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<nettime> Useful Australia/Koori/land rights stuff...

[more info about Australia, part of the thread
of nettime-far-east/west /p]

This is from the writer Beth Spencer's homepage...
< >

after the photograph click links and you get...

Ok, before you do anything else, if you haven't
already, why not start by going straight to the
online petition in support of Native Title 

Or if you want to brush up on the issues first,
head off to Action for Aboriginal Rights -- a site designed
to provide students and others with information
on current Australian Indigenous issues, and
which has excellent links to related sites. 

Or you could go to the "Australians for
Native Title and Reconciliation" (ANTaR) site for heaps of background
information about the High Court's Wik Decision,
the implications of the Howard Government's
destructive Ten Point Plan, and other papers
to do with the mega-important issue of

For instance, there's the full text of
"Bringing Them Home", the Stolen Children report. 

If you want to join an email list to get involved
or just to keep up to date regarding these issues,
you'll want the subscription information
for Recoznet. 

And for more general news about this and that, you can
findout about Leftlink Pauline Hanson's least-favourite

There's much else on the site, including a link to a
Kylie page which is a bit suss I reckon - but kinda fun. 


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