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<nettime> Marxism and Catholisism are like Drinking and Driving

The Sad Story of Monsignor's Ciprianis -Wired- Crucifix  accompanied by
Crocodile Tears.
by Raul Marroquin.
So much for the participation of the Catholic Church in the negociations
for the release
of hostages held by Tupac Amaruc rebels in the residence of the Japanese
Ambassador in Lima Peru.
It might be time to go back to the good old times when all Marxists where
Atheists. If that would have been the case, the Tupac Amaru -Marxists-
fighters would  have never asked  Papal Nuncio (the Vatican's highest
representative in Peru) Arbishop Juan Luis Cipriani to bring the Sacred
Hearth of Jesus that turned out to be wired and latter  became the  basis
for  eve dropping and communicatios  carried by the Peruvean Security
Forces that brought the 18 week long stand off to an end.
The Sacred Hearth of Jesus brought by Arbishop Cipriani into the Embassy
had a   concealed, microphone that gave the locations of the rebels moments
before  the attak. It alsowas used to communicate with ret. Navy Admiral
Luis Giacopietri who used the  the divise, in combination with his
-undetected- beapper, to exchange messages with government troops outside
the residence's compound.
Whether Monsignor Cipriani was aware or not of the microphone inside the
Crucifix is something that will never be found and  is notrrelevant;  it is
his responsability as negociator, that  the microphone was inside the
embassy because he brought it in.       His hands are as stained as the
ones of President Alberto Fujimori with the blood of all of the 14 Tupac
Amaru rebels that died during the attack. I don't even know if Peru has the
death penalty (I don't think so) but even if they do, carrying out
sentences with out a trail are unaceptable.
Monsignor Cipriani's performance afterwards at the press conference was not
convincing. his were "Crocodile Tears"
Once again,the  Catholic Church is the tool used by the opressor and that
has been the case for the past 500 years, since Colombus arrival in the
There is a positive side to the precense of the Catholic Church in Central
and South America. Liberation Theology and the political commitment of
Catholic priests like   Camilo Torres (Colombia), Ernesto Cardenal
(NIcaruaga) as well as Colombia's EPL (Spanish) Commander in chief Manuel
Perez and many others, have influenced greatly the outcome political
struggle in Latin America. Unfortunatly it does not compensate the
deploring record of the Catholic Church throughout in Peru, the rest of the
Continent and many other underdeveloped, represed areas all over the

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