edi muka on Thu, 18 Sep 1997 19:40:08 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Syndicate: bad news from albania

bad news from albania.
yesterday it was the first day that the official artistic life restarted 
in albania. there was the first exhibition in the naional gallery of 
arts in tirana from a couple of two young artists called "obsession". 
there were high expectations as well for a relatively big visual arts 
exhibition called "the lost aura" with 15 albanian artists in tirana and 
others to follow. these were signs that it was moving and it was moving 
in the right direction this time.

but today at 11.30 an unprecedented event suspended again everything in 
social and political life in albania. after insulting and even punching 
his homologues in the albanian parliament, the DP deputy, azem hajdari 
gets shoot from another deputy of the SP. he shoot hajdari within the 
parliament building five times wounding him seriously. after this the 
deputy hajdari was taken to the hospital and now his life is out of 
danger. the other deputy is under arrest. but the worst result out of it 
is that there is a real suspension in political and social life in 
albania and the situation is very tensed. everything is expected to 
happen and nobody nows what will happen indeed. even the event was of a 
personal character it has been politicized already and the DP and 
ex-president berisha have declared that they will abandon the parliament 
blaming the socialists for a political crime and will declare "their 
strategy of overthrowing the government". 

everybody has denounced the crime as an ordinary one (but DP) but the 
situation is very tensed. 

hope there want be any further aggravation of the situation. 
still waiting to see what will happen. 

edi muka,
tirana, albania.

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