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<nettime> benefit actions needed!!!

[under construction]

Some time now on civil/NGO scene in Zagreb there is great need for some
open social space, some 'temporary autonomous zone', where different
initiatives and actions (exhibitions, performances) could take place, as
well as serving as meeting place, club, cyber-cafe, or coffee-shop where
people could meet, place to view video, read newspapers or fanzines, buy
alternative press etc. Currently artistic scene in Zagreb is deeply rooted
in social, cultural and political mainstream, all small islands of
independent creation are without proper space as channel towards the
public, so many initiatives and projects disappear without recognition and
support. Result is that lot of young artists have left the country in order
to wash the dishes in Amsterdam or London.
On the other side alternative political scene is also marginalised by the
media, and without open social space is closing itself in offices and
private circles. In order to establish real alternative artistic, social,
and political culture we need our own specific and recognisable space.

Initiative has started around political pop mega.zin Arkzin  (as part of
our 'Towards 2000. development plan') and ZAP (Zagreb Anarchist Movement)
to create Autonomous Cultural Factory -ATTACK, as a club/production/
gallery/meeting place, where 'veterans' of civil scene could informally,
in friendly discussion exchange informations, develop ideas, as well as
pass their knowledge and informations to others, especially youth. It
would be a place for exhibitions, performances, lectures and various
workshops, where guests from different ex-Yu and European countries and
organisations present their work in various fields - be it arts, theory,
or civil movements.
Cultural politics would be oriented towards multicultural and trans-
national exchange.
Important part of ATTACKs identity and politics would be productive work,
development of creative environment where new ideas and collaborations
could arise, a place that would not only present new art, ideas, movements
and theories but also create them.

Several initiative mettings are held, action group organised and plans for
future action made.
On their annual meeting we have presented our project to the Trans Europe
Halles network because of the support we will very much need in
establishment of Autonomous Cultural Factory, Zagreb, as well as
collaboration and exchange of programmes in the future.
Besides discussions and proposals to several donors, we have passed idea
among civil groups and NGOs mostly around AntiWar Campaign, to make
agreement that every of organisations will inform of collective membership
monthly contribute some smaller amount (50-100 DM) and in that way collect
initial budget for therent of the space. There are 12 civic groups so far,
which signed the contract and payed for the group membership.
We have printed 5.000 posters (city authorities already sent us bill for
unauthorised postering) and 20.000 flyers. Membership cards are in
preparation, as well as 100 T-shirts.
Around 1600 letters were sent to the individual adresses of various
artists, public persons and organisations with invitation to join the
club, donate some of their works, or in any other way contibute to the
establishment of ATTACK.
For four days an information desk was held on Cvjetni trg, one of the main
city squares, and individual memberships are collected (20kn=5 DM
monthly). There are 253 individual members so far.
On 25th October we have organised a flee market in order to collect
additional funds, individual memberships but also to start promotion
campaign for ATTACK. Financial result: around 2.000 DM is collected.
Public attention: the event was coverd by 2 TV crews and 3 newspaper
Also several interventions in public spaces are planned to turn attention
of the public towards our project.
Automatic e-mail mailing list is made on ZaMir BBS network so all messages
sent to the / adress are passed to all members
of the list.
Currently we are checking various available spaces in Zagreb, in order to
rent one by November 15th and start actual work of ATTACK in its own

Planned activities:
- club
- gallery / exibitions / instalations
- lectures / round tables / promotions
- workshops (nonviolence, women's, ecology, creativity...)
- video (in collaboration with ELECTRA, women's art center)
- cybercafe (organised in collaboration with ZaMir team)
- info-shop (books, magazines, fanzines, CD, tapes...)
- visiting lecturers / artists

- individual membership
- group / NGO membership
- foundations
- support from TEH network (26 european alternative culturalcentres)
- cybercafe
- infoshop
- entrance for some programs

Equipment needs:
- computers with modems for Internet
- video equipment for screening and video production center
- audio equipment (CD player, cassette recorder, amplyfier,loudspeakers,
- furniture and kitchen/bar equipment (refrigerator, coffe machine,vacuum
  cleaner, glasses, cups)
- office equipment (telephone, fax machine, photocopier, onecomputer with
  modem, printer)

Initial costs:
legal registration--> 1.500 DM
three telephone lines--> 3.000 DM
rent--> 3000 DM

Contact persons

Republike Austrije 17/I
HR-10000 Zagreb
tel: +385 1 / 37 77 866
fax: +385 1 / 37 77 867

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