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<nettime> High MTNL Bills of Internet Users (fwd) (Indian Internet Consumers

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> Subject: High MTNL Bills of Internet Users Hi, I got this from Ravi
Sundaram. MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) is the - state owned -
telco in the Indian Metropolitan Cities (Bombay, Delhi, Madras, etc.) 

> 	SUB: The high MTNL bills of VSNL users
> hi
> 	As some of u already know, we are launching a campaign to have
> Internet Dialup  toll free.
> 	** When we take an account from VSNLthe duration of the account
> is 500 hrs, if we use up all of these hrs, and considering that we get a
> good clear connection in one try, the total bill for 500 hrs is         
> Rs. 12,936.
> 	** Upon payings huge amt to VSNL, we are able to aquire an account
> worth 500 hrs. Once again considering that we will get a good connection
> in one go the amt that MTNL will charge for 500 hrs, of usage of their
> lines is-- when added to the amt paid to VSNL for the account -- enough to
> burn a hole in ones pocket.
> 	** For MTNL the cost of one call irrespective of its duration, be
> it one minute or one hr, is only RS. 0.40. However MTNL charges Rs. 1.40
> for EVERY call, from the user, each calls duration being 3 minutes and 24
> seconds.
> 	** Student account users avail a discount and get a 500 hr text
> account for Rs. 500, hence we can see that VSNL charges a student Re. 1
> for one hr. However MTNL's Rs. 12,963 of tarrif for 500 hrs wipes out the
> effectiveness of the discouont that VSNL so generously give students.
> 	** Earlier some people used to use the phone lines as 'Hot Lines',
> however this was a very small portion of the users. According to MTNL
> their switches got clogged because of these users. However since now MTNL
> has added more exchanges and switches this problem has been taken care of.
> 	** All over the world, ISP phone numbers have been rendered toll
> free, so why should the ISP phone numbers in India, be treated any
> differently.
> 	We look forward to your support and encouragement in helping MTNL
> see it our way and making these numbers toll free. Kindly send in your
> mails regarding problems of Telephone Lines and Reduction of Tarrif to:
> 			Internet Regulars Club
> 			3-U DCM Building
> 			16 Barakhamba Rd.
> 			New Delhi-110001
> Kindly address the mails in the name of Mr. Raj Gupta Member TAC who will
> be taking up this issue with DoT. Please note that the mails have to be
> sent through post in order to serve as a documentary proof.
> If you need any more details please dont hesitate to contact us.
> Best Regards
> Coordination Committee
> Internet Regulars Club
> /* Internet Regulars Club is a non-profit organisation focused on
> promotion of Internet and assuring Better and Efficent Internet Usage.  */

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