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<nettime> Contributions to B. Clinton's Presidential Campaign

Getting a Taste of Their Own Medicine
(The alleged foreing campaign contributions to Bill Clintons presidential
All this Rif Raf about the alleged foreign contributions to President
Clinton (and Vice President Al Gore)'s 1996 campaign makes me think that
wether true or not, it is good to see that for once the United States of
America is getting "a taste of their own medicine." The U.S. arm-lenght
record of intervention in the business of other nations not only includes
campaign contributions for ellections but many other criminal activities:
Coup d' Etas, military intervention, bribery, black mail and political
assasination. From Central and South America to Post Colonial Africa, Asia
and postwar Europe the dark forces of the U.S.system have always
interfeared with the political process of other nations since the end of
the 19th. century. The military intervention in Colombia to steal the
Panama Canal,the invasion of Nicaragua (not to talk about the Bahia Pigs
invasion) the assasinations of Latin American presidents Jacobo Arbez of
Guatemala in the 50s and latter Salvador Allende (Chile) in the 70s, as
well as Patrice Lubumba in former Congo, the "financial support" given to
the Christian Democratic president Mario Andriotti in Italy are some of the
examples that can be used to illustrate the situation. It is interesting to
see that for once the USA is getting "a taste of their own medicine."
Raul Marroquin

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