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<nettime> ! Xchange #3 - september compilation on-line

-----------------------------------------     ---------
net.audio-radio.links XCHANGE                    #3
-----------------------------------------     ---------

Xchange #3 (september edition)
on-line since 8th of september
in Linz, Remote-C (Ars Electronica):


net.audio Xchange project entrance pages:

Xchange #3 (Linz) - http://remote.aec.at/Xchange
Xchange #2 (Berlin) - http://www.icf.de/RIS/Xchange
Xchange #1 (Riga) - http://ozone.parks.lv/Xchange

all editions are available through any of them

next (october) compilation -> Xchange #4 on-line on the 9th of october,
in Tallinn.

the current deadline to submit your audio and radio links:

        the 5th of october

contact: e-lab@parks.lv

rasa, raitis

p.s. in a near future there is a plan to launch a
net.audio/net.broadcast network mailinglist,
we will keep you informed about it.

E-LAB (-->Re-LAB)


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