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<nettime> Autonomedia Radical Sheroes and Heroes Calendars

Autonomedia, a radical publishing collective in New York City, has just
published two 1998 calendars that should be of interest to this list. 
	One, in its sixth year of publication, is the "Autonomedia Calendar of
Jubilee Saints," an all-radical heroes calendar, and the other "Sheroes and
Womyn Warriors," is an all-radical women's calendar. 
	Both have full color covers, over 400 images and pocket biographies of real
radical heroes and sheroes, are wall calendars that open to 16 inches wide by
24 inches tall, and sell for $8 postpaid each. All text is in English.
	They are very educational and make great holiday gifts. They can be ordered
by check or money order from Autonomedia at POB 568 Williamsburgh Station,
Brooklyn, NY 11211-0568. More information is available at autonobook@aol.com
or by fax from 718-963-2603.
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