F. van Ingen on Tue, 23 Sep 1997 15:46:25 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Wired got it: the first clone

You got to see this to believe it:

after years of intense research in sourcecodes of a.o. shulgin, cosic, netband
and even careful reproductions of images by <a
hotwired succeeded to publish a clone.
Don't underestimate the dimensions of this task:
word went out that  delegates travelled even to a small german town to
extract some pixels out of computerterminals at the local artfair
(documenta X).

Keep up the good work, wired!

%()= parasyte commentary (added by the sinistre moderator):

#jon: I would have thought the Jodi's might be a bit pissed!
#alexei: i'll try to follow the tradition and clone bunting.
#heath: will shulgin clone himself?
#hannah: hotwired sucks, they don't get it. the web is not the west coast.
#suzy: copy error mutant idiots
#uli: http://www.intel.com kick ass


re: the first clone
more commentary? what is the difference between a gallery and a
commercial website? is there any cool sponsoring? will there
be an original net.art? how much corrupted is wired by it's
advertisers? how high does the context count?

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