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hi there,

the first cyberfeminist international had the honor and the burden to be
the last content-block @hybrid workspace in kassel 1997.

when we met yesterday after our last "show" in the parc for a good-bye
picnic, one of the women said, that it was my fault that we all met
here. i apologized and asked the participants to forget immediately that
they had been here and that they should forget about cyberfeminism as
soon as possible. maybe it was just another joke in a series...

after the picnic the final preparations for our big gender-bending party
went on. the hard work finally paid. we had hundreds of guests, drinking
and dancing a lot. especially the nicely dressed men (almost all were
wearing skirts and dresses and some of them seemed to even enjoy it!)
helped to create a good atmosphere.

but not only the party was a big success. almost all participants
(around 40 from 12 different countries!) contributed their personal
opinion on cyberfeminism and gave many inspiring lectures and
presentations for the workgroup as well as for the public and tried to
realte their work to cyberfeminism. 

after having had a strict borderline between the public and our group in
the beginning in form of big walls and just giving mediated images to
the public, we had learned after a while to lead and control the masses
and opened up our "workspace" more and more. in contradiction to a
cyberfeminist slogan, which says: "communication is futile",
communicating to the public in front of the door, what is going on
inside and that they should remain quiet, sit down and listen, really
helped, and many of the vistors enjoyed our lectures. they were allowed
to ask questions and in most cases even got answers - as far as we had

of course there are some hard questions for cyberfeminists - for
example: "what is cyberfeminism?". hopefully nobody ever gets an answer
to that one.

as we more or less agreed, that we would try to keep the term as open
and undenfined as possible in order to keep it lively and give as many
women as possible the chance to identify with the term and create their
own visions, we finally created the 100 anti-thesises. people who read
them will at least learn, what cyberfeminism is NOT, although this might
be unsatisfying for a certain species. you will find the antithesises
enclosed to this mail.  

so, what we basically did this week, was to get to know each other, to
show each other our work and to think about further cooperations. one of
our goals is to meet as often as possible, but a big meeting as this one
in kassel is unlikely for the near future. an alternative would be to
meet in smaller groups and exchange between the groups. another goal
could be, to work on a letter which we will distribute to all kind of
institutions, conferences, exhibitions etc., which announces, that the
cyberfeminist international exists and that we could help out, if they
were looking for theory or practice from cyberfeminists. (some rumors
say that there are not enough women, who work on technology, what we
simply can disprove!)

i would like to end with thanking everybody who made this historic
meeting possible and especially all the women who came here, took
responsibility for the common work and contributed their ideas and
thougts to the first cyberfeminist international.



100 anti-thesises

1. cyberfeminism is not a fragrance
2. cyberfeminism is not a fashion statement
3. sajbrfeminizm nije usamljen
4. cyberfeminism is not ideology, but browser
5. cyberfeminism nije aseksualan
6. cyberfeminism is not a boring
7. cyberfeminismus ist kein grnes h"keldeckchen
8. cyberfeminismus ist kein leerer k&uuml;hlschrank
9. cyberfeminismus ist keine theorie
10. cyberfeminismus ist keine praxis
11. cyberfeminism is not a tradition
12. cyberfeminism is not an institution
13. cyberfeminism is not using words without any knowledge of numbers
14. cyberfeminism is not complete
15. cyberfeminism is not error 101
16. cyberfeminismus ist kein fehler
17. cyberfeminismus ist keine kunst
18. cyberfeminism is not an ism
19. cyberfeminism is not anti male
20. sajbrfeminizm nige nesto sto znam da je
21. cyberfeminism is not a structure
22. cyberfeminismo no es una frontera
23. cyberfeminism nije poslusan
24. cyberfeminism nije apolitican
25. cyberfeminisme is niet concreet
26. cyberfeminism is not separatism
27. cyberfeminism is not a tradition
28. cyberfeminism is not maternalistic
29. cyberfeminisme is niet iets buitenlands
30. cyberfeminism is not without connectivity
31. cyberfeminismus ist nicht mehr wegzudenken
32. cyberfeminismus ist kein oxymoron
33. cyberfeminism is not on sale
34. cyberfeminism is not for sale
35. cyberfeminismus ist nicht gut
36. cyberfeminismus ist nicht schlecht
37. cyberfeminismus ist nicht modern
38. cyberfeminismus ist nicht post modern
39. cyberfeminism is not natural
40. cyberfeminism is not essentialist
41. cyberfeminism is not abject
42. cyberfeminism is not an avatar
43. cyberfeminism is not an alter ego
44. cyberfeminismus ist nicht tr&uuml;gerisch
45. cyberfeminismus ist nicht billig
46. cyberfeminismus ist nicht willig
47. cyberfeminisme n'est pas jaloux
48. cyberfeminism is not exclusive
49. cyberfeminism is not solid
50. cyberfeminism is not genetic
51. cyberfeminismus ist keine entschuldigung
52. cyberfeminism is not prosthetic
53. cyberfeminismo no tiene cojones
54. cyberfeminisme n'est pas triste
55. cyberfeminisme n'est pas une pipe
56. cyberfeminism is not a motherboard
57. cyberfeminism is not a fake
58. cyberfeminism nije ogranicen
59. cyberfeminism nije nekonfliktan
60. cyberfeminism nije make up
61. cyberfeminism nije zatvoren prozor
62. cyberfeminism is not a lack
63. cyberfeminism is not a wound
64. cyberfeminism is not a trauma
65. cyberfeminismo no es una banana
66. cyberfeminism is not a sure shot
67. cyberfeminism is not an easy mark
68. cyberfeminism is not a single woman
69. cyberfeminism is not romantic
70. cyberfeminism is not post modern
71. cyberfeminism is not a media hoax
72. cyberfeminism is not neutral
73. cyberfeminism is not lacanian
74. cyberfeminism is not nettime
75. cyberfeminism is not a picnic
76. cyberfeminism is not a cold fish
77. cyberfeminism is not cyberepilation
78. cyberfeminism is not a horror movie
79. cyberfeminism is not science fiction
80. cyberfeminism is not artificial intelligence
81. cyberfeminism is not a empty space
82. cyberfeminism is not immobile
83. cyberfeminism is not about boring toys for boring boys
84. cyberfeminismist keine vorlegenheitsl&ouml;sung
85. cyberfeminism is not a one way street
86. cyberfeminism is not supporting quantum mechanics
87. cyberfeminism is not caffeine free
88. cyberfeminism is not a non-smoking area
89. cyberfeminism is not daltonistic
90. cyberfeminism is not nice
91. cyberfeminismo no es callado
92. cyberfeminism is not lady like
93. cyberfeminismus ist nicht arrogant
94. cyberfeminismus ist keine nudelsauce
95. cyberfeminism is not mythical
96. cyberfeminism is not from outer space
97. cyberfeminismo no es Rock&Roll
98. cyberfeminism is not dogmatic
99. cyberfeminism is not stable
100. cyberfeminism has not only one language

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