more 
marches on the media moguls, until corporate control of the media and 
our airwaves subsides and there is room for widespread 
commerical-free communication by, for, and about the public.

SEE video grabs of boisterous, pointedly critical, loud, informed, 
fun-loving and intelligent demonstrators;  READ information about each 
stop on the route (in this case it REALLY IS 'edutainment').
Pictured: Media & Democracy Congress participants, MW 
Double-Decker Tour Bus, Bread & Puppet Circus Media Dogs, 
Musicians, media activist people of all ages and colors, interested 
onlookers joining in the march, colorful signs and banners. 

Recommended reading for the media mind & soul.  Don't hesitate to 
look at all of the pages on the site; each stop on the Mogul World Tour 
gets better than the last.  Great work as usual, Michael Eisenmenger!  

We've gotten a bunch of calls to the NYFMA voicemail (212) 969-8636  
with encouraging, positive, and appreciative comments about the march; 
and one woman who was irked that she couldn't speak to a human being 
on our phone number.

Four days later requests are still coming in for the beautiful and 
info-packed flier, created to distribute on the actual route, by Peter
Steve Rendall, Mike Eisenmenger, and Amy Melnick.  (Includes the info 
on each media mogul listed on the site above, minus the action-packed 
video-grabs). For a copy of your own, call 212-969-TOFM.

Initial reports are that at least two people are known to have said that 
they were watching the public access cablecast of the pre-tour with Bob 
McChesney, and that they did indeed turn off their TVs and go to the 
demo.  In another report, FedEx employees in Midtown with a view of us 
in the street from their office above were impressed and energized.  
Contrary to the report in Wired the next day, they apparently  got a clear 
idea of what the 350+ people were there to say.

Anyway, On To The Next!

Contact Paper Tiger TV for a videotape of the Tour, as well as a pre-tour 
video walk-thru with Prof. McChesney at; or check out 
Citizen Vagrom's November videoZine for that cranky perspective...
                                              NEW YORK
Media for Change         <<< FREE MEDIA >>>     Changing the Media

                                voicemail: (212) 969-TOFM


Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 19:56:35 +0200
To: nettime-l <>
From: rasa <>

*XCHANGE on-air session* 

- some news from Riga:

Tonight -------->November 12, 1997 
at 22:00 there is Xchange festival OPENING party with live music jam
session       by Latvian musicians and DJs with participation of Isa
from London&France [FinDeSiecle band] 

Tomorrow we start conference and in the evening everybody is
welcome to participate remotely in " workshop".
During the festival (13-15 nov.) there will be available
       CHAT room on Xchange Web-site, 
             LIVE broadcasting from all festival events, 
   live IMAGES and 
         3D VIRTUAL model of conference places.

PROGRAM and more info you can find at

Please JOIN us in Xchange LIVE BROADCASTING sessions:
       Thursday [November 13]_______19:30-23:30 (riga time = GMT +2h)
       Friday [November 14]_________ 20:00-23:00 

LIVE AUDIO stream:


          live real audio stream:
XCHANGE is 4 days event in Riga focused on Internet radio experiments and
development of the Interface for eXchange Network.

|-| conference+workshop |-| presentations+discussions  |-|
on-line press conference |-| live music jam sessions+concerts |-|
screenings - night parties |-|


|*| live broadcasting [real audio + live images] from all Xchange events
|*| net.casting of remote participants |*| available chat room |*| 


Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 18:55:31 -0700
To: Alt-X <>
From: (Alt-X)
Subject: New at Alt-X - November 10, 1997


New at Alt-X:

Digital Studies:  Being In Cyberspace

The most recent addition to our rapidly growing Hyper-X
network installation, the Digital Studies "online exhibition,"
curated by Mark Amerika and Alex Galloway, features some
of the most innovative hypermedia art being coded in the
electrosphere!  The DS group of artists and theorists being
showcased here include Roy Ascott, Shelley Jackson, Vuk
Cosic, Lev Manovich, Knut Mork, Erwin Redl, INTIMA, 
Ricardo Dominguez, Juliet Ann Martin, Tina Laporta, Claire Cann, 
Richard Allalouf, Nino Rodriguez, Melinda Rackham, Jeff Zilm, 
Dr. Hugo, Nari, La Societe Anonyme, Jennifer McCoy, Kevin McCoy 
and Torsten Burns.

Alt-X Audio

Alt-X is now actively streaming both home-grown
and specially-curated audio installations.  The program streams
every Saturday night at 11:00 pm Mountain Standard Time
and, for our overseas listeners, on Sundays at 5:00 am MST.
We will also have an active archive set-up for random listening
of past shows!

Our initial blasts into space will feature Ambient
Fiction from Erik Belgum and Eric Lyon's breakthrough CD
*Retirement Fund*, clips from the Dogma Hum Archives (featuring
Mark Amerika on vocals), Raymond Federman reading from his classic
Pomo novel *Take It Or Leave It*, and all manner of excessive
word-dub from the Alt-X Audio Files.  This new addition to our
endless push-media mayhem is NOT FOR EVERYONE.  But don't take our
word for it -- tune in yourself!

Alt-X Virtual Imprints

Since Alt-X's inception in 1993, our primary mission has been to
challenge both the art and literary publishing establishments by
supporting some of the most iconoclastic voices and visions in
the international art world.  Our new *Virtual Imprints* section
brings to web-readers some of this Century's most subversive
narrative art, including electronic reprints of classic
interventionist writings of the recent past like Ronald
Sukenick's landmark novel OUT and Raymond Federman's
post-holocaust novella VOICE IN THE CLOSET.

V-Imprints also features a backlist of excellent anthologies,
including *The Write Stuff*, our collection of over 50 interviews
with writers, artists and political activists like Leslie Marmon
Silko, William T. Vollmann, Mark Leyner, George Landow, Avital
Ronell, Sadie Plant, Marcos Novak, Bret Easton Ellis, Douglas
Coupland, Kathy Acker, Dennis Cooper, Stephen Wright, Larry
McCaffery, Rikki Ducornet and many others.  For those interested
in sexually-transgressive fiction, our popular *Dirty Desires* 
anthology celebrates our Freedom To Write in cyberspace, while
those of you curious about the still headline-grabbing Avant-Pop
phenomenon will want to open up our *In Memoriam To Postmodernism* 
essay collection featuring work from Michael Joyce, Eurydice, Don
Webb, Curtis White, Lance Olsen, Steve Shaviro, Martin Schecter
and many others.

And as if this were not enough, our *Interzones: Genre-Blending*
anthology features a diversity of un-definable writing styles from
Alt-X correspondents all around the world!

For more information send email to

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