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<nettime> Remote C - Control, Command, Communication

A HREF - Linking, looping, crashing - the sociology and the aesthetics of
the networks.

OPEN - While parts of the Net are being Pushed into TV, net.artists
practice narrow-but-far-casting.

GOTO - Remote C provides a view of the Internet in a nutshell. It
highlights the Net's quality of a distributed, translocal space of
cooperation and communication.

CONNECT - The limitations of technology, design and connectivity are a far
cry from brush and paint.

ERROR 404 - We are travelling the interstitial spaces of the matrix.

RELOAD - The speed is slow - only in the mornings the Net is a highway in

REFRESH - The Refresh project of October 96 - an experiment in the topology
of the Net.

WARNING - Not the Good Times of the viruses, but content is the killer
application of the net. Mind the parasites, enjoy the parasites.

QUOTE - In what I am doing on the net nobody cares if the signal comes from
Moscow or from wherever. I can put my files on an Amsterdam server or in
New York, it doesn't matter.

PUT FILE - REPLACE? - YES - Websites offer endless possibilities for
modification and transmutation. Nothing ever gets ready, none of this will

SAVE AS - There is always something beyond the screen - ASCII, Binhex,
social action, theory, film language, community coziness - all of these are

RENAME - The parasitic aesthetics of the Net: copy, fake, and spam.

QUOTE - the net is invisible. anything complex is invisble. that doesn't
mean that you cannot have a sense for it. you can communicate with

QUOTE - Net art might be a domain assuming as a program some techniques of
nomadism. Random appearances, tactical disappearance, low resolution,
ubiquity, distrust of historic values (posterity, stability, economic
growth), data pessimism (bury the information, save your discourse for a
rainy day), strategies of destruction (symbolic viruses), etc. Question: If
the >web< is a floating graveyard, what is the format of the funeral
monuments? ASCII? QTVR?

=46ORWARD - This is a digital gift economy, a potlach on and off the net.

CC - is an open channel. It is not a group, but an informal,
temporary, fluctuating gathering based on sympathy and mutual respect for
work and personality, as well as for the spirit of the work. It is
definitely not ironic, a long wait, sometimes a waste of time, and mostly

BCC - A string of public and private meetings, of secret conferences and
individual appearances straight across Europe. A travelling circus with
intense intermediate exchanges of messages.

WHO - Namen sind Schall und Rauch. What counts is the convivial
heterogeneity of interlinked projects.

LOG - As media art installations enter the museums and websites are
prepared for gallery presentation, we take a CDed snapshot, pin it to the
wall and continue elsewhere.

QUOTE - > The term net-art should be quietly ditched.
no, it's not time yet. we have to wait until:
- big international net art stars (whose works and behaviour meet art
institutions' demands) will emerge;
- living legends of net art will appear (poor, but accepting no compromises)=
- some names will be forgotten (to be discovered in the future by net art
historians as key figures of the beginning of the movement);
- net art galleries, magazines, associations and museums will be established=
- as well as net art departments at universities;
- few net art histories (contradictory, each describing completely
different picture) will be written;

/BYE - The host has a home, it is a home. The parasite has no home of its
own, it chooses temporary homes, it is always a lodger. The multiplication
of entrances, the multiplication of homepages and 'faces' of the
websites produces a multiplication of selves. net.artists are never one.
The net.artist is a collective that becomes stronger and more beautiful the
further distributed and discretely interconnected it is. The gesture of
multiple homepages means neither: this is my home, this is my face, this is
me, nor: be my Doppelg=E4nger, but it means: be my tripleg=E4nger,
quadrupleg=E4nger, my septupleg=E4nger, and then: visitor, guest, parasite, =
welcomed, enter the remote machine through the passages of our multiple
selves. What we witness is not a dissolution of borders, but a distribution
and interconnection of potentialities. Friends inviting each other to their
homes, getting together in conviviality for festive meals and the
distribution of gifts, forgetting who is the host and who is the guest.

QUIT - >>I like the term, especially because of that little dot in i=
t. - what is it? it was always seasonal, temporary, ironic. it will
disappear with elegance again.
>this is the year for 'net art'
you forget that the . will remain.

QUOTE - The medium that was not mentioned in all these texts is the most
important ... the telephone! Without the telephone none of this would be

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{this[i]=3DMakeArray.arguments[i] }     }functi> Transfer interrupted!>

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