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1. luxus cont.          issue 2: 'SOUND SYSTEM/SYSTEM SOUND'         
2. benjamin weil        adaweb newsletter #12
3. Jay Robert Hauben    Call for Articles about Usenet
4. MediaFilter          October Review of Name.Space
5. Josephine Berry      Mute: Art News Schmooze
6. Ulf Schleth          27.10.-2.11.:EPIZOO


contd - electronic magazine

issue 2 out now:



fuer ausgabe 2 schrieben u.a.

BENJAMIN BECK (berlin) ueber $, paradoxien, lenin und luhmann; 
JOSEPHINE BERRY (london) ueber 'x', tischgespraeche, maeuse und 
michael jackson; PAOLO BIANCHI (baden) ueber coolness, crossover, 
selbstsubversion und schallplatten; RALF BOENT (berlin) ueber 
zeuthen, zigaretten, zuege und zweihundert; NICOLAS COLLINS (berlin) 
(im interview) ueber lucier, cds, electronik und spiritualismus; FAT 
(london) ueber cut'n'paste, muzac, foley und funfairs; DAVID GRUBBS 
grubbs (chicago) (im interview) ueber oehlen, sonic turn, noise und 
gastr; ULRICH GUTMAIR (berlin) ueber myth sience, alvin & heidi, 
1973 und detroit; DREW HEMMENT (lancaster) ueber freiheit, 
maschinen, echos und diy; VLADIMIR MUZHESKY [under construction] 
(amsterdam) ueber vr, vrml, midi, snd,; STUPID OCTAVE CAT (los 
angeles) ueber 101, 202, 303, 505, 606, 707, 808, 909 und 404; RAUL 
MINSBURG (buenos aires) ueber komposition, dialog, erwartung und 
erinnerung; TIM READ (london) ueber gaia, hard, rush und mov; SILVER 
APPLES (new york) (im interview) ueber rauchen, dt. ingenieure, 
dalai lama und langeweile; TERRE THAEMLITZ (new york) ueber billy 
joel, stilleben, widerstand und nostalgie; CARL-JOHAN VALLGREN 
(berlin) ueber bronnen, brecht, radio und volkswohlfahrt.

der *themenpark*-schwerpunkt fuer ausgabe 3 (fall/winter 97/98) wird 
demnaechst annonciert. die ausgabe erscheint im januar 98. die 
rubriken *luxusliner* und *panoramabus* werden weiterhin nach bedarf 
und zulauf aufdatiert und sind nicht ausgabegebunden.


" ... neuer server ... "


seit anfang 1997 editiert 'luxus cont.' das elektronische magazin 
'contd', das vierteljaehrlich im www publiziert wird. das projekt 
versteht sich als strukturell und thematisch offenes modul und ist 
fuer den zeitraum von mindestens einem jahr entworfen. fuer 1998 ist 
eine buchveroeffentlichung aus bis dahin erstellten beitraegen 
vorgesehen, die bei fortbestehen des projektes als zwischenservice 
fuer die offline-oeffentlichkeit gestaltet ist.

'contd' besteht aus drei passagen:
#themenpark, #panoramabus, #luxusliner

im *themenpark* erscheinen texte, die ein zuvor annonciertes thema 
haarfein und trennscharf weiter/beschreiben. die beitraege sind von 
art und umfang intensiver und 'diskursiver' als die texte in den 
folgenden Passagen. genauere info zu den passagen: die passagen

*luxusliner* und *panoramabus* stehen ohne schwerpunkt offen.

adaweb newsletter #12

1/ "Map the Gap" at the Storefront for Art and Architecture, 
97 Kenmare Street at Centre Street (Cleveland Place)
opening October 28, 1997, 6-8PM.  until  november 29.

2/ the Berkeley Oracle, by Jochen Gerz, 
produced by the Berkeley Art Museum

3/ "Reflex", a monthly collumn on new media art
by Timothy Druckrey

a s   o f   n o v e m b e r   1 5

1/  "Map the Gap" is a 3D documentary organized by the adaweb team, as an 
attempt to trace the  collaborative process with the artists we have been 
working, for almost three years now.  Documents of all nature are 
assembled to reveal each artist's different understanding of the medium, 
as well as her or his evolving thought process as the production takes 
We see this display as an extension of the browser's "view source" 
function, as the process of "building a page" is not as obvious as the 
coding that an html page reveals.  And yet, the web is often understood 
as a "transparent medium" precisely because each and everyone can look at 
source codes.

With the web, art definitely becomes detached from the notion of the 
mastery of a medium, proceeding with the most "avant garde" artistic 
research of the 60s and 70s.  simultaneously, the exploration of this new 
medium led by artists may very well be one of the most compelling forms of 
research led on the nature of the space of information.

Please join us for the opening!
97 Kenmare Street at Centre Street (Cleveland Place)
opening october 28, 6-8PM.  until  november 29.

2/  The Berkeley Oracle is Jochen Gerz's second project for the web, and 
is produced by the Berkeley Art Museum.  His first, "The Plural 
Sculpture", was produced in the summer of 1995 by The State University of 
New York.  Both projects reflect upon the notion of a medium heralded for 
being able to foster community building, as well as for providing access 
to an encyclopedic amount of information.  The Berkeley Oracle is 
available in English, Spanish, German and French.

3/ As of November 15, adaweb is happy to welcome the internationally 
acclaimed media critic Timothy Druckrey, who will report monthly on his 
latest thoughts about art and new media, as he proceeds with his 
extensive traveling for lectures, symposia, or festivals around the 
world.  He recently edited "Electronic Culture", published last December
Aperture in New York.  He has also published extensively both on-line and 
off-line, in such magazines as Parachute and Telepolis.


the adaweb team (ainatte inbal, andrea scott, benjamin weil, cherise fong,
vivian selbo)
with the continued support of thomas degremont, susan hapgood, conrad
newman, matteo ames, and brian clyne

Call for articles about Usenet

The next issue of the Amateur Computerist will focus on the history, 
importance and current problems of Usenet. We welcome the submission 
of interviews and articles by or about the pioneers of Usenet, articles
about how or why you find Usenet important, articles about problems
on usenet like spamming or the posting of advertisements in 
inappropiate newsgroups, the plans for or problems of creating 
Usenet II, etc. Also welcome are special posts from the past, etc.

The deadline for articles is November 1, 1997.
Send submissions or questions to:

October Review of NAME.SPACE

Here is a brief summary of the last few weeks...

On Sept. 26, the day after the Congressional
Hearings on DNS when the National Science
Foundation revealed that the contract with
Network Solutions would be extended for 6 months
beyond the March 31, 1998 deadline, NSI went
public on the NY Stock Exchange... the IPO
(Initial Public Offering) raised 58.4 million$
on that day... [and the damages owed to
pgMedia/ skyrocketed]....(pgMedia is
officially listed as a risk to NSI shareholders)

At around the same time, based on information
which I discovered and disclosed publicly, the
US Treasury Department launched an investigation
into the fraudulent issuance of ISO 3166 country
codes for top level domains for Libya and Iraq,
(ly. and iq.).  Since the US Government's
declaration that Libya and Iraq are "terrorist
nations" it has been forbidden for US entities
to deal with Libyan or Iraqi nationals.  As
well, other questionable country codes have been
issued for commercial purposes for American
Samoa (as.) and Turkmenistan (tm.) [obvious
commercial value as "trademark"] without the
knowledge or consent of the countries involved.

I flew down to DC to attend the hearings, which
took place on September 25 and Sept. 30.  The
trip was productive in that it was a closeup
look at the tone and method the government is
taking in approach to this issue, and who the
players are.  The witnesses on the 25th were
Gabriel Battista, CEO of NSI, Larry Irving, US
Dept of Commerce, Joseph Bordogna, Director of
NSF, and John Postel, head of IANA. (more info
on hearings at

The testimonies revealed the parties admissions
that sharing the toplevel namespace is
technically feasable, including the sharing of
com. org. and net., and that there is no limit
to the number of potential tld's. NSI predicted
"18 months" before sharing is implemented-- John
Postel said it would be much less than that, a
point to which I agree.  We can do it already,
and have been for over half a year.

On the 30th, I appeared again in DC to present
our statement to the Committee and make it
available to the media.

The witnesses on that date were Barbara Dooley,
Head of CIX, Andy Cernowitz, AIM, Don Heath,
ISOC/IAHC/iPOC/MoU-CORE, Anthony Rutkowski, WIA.
 Mr. Heath presented the present permutation of
the MoU which was born under IAHC, which has now
dissolved into the mist from which it emerged,
and re-emerged as iPOC and the MoU-CORE--same
document, same plan,same people...only the
"operational name" has changed. (MoU=Memorandum
of Understanding; CORE=Council Of REgistries).

Heath had the arrogance to push his plan as
"fait accompli" and ask the Committee to fund
his nepotistic quid pro quo with the
infrastructure fund that comes from 30% of the
charges imposed on domain names. (the US House
of Representatives Subcommittee on Science
approves funding for the National Science

That very fund has been attatcked in a lawsuit
filed on October 21, that the Infrastructure
Fund, derived from fees imposed on domain names,
amounts to an illegally imposed tax on US
citizens and NON US citizens).

The other witnesses were all highly critical of
the MoU- CORE plan pushed by Don Heath.  The
Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Chip Pickering
agreed and told Heath that the MoU-CORE plan
will not sell in Main St. USA, and it will not
sell to the US Government.  The plan's creation
of offshore governance of the internet not
subject to US laws was of major concern, as well
as the self-created bureaucracy and their
trademark-preferred rules and regulations, all
unnecessary, was deemed unworkable.

On the sidelines, the SINDI project was
distributed and discussed.  It gained instant
appreciation as a positive step in the process
and an option to the MoU-CORE (iPOC) plan.
Alliances are forming around its objectives and
wider circles are emerging.

[SINDI=Shared Internet Namespace Development

The policies and practices of, since
its beginning, are starting to become recognized
in wider circles.  A report recently published
by the CATO institute by Professor Milton L.
Mueller entitled "Privatization, Competition,
and Freedom of Expression" reflects many of the
issues raised by the project,
including the issue of domain names as
expressions of free speech.

November 11 marks one year since the media birth
of, in Douglas Rushkoff's piece
which appeared on the front page of the Australian.
Since that time, the possibilities demonstrated
by and the policies and practices,
have become models for the structure of a
decentralized, secure, independent and international
internet namespace.

Global recognition is just a text edit away.

Mute: Art News Schmooze

We are currently trawling for 'fun-size' information to include in our
'Art News' listings page in our next issue of mute. The word 'Art' has
previously been very broadly interpretted - for instance, we included
details on a Deleuze and Guattari conference and the Hacking in Progress
festival in our last issue. We would like to preserve the arts emphasis,
but are always happy to receive any other related goodies.

If you do send us something, then please bear in mind the 2 golden rules:

1) The announcement should be short - 60 is the maximum word-length. You
should also make sure that all the information is there, including dates,
venue and contact details (if confirmed).

2) Our next issue is timed to come out at Christmas - this could possibly
get set back to the 2nd week in January. Therefore any event advertised
should still be running or begin after this date.

Please wrack your brains!

Thanks and all the best


---------mute: 2nd floor, 135-139 Curtain Rd, LONDON EC2A 3BX.
----------------------------T: +44 171 613 4743/ F: +44 171 613 4052
----------------------------------E: W:

                     marcel. li antnez roca

                           E P I Z O O

    "EPIZOO ist eine mischung aus performance und plastischer
    installation. das werk besteht unter anderem aus einer anzahl
    pneumatischer mechanismen, die durch zwei metallformen an
    antnuez krper gehalten werden, diese knnen krperteile
    (gesss, brust) und das gesicht (nase, mund, ohren) antnez
    bewegen. die zuschauer/mitspieler steuern mittels computer
    diese mechanismen ..."


              ausstellung: ab 16.00 eintritt: dm 2,-
         show: 21.00, 22.00 und 23.00 uhr eintritt: dm 15,-

                       Haus Schwarzenberg
                       Rosenthaler Str. 39
                          10178 Berlin

ulf schleth, bergstr. 21, D-10115 berlin, fon +49-30-28391180
fax +49-30-28391179, THE THING Berlin,

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