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<nettime> keystone konspiracy

[from NTKnow (07/11/97), "*the* weekly high-tech sarcastic 
 update for the UK"; <http://www.ntk.net/> for more info.]

         You're NICed, my sahn! EUGENE KASHPUREFF, founder of
         AlterNIC and brave freedom-fighter against the NETWORK
         SOLUTIONS conspiracy (along with a bunch of other kooks)
         was picked up by the Canadian Mounties and thrown in prison
         on Monday, to await possible extradition to the US. Back in
         July, Kashpureff exploited a flaw in the BIND DNS software
         to hijack visitors to Network Solution's www.internic.net
         and re-direct them to his own site - a protest against
         NSI's monopoly on domain name registration. At the time,
         Kashpureff predicted becoming "a bigger martyr than Phil
         Zimmermann". Hardly up there with the Beatles >= Christ
         mapping, and we don't recall Zimmermann doing a runner
         across the border when the Feds closed in - but it looks
         like he's got his wish. The FBI now plan to nab him on
         federal wire and computer fraud charges - oh, and unlawful
         possession of a suspicious Russian-sounding name.


         - hey, kids! You too can be a martyr (requires BIND 4.9.5)

[heh]->  http://www.httpd.com/cam/                  kind of poignant

"It was in the nineteenth century that each person began to have the right 
 to his little box for his little personal decomposition."   --M. Foucault

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